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Heroic werewolves vs evil creatures?

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Rusty Nugent (RustyNugent) | 2 comments Moonwarriors: Guardians of the Night

Thirteen sixty-three. The werewolf warrior Stytentos is jaded and disillusioned, living in a monastery in Nepal. His outlook on life has changed since the humans turned on his people and began hunting them to the point of extinction. As mass hysteria took over Dacia, lycanthropes and humans alike were burned at the stake, accused of being werewolves “in league with the Devil” by the self-righteous and power-hungry Catholic Church. Stytentos is attempting to rebuild his life in the aftermath of the darkest chapter of his people’s existence: The Burnings.

So when an old friend long dead appears to him in a dream, asking for him to fight the vampire threat and save the world, he wants no part of it. Eventually, he gives in and his quest leads him on an adventure that will take him around the globe, throughout the centuries until present day. Modern America and the rest of the world have forgotten the old ways, as vampires and werewolves live, fight and die in secret. Nestafil, the vampire leader, plots to unleash his nosferatean army on the human populace and enslave the werewolves. Stytentos must once again learn how to let people get close to him. And the clock is ticking.

Will he learn the true identity of who murdered the Volknor family? Can the werewolves destroy the vampires once and for all? It’s a showdown to the finish as the fate of humankind hangs in the balance.

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Rusty Nugent (RustyNugent) | 2 comments I am a 43 southern dark fantasy author of 2 books and I am working on my third now. I write stories about a heroic werewolf named Walter Volknor saw his family die at the hands of evil vampires. He vowed to hunt and kill the master and as many as he can before he is killed. Please visit my new forum for my Moonwarriors books.


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Alan Toner | 33 comments Mod
Great post.

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Alan Toner | 33 comments Mod
I much prefer scary werewolves. I HATE it when they ruin classic monsters by making them glamorous, misunderstood heroes.

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Alan Toner | 33 comments Mod
All the werewolves in my new Kindle book, WEREWOLF NIGHTMARE, are as evil as any lycanthropic creature can possibly get!

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