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Name: Leigh Dillions
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush: None

Age: 16
Hall: The Shifters Hal


Species: Shifter
Skills: Shifter Abilities ((I'll work on it lol))
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair colour: Brown
Skin colour: Tan Olive
Eyes: Blue
Body type: Slim; graceful; agile
Pitch of voice: Smooth; velvety and warm; enchanting
Distinguishable markings: None. Is thinking about a tattoo though.

Personality: Leigh is very out there, and is not afraid to be nice to people. Shyness is non existent to her. She doesn't get embarrassed, or insulted, she's just always happy and bright. However, if you do something to her friends or the people she loves, things will change. Though she doesn't get offended, she has a very short temper when it comes to seeing those around her hurt.. The only thing her friendliness isn't accompanied by is trust. She doesn't trust anyone. Ever. This is because of her life growing up, and the fact that she has been betrayed by everyone around her. Generally, she likes to party and just have fun, but Leigh will take some things seriously.

When she is being herself though, meaning when she is around those she trusts, she is very frank. Around those she trusts and can be more open with. When asked for her opinion by a friend or family member, she doesn't pull punches. Meaning, she will not sugar coat things and make insults or oppositions easier to take. If someone she knows asks for her advice on a matter they already know they answer to, her words will be very cryptic, making the person realize over time to do what they think they should. Anyone who is considered her friend she will be loyal to and kind, and this doesn't necessarily include her family. Trust and friendship is earned, not a birthright, and in her opinion, if you want to know her, you have to work at it. Finally, she can be extremely stubborn. Once she sets her mind on something, she will get it, no matter what.
History: Growing up with her mother, she didn't know her father, and is only known to posses Shifter powers, like her only known parent. She doesn't know anything about her father, other than he was a very bad man, and because of this, would rather not know what he did, who he was or what species he was. Other than that, she has lived a happy life, despite travelling all the time. Leigh has been all over the world, and can speak two other languages, Afrikaans and Russian, not that she tells people this. She considers it an advantage if someone doesn't know this. When she turned 13, she was sent to the Auris School of Magical Beings, and loves it there. It's the only place she has ever been able to call home for more than a few months at a time.


Pet Name: Yarah
Pet Age: Two Months
Pet Personality: Yarah is nice to those Leigh is nice to, but otherwise she has a tendency to bite peoples ankles.


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