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Monthly Discussion?

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message 1: by Geoffrey (new)

Geoffrey | 15 comments It was suggested by Sarah that we start a monthly discussion. I'd like to make suggestions about how we can do that.

One way is that we take the next week to decide on a book to discuss. Depending on the length of the book, we can take a week or two or a month to give everyone a chance to read up on it and begin discussion after that.

Another way would be to pick a book and read a section per week and discuss as we go.

What do you all think?

message 2: by Sara (new)

Sara Weather (saraweather) I think either way could work but I like week by week discussions better.

message 3: by Geoffrey (new)

Geoffrey | 15 comments Hmm. Well it seems like once again this group is pretty dead. Moderator last active in Feb. I'm thinking I may start another group about Asian Lit. If I do I will post a link for those of you still active and interested.

message 4: by jujube (new)

jujube (junohf) How about a book discussion once every two weeks? The classics tend to be a little long, and some of us may need a little more time to get through one book.

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