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Jessica Okay, so I have always been a fan of really strong main characters that are all badass and stuff, BUT it gets kinda annoying after a while. They (almost) always seem to be short, brunette (not in the case of Divergent, though), petite, and they always have freakishly good skill with projectile weapons of some sort. So... why do YA authors always choose to make their main characters that way???

Kristen I don't know that the similarities are intentional. And I don't think that Katniss was short....But I think the purpose is to make them an average teenager who has to step up and do something great.

I think some authors might make their heroine short to make an extra impact when they triumph. Because people always underestimate the little people. Especially girls.

And as far as being freakishly good with a weapon, well, I only care that it's realistic. Tris went through some pretty serious training to become a soldier. Katniss had to become good with a bow to survive. I don't really see a problem with that aspect.

Shayla Hmm I have noticed that the characters in a lot of YA books are similar and don't have very distinct personalities. I generally am not a fan of the dystopian genre where those badass characters tend to be, but I thought that June Iparis from Legend stood out from the YA heroine crowd! But Tris, Cassie, and Katniss aren't my favorites by a long shot. Maybe you should read different books? I stick to fantasy mostly and the characters are all very cool and not the same.

Veronica actually i would love to read more books with kick ass heroines. it really bores when the MC is weak and can only think about hooking with the hot guy.

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