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Shaun and Geogia

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Mairead SPOILER ALERT* If you have not read Blackout do not read any further*

Did Shaun and Georgia's secret relationship come as a surprise to anyone?I know it may seem obvious now, but I wasn't sure. There were no indications in previous books that there might be something more to their brother sister relationship. I just wasn't sure because yes Shaun was overprotective but it did seem like it was just because they were close. I mean they both lost their real parents, and their adoptive parent were crazy so they only had each other. It would only natural for them to have a close relationship but I didn't expect it to be THAT close a relationship.

Anyway what are your thoughts on it? Did you suspect it all along? Did you find it really weird?

Kylie No surprise at all, I thought it was blindingly obvious from the first book!

I didn't find it that weird - especially in the society they lived in where things were not the same as they are now. I can see how having that sort of closeness with someone could develop into more intense feelings when every day your life is on the line.

Claire I was surprised. There were hints but since they never went anywhere I thought they were just weirdly co-dependant and close.
Of course that might just be because I really don't like incest and so I didn't want them to be in a romantic relationship. I know that they aren't related but it still weirds me out

Shellie I was only pleased to have it confirmed!! I was hoping they were a couple probably from about half way through the first book. Georgia would probably be too much work for any ordinary guy, Shaun would be the only guy capable of being with her!! The reason why I wasn't creeped out by it (even though I should have been, regardless of the fact that they were not biologically related), is probably because their parents did not even try and create a family unit, and it was very much the kids against them from day one. Plus the very nature of their world meant they were pretty isolated, kinda like a Blue Lagoon situation. Cept, you know, in a town... and with Zombies :)

Carly I personally love the Georgia and Shaun relationship. Whenever Shaun kept mentioning Georgia in deadline which was all the time, I could tell that Shaun was in love with Georgia. The one thing that I wish could have changed in the last book was that there would be more romantic moments between them. I wish that Mira grant could make a spin off of them. This revelation didn't shock me at all because Shaun and Georgia had way too much chemistry in the series to just be siblings. What I especially love about this relationship was that they both see each other as equals. Best friends always make the best significant others.

Carly Are you sure about that? Because I read in an article that it was always Mira Grant's plan to have them be a couple.

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