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Will there be a next movie
Josie White Josie Apr 26, 2014 07:46PM
In the first movie they deleted a bunch of the important characters. What I'm wondering is if they will make a second movie?

I was watching a review of this movie where the reviewers said it was actually good! What I think is the reviewers never actually read the book before watching the movie, which is very important to determine a movie based on a book is good. But looking at it from a movie perspective it still wasn't very good. It was boring, the actors were hard to watch and listen to and it was strange to say the least. I won't say it was down-right terrible but I will say it disappointed me. So going off all that, I don't think there will be sequel.

Josie wrote: "In the first movie they deleted a bunch of the important characters. What I'm wondering is if they will make a second movie?"

I saw the movie (I didn't watch it but I bought it) before I read the book and just reading movie and book reviews made the expectations really high, but after speeding through the book so I could watch the movie, I was really let down. I was excited to see how everything came together in the movie but after seeing it I had the same feelings I had for the Percy Jackson movies, I didn't like it. If they would make a second movie, I would hope it doesn't end up like Sea of Monsters (PJO) but like Catching Fire, where the entire product gets better.

deleted member May 29, 2014 01:39PM   0 votes
What would the plot of the movie be like? They deleted a bunch of characters, Ethan hardly remembers who Lena is, and they took the ending of beautiful darkness and used it in beautiful creatures. So no, I don't think so. And the first one didn't do so well either.

I don't think so. This movie wasn't really a blockbuster. I liked it, but didn't love it.

It ended up like hunger games...not much like the book more stuff added that wasn't needed

No way its been a full year without news and the movie just barely made back their budget for the film not even counting all the other things they had to pay back. The only time hollywood will continue making a book series into a franchise after the first film is if it gains back at least double its amount and if the fans were happy with it.

if they do I refuse to watch the trailers. The first one sucked balls so badly. I almost killed someone. I was really infuriated.

Sunny (last edited Jun 01, 2014 10:15AM ) Jun 01, 2014 10:14AM   0 votes
I feel like they left out a lot from the book. But I do hope that they do make another movie cause all the books are really good.

I kinda hope they dont do another movie :/ I was disapionted with the first one and i think it would be better if they just left the other books alone.

Doubtful. The movie wasn't a hit so the producers aren't likely to put millions into another installment. This movie franchise (and The Mortal Instruments movie franchise) is dead in the water, in my opinion.

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