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message 1: by Dark (last edited Apr 26, 2014 05:08PM) (new)

Dark Chime (chime) | 2 comments Anyone know any urban fantasy books where the people, or a large group of people have partnerships with magical animals. This can be from spirit guides to familiars.

Some examples: the golden compass (just the first book), where people had their souls in animal form.

Tegami bachi manga where a group of people traveled with protective partners - human or animal.

The fan works for The Sentinel TV show that often include spirit guides.

edit: I would like the partnership to be part of a world building, something that most people have, or a large group does. as opposed to individual one of. Set in urban/contemporary setting.

message 2: by MadameZelda (new)

MadameZelda I can't think of the book at the moment. The dog's name is Spirit and he was once human.

message 3: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Dark wrote: "Anyone know any urban fantasy books where the people, or a large group of people have partnerships with magical animals. This can be from spirit guides to familiars.

Some examples: the golden com..."

Magic's Pawn (Valdemar Last Herald-Mage, #1) by Mercedes Lackey - Valdemar, magical white horses known as "Companions" choose their own riders and communicate with them

Dragonflight / Dragonquest (Pern Dragon Riders of Pern, #1-2) by Anne McCaffrey - Dragonriders of Pern - the dragons choose their own riders and communicate with them.

Rider at the Gate (Finisterre, Book 1) by C.J. Cherryh - Nighthorses (alien horses) also choose their own riders and communicate with them?

Sensing a trend here?

Wild Magic (Immortals, #1) by Tamora Pierce - MC can speak to animals and eventually change into them. Her horse is her protector for most of the books.

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater - Water horses (kelpies) are raced. They're not very tame and prefer to try to eat their riders

His Majesty's Dragon (Temeraire, #1) by Naomi Novik - Dragons and men work together.

I'm sure I have more, somewhere!

So, I Read This Book Today (leiahingolden) | 330 comments Influential Magic (Crescent City Fae, #1) by Deanna Chase - this is a funny one - it has a Shih Tzu that morphs into a huge, vicious wolf in order to protect the heroine in times of need.

Tempest Rising (Jane True, #1) by Nicole Peeler this is a series. Jane True is a Kelpie, and she has a barghast as a companion/friend/lover.

I also liked the Valdemar series! Great horse characters!

Like Lauren, I am sure I have more somewhere. . . so many books, so little time!

message 5: by Joseph (last edited Apr 26, 2014 04:54PM) (new)

Joseph  (bluemanticore) | 138 comments In Kevin Hearne's great Iron Druid series, the main character has a dog companion that can talk to him. The first book is Hounded.

message 6: by Dark (new)

Dark Chime (chime) | 2 comments Thanks for the recommendations so far.

But correct me, arent't most of these high fantasy as opposed to contemporary/urban setting?

also I mean't more that the partnership is more of a mainstream world type of setting rather than individual partnership.

Ray (warrior of randomness) XP | 14 comments there r the dark hunter series by sherrilyn Kenyon

message 8: by Mary (new)

Mary Catelli | 93 comments yes, it does seem to be more of a high fantasy trope.

message 9: by Mary (new)

Mary Catelli | 93 comments Operation Chaos has witches and wizards with familiars. Though only one is center stage. Then it's only sort of a contemporary setting, because it's an alternate history. Its opening asks us to be patient if we already know who won World War II.

Turns out we don't know who FOUGHT World War II.

message 10: by Geneva (new)

Geneva Vand | 8 comments Cataract by Tara K. Harper is science fiction, rather than fantasy. It's a little closer and an excellent book. I can't think of any exactly like what you describe off the top of my head. The basic genre you're looking for is urban fantasy. I would try looking at young adult books and fae mythology.

message 11: by Mary (new)

Mary Catelli | 93 comments The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin by L. Jagi Lamplighter has familiars, though like Harry Potter it takes place inside the wizarding world.

So, I Read This Book Today (leiahingolden) | 330 comments Both Jane True and Influential Magic are worlds which share our timeline.

message 13: by thalassic (new)

thalassic Eyes of Crow by Jeri Smith-Ready is the first book of a trilogy. Traditional fantasy more than urban since it's almost a medieval era setting with more of a romance base than I generally read but very well written and complex. The people have sort of totem animals that grant different powers. The main character can see a person's death when she touches them and it's kind of her sacred duty to ease the dead soul into the afterlife so they aren't afraid or lost.

message 14: by Rich (new)

Rich S | 22 comments The Dog Days series by John Levitt. Its urban fantasy, with some wizards having magic animal companions called Ifrits, which choose only certain people. The main character has a miniature Doberman I think, its been awhile but it was a really good series.

message 15: by Pagetranquility (new)

Pagetranquility | 12 comments Amber Benson's Calliope Reaper-Jones books has a companion hellhound that speaks and is vital to the storyline. Also Seanan MacGuire's Incryptid series has a dragon relationship.

So, I Read This Book Today (leiahingolden) | 330 comments Added both Benson and Levitt. Thanks you two!

message 17: by Julia (new)

Julia | 615 comments I second Zoo City. It was also one of the most refreshing and best books I read last year.

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