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You see someone pick pocket a 12 Yearold guy. They take his lunch money and buds pass. You
A. Attack the guy and beat him til he gives up the money
B. honestly tell the kid what happened
C. Calmly walk up to the man and convince him to give back the money

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JC, what would I do if I had to decide on two? This is toughie...

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I'm a lil bit confused

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Neva minda!

Maybe. I'm deciding between A and C...

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Why does my character have to be so confusing???!!!

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Idk bro idk

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K. I'll just do C.

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You get up on a Monday morning and notice you slept way past your Alan and are now an hour late for school. You..
A. Dot really care, you're way tougher than those teachers so what are they gonna do about it
B. calmly rush to get to school ASAP
C. Get very mad at yourself because you missed a chance to learn
D. Scold yourself because extra sleep is an unnecessary indulgence

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A! A! A! A! A! A! 1,000 A'S!!

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Your mom and dad come over and tell you that you are too much of a pain and that your mom is pregnant. They tell you that you have to move out because there is no room for you and the baby. How do you react?
A. Calmly leave and try to avoid confrontation
B. punch your dad in the face and then sprint out screaming about your newfound freedom
C. Talk about the logistics with your parents and explain that both you and the baby fit

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B! B! B! B! Why can't I actually do these things in real life though? I wish I personally was more rebellious...

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You see a girl being bullied by a bigger stronger guy. You...
A. Yell at the bully about how unreasonable this is
B. calmly walk by
C. Attack the guy and beat the shit out of him
D. Throw yourself infront of the girl and protect her other your own body

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Your results are 2 dauntless, an abnegation, and an amity
That means you get dauntless as your final result

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dah. Okay. Thanks

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