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You are caught in a situation where your brother (or sister) is about to be killed. He/she is standing there, someone holding a gun to his/her head. What do you do?
A: attack the person full out and give your sibling time to escape
B: kill the assailant using brute force
C: jump in front of the bullet and die in his/her place
D: try to calmly reason with the assailant

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You have a history assignment due at school and the person next to you forgot about it. They ask you to give them a copy of your homework. You:
A: know all the information but refuse to share it out of reasoning that it was poor planning on your classmates part
B: graciously offer to help the other student
C: give them yours and suffer the consequences
D: give them the answers but make some of them wrong and then laugh at them when they fail
E: truthfully state that it is unfair and lying about what you've done

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You are face with the decision to either rob a bank or be killed. You:
A: rob the bank
B: die

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You're going to see a movie that has one ticket left. On the way to buy the ticket you see someone else going to the box office. You:
A: sprint there and push the other person out of the way
B: walk there calmly, they may be seeing a different movie
C: point out the honest reasons why the ticket should be yours
D: using logic and reasoning you convince the personnel to let you both in
E: let the other person go and offer to buy their snack

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Your results are:
Amity and dauntless

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You got what you thought she'd get, good job answering in your characters personality.

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