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How excited are you for the tv show?
Mina Mina Apr 26, 2014 08:45PM
The shown already cast Caleb and Marcus and I'm really happy with the choice. Do you agree?

The producers are trying to give the fans more power so they made it fan funded. If you want to help with donations, here's the link

Filming is going to start soon. They has been major changes in the cast. Jeremy won't be playing Caleb anymore. Go to their FB page 'Significance Series' they post there frequently. Maggie is being played by Hollie Shay and Caleb by Justin James Hughes

I'm trying to find their new Facebook page but I can't. :-(

how do I feel? uh scared that one of my favorite series might get butchered. and then hated on by the people of the world. People who did not read the books and enjoy it like the readers

LisaaReads i completely agree!
Apr 28, 2014 04:27PM

Filming hasn't started yet. But if they get the funding they require and all goes well then filming should start as soon as August and probably air at the end of the year.

If it doesn't get the funding it requires then we take the slow road by waiting for all the other studios to finish their projects and then turn to Significance. That could take as long as 2 years.

Please spread the word. We have 34 days left


I'm scared too but the director is a huge fan and we should just hope for the best and give it a go. Kyle was just cast. They announced it on Facebook. He's perfect. He's beautiful. He's amazing. Go check him out

did'nt know there was going to be a show wnen i can't wait

Seriously? I would not put out my own money for a TV show unless I was getting a return on my investment.

I loved the book series but this doesn't even sound legit.

It's very legit and it's the latest trend. First Veronica Mars then Morganville Vampires all being fan funded.

If you have any question ask them on twitter or Facebook . The page and account is called Significance TM ( the movie)

So excited! The guy playing Caleb is really cute ;)

I am so excited!!!!!

So is this goibg to be a movie or tv series??

Hyw (last edited Jun 26, 2014 09:37PM ) Jun 26, 2014 09:36PM   0 votes
Nooo. I feel like this is going to end up like the Twilight movies. The books are fine but the acting in the movies is just fake...

Omg I'm so excited! I love the books, but I'm not sure I love the cast so far...

when is it going to be aired on tv??

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