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message 1: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (harrypotterpercyjackson) | 46 comments Mod
Hi everyone,
Make sure to vote on which book you would like to be this year's book of the month (for May). If there is a book that you would like to vote for but isn't one of the options just tell me and I will edit the poll. Thanks for voting.

message 2: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (harrypotterpercyjackson) | 46 comments Mod
I am so excited for the Staff of Serapis (the sequel to the Son of Sobek) to come out because I didn't get to read the version in the back of the Mark of Athena paperback. I think Annabeth Chase and Sadie Kane together will be totally awesome. Just as a reminder the book comes out May 20th as an e-book.

message 3: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (harrypotterpercyjackson) | 46 comments Mod
Hi everyone,
We want to get some role playing started so please invite your friends to the group and we can create our characters and start role playing.

message 4: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (harrypotterpercyjackson) | 46 comments Mod
Hello everyone,
The Staff of Serapis came out yesterday and it includes- wait for it(drum roll please) THE FIRST CHAPTER TO THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS!!!!!!!!!!! You can get the book on e-book so it included the chapter. The book is a crossover with Annabeth Chase and Sadie Kane.

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