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Vanessa Oh boy!

Make out sessions with the Darkling. Alina finally letting go of her past and embracing her powers. The return of Mal. Escaping the Little Palace and the Darkling. And the best quote in the whole book!

"Steel is earned."

Not to mention one of my favorite scenes in the book when Genya takes Alina and barges into Zoya's room! What Genya says! LOVE. IT. "But mostly I wanted to see the look on that bitch's face when she saw you in the Darkling's color."

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Fierce Reads (fiercereads) | 54 comments Mod
The Sun Summoner Summons! A Kiss Between Light and Dark! The Tracker Returns! The Darkling’s…well, dark intentions come to light.

I opened my hands and the light bloomed right through me, filling the room, illuminating the stone walls, the old tile oven, and every angle of Baghra’s strange face. It surrounded me, blazing with heat, more powerful and more pure than ever before because it was all mine. I wanted to laugh, to sing, to shout. At last, there was something that belonged wholly and completely to me.

By letting go of Mal, Alina is finally able to harness her power and call the light at will. She begins to train more with Baghra and believes in herself, her own powers, in ways she never has before.

....And did we mention that the Darkling and Alina kiss?

“Why do you care what I think?”
He looked genuinely baffled. “I don’t know,” he said. “But I do.”
And then he kissed me.

AND if that weren't earth shattering enough, Mal appears at the Little Palace with his patrol, saying he'd never received Alina's letters. He's angry that he didn't know what had happened to her or if she was OK and had volunteered to help hunt the Stag. He and Alina fight, and he leaves.

AND when Baghra finds out that the Darkling is close to having the Stag, she goes to Alina in the middle of the night and tells her she needs to leave the Little Palace immediately. The Darkling isn't who he says he is. He wants to use Alina to take complete control of the fold and of the World. He's been using her.

“How could anyone use the Shadow Fold as a weapon?”
She leaned into me, her fingers digging into my flesh. “By expanding it.”

With the revelation that there has only ever been ONE Darkling, the same one who created the Shadow Fold is the same Darkling who kissed Alina, Alina agrees to go. She leaves the Little Palace in the middle of the night, the Darkling's guards after her.

Alina is spotted by the Darkling's guards and runs into a woods, trying to escape. She's sure they'll catch her but she decides she won't go back, she'll take a stand. She doesn't need to, because instead of the Darkling's guards finding her...Mal finds her.

"Mal?" I whispered into the night,"
"Thanks for finding me."
I wasn't sure if I was dreaming, but somewhere int he dark, I thought I heard him whisper, "Always."

Together, Alina and Mal decide to go look for the stag so they can find it before the Darkling does.

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Mrs.Hall (mrshallways) I was absolutely devouring the story when I got here. And talk about sizzling!

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Swoon! So much happens. We've been braving the London Tube strikes with our copy of Shadow and Bone! Totally the best antidote for this:

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