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what was your favorite book in this series

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Benjamin I like queen of the damned

Denise My favorite has always been The Vampire Lestat

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Danielle My favourite will always be the first, Interview with a Vampire. The best, the birth of Louis and the continuing saga of Lestat. Love it.

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Tom Memnoch

Chris Holmes They are all great, but it's starts with Interview With A Vampire. The characters and the settings are amazing and then you you just want to read the entire series and watch the story evolve.

Maria Queen of the Damned, I loved the story of the twins and of the beginning of the vampire species.

Felix Denise wrote: "My favorite has always been The Vampire Lestat"


Jaksen The Vampire Lestat. I remember reading and re-reading the scene with Lestat and the wolves. Love that book and have read it a number of times, maybe four or five.

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Chris I think I'm probably in the minority here, but my favorite was always "Memnoch the Devil"

Marjo Loyens Queen of the Damned, but I like them all!

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Mark Denise wrote: "My favorite has always been The Vampire Lestat"


Cynthia Always my favorite Inteview with a Vampire. Started my love of vampire books. Read Rice's series.

Moloch Queen of the Damned, that is where I stopped reading: it seemed ok for an ending

Polly Krize "The Vampire Lestat" has always been my favorite, he's just so damned impudent!

Siegfried My favorite has always been The Vampire Lestat.

Terri Vampire Lestat because it really give you the back story.

Benjamin well I don't know if the vampire lestat gave as much of a back story as queen of the damned but it was good

Delia Queen of the Damned was my favorite, Interview with a Vampire my least. I also haven't liked anything since, I especially didn't like Memnoch the Devil at all. I've since moved onto Kenyon, Showalter and other Vampire writers.

Kimber I picked up The Vampire Lestat and loved it. Only later did I realize it was part of a series. I read them all, in order this time, but still favored Lestat above the others.

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Mason Cole INTERVIEW is my favorite, mostly because it is the most pure. It's about one thing: Anne and Stan coping with the loss of their daughter, taken so young by a disease of the blood. It's a haunting, personal take on a genre that had more or less been played out. (I say "more or less" because 'SALEM'S LOT had just been released, a year earlier...)

THE VAMPIRE LESTAT is arguably a better book--it's better written and wider in scope.

Beyond that--there;s some good stuff and some bad stuff, but it'll always be about the first two, as far as I'm concerned.

Mason Cole Maria wrote: "Queen of the Damned, I loved the story of the twins and of the beginning of the vampire species."

Those scenes are fantastic. It's interesting to see Anne dabbling with third person--I wish she'd done it more often.

You have some great reading ahead of you.

Mitchell Fobbester Tale of the body thief. It was a great twist in the chronicles. Different from the previous books but not trying to be separate altogether.
Either that or Blood and Gold, but that’s just because I think Marius is a better character.

Terri I love Marius as well.

Cristina Torres Memnoch the Devi...

Joyce The Vampire Lestat, after much thought.

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G.E. Beyers Memnoch the devil was the one I wanted to read the least but the one I enjoyed the most. However I have just read Blood canticle and I love that my favourite Mayfair witches and my favourite vampire Lestat unite in this book.

Benjamin Georgia wrote: "Memnoch the devil was the one I wanted to read the least but the one I enjoyed the most. However I have just read Blood canticle and I love that my favourite Mayfair witches and my favourite vampir..."me to I loved blackwood farm and blood canticle for the same reason I don't remember if lestat changed rowan or not though

Tiffany Queen of the Damned

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Guin Interview will always be my favorite because it lead to the others. The entire series is really fantastic when I read the stories couldn't wait to get to each book.

Brooklyn Ann Queen of the Damned... Though Louis was my 1st book boyfriend ever and was not in that one as much as I would have liked.

Nikki / Tinyavenger  Queen of the Damned. The book was amazing. I remember having to convince a friend to read the book after she saw the movie.

Brooklyn Ann The movie was an abomination. If I won the lottery, I'd pay someone to make it right.

Read me two times The vampire Lestat, hands down. I loved the lovestory between Nicki and Lestat, it was so passionate and pure... can't wait for The prince Lestat on October!!!

Renee E Loved The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned equally, although, aside from Lestat, of course, Maharet is one of my favorite characters. What a great series the tale of her lives, tracking her Family, would be!

Haldoor42 Interview always remains high on the list because it introduced such different vampires to my reading habits; she was the first and best writer of them! Then Lestat, Armand, Body Thief, Merrick and Blackwood Farm. Most of the others are still good, but I had less interest in the later ones like Memnoch.

Marco Sanchez  (Dragondarkness30) Interview with the Vampire where it all started but I'm three books in I can't wait to read Book 4

Terri I really like Vampire Lestat best. I downloaded the audiobook and am listening to it this time.

Michelle B Queen of the Damned.

I love the rest too. The first time I read Tale of the Body Thief, I didn't like it as much as the rest, but this time I am enjoying it quite a bit.

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Ema  The Vampire Lestat!

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Jeanny The vampire Lestat closely followed by The Queen of the Damned.

Sandra Hofmann My absolute favourite was Queen of the Damned, I've read it several times over the years. But I also loved Interview.
After Queen of the Damned, unfortunately, it went downdill (at least for my personal taste) and I didn't enjoy the books as much.

Kaytie The Vampire Lestat. Prior to reading that one I didn't like Lestat much. Afterward, I loved him.

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Ewa The Tale of the Body Thief and Vampire Lestat. Interview with the Vampire is also readable. The rest - not necessarily.

Cathy Rawls I like Tale of the Body Thief the best.

Madelyn Asisi Read them all . Love them all. Please don't make me choose.

Cristina I didn't care for Interview much. But since I already had Vampire Lestat, I gave it a try - no expectations. It was a big surprise! Second would be Tale of the Body Thief, and third Blood and Gold.

Leslie Interview.

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Umar Soaries The Vampire Lestat is my favorite. It's what they should have made instead of Queen of the Damned, they should have made it a sweeping epic (because that's what the book is) and if they ever decide to remake Queen of the Damned maybe they should actually read the bloody book and get it right next time.

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