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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments ((No i like the idea I was going to do it soon I was thinking of maybe a situation where someone gets too close to her and hits on her and she blacks out. I want her to do that I was just wondering what you were thinking))

Fae smiled softly elbowing him " I cant believe you could do that" she said jokingly even though it was blatantly obvious how strong he was, he had such large muscles. She walked up with him and into his dorm she looked around " wow this is nice.

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(( oo what if one of his "friends comes to grab a movie he was borrowing and Leon leaves the room to get the movie cause he had left it in his car, and the guy his almost stoned and he tries to make a move on her??))

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments (( yeah thats what i was thinking and then she blacked out))

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(( alrighty then ))

Leon shrugs, " you should have seen our house, this is like a lower class living compared to home. Thank you though." he says and leads her to his bed which is a futon and he turns it into the couch position. " please sit down and make your self comfortable. " he says politely. Leon walks over to his movie box and is about to read off names when someone knocks on the door, he straightens and walks to the door opening it up once he realizes it is Jake his kinda friend more good acquaintance, he lets him in, not realizing the guy was almost stoned. Jake eyes fae hungrily, but not when leon was looking. " Fae this is Jake a good acquaintance, Jake this Fae my friend." Jake nods to her and winks, then turns his attention to Leon and reminds him of his music Cd he had lent Leon. Leon sighs looks at Fae. " I will be right back I have to run to the car. " he says apologetically and leaves the room. Jake stands to about 5.9 and is broad, he is on the foot ball team, he swags over to fae . " so whats a pretty girl like you doing with the like of Leon?" he asks and gets really close to her.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae shrugged her home was gigantic too. Her father was a very wealthy mad. But for a small space it was really nice. She had seen other dorm rooms that were really tiny. When a boy came in she noticed his fogy expression. She didn't like it. She avoided the boys gaze saying hello back but hoping he left or stopped looking at her the way he did. When Leon started to leave the room she wanted to panick. She did not want to be left alone with this guy. He was looking at her like she was a piece of meat. But she didn't say something. Leon didn't seem fazed by his friend. Fae followed Leons rereat with pleaing eyes he couldnt see. When the boy walked over to her she cringed away trying to squirm away " we're friends "she aswered and cleared her throat " um could you back up " she asked

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Jake saw the pleading in her eyes when leon was leaving, he was not out of his mind totally. " oh that's good, so your open game then? you would not want him as your boyfriend any ways, he never handles the girls right and cant get past second base, or wont any ways. I on the other hand take what I want. What back up?" he says catching her words, his expersion changes to a almost cruel one and with that he steps up closer then pushes her down on to the couch, he gets on her and kisses her neck to her ear. " is this backed up enough?" he asks in a mean tone, his breath smells disgusting like he has not brushed his teeth in awhile.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae gasped as he pushed her back " NO I dont want you get off me get off me!" She squirmed trying to get away but realized she was stuck. She knes hse shouldn't have told him that. She shouldn't have spoken up it only made men angry. She was revolted when he kissed her " please get off " she said her whoel body shaking from fear. She could smell the pot on his clothes. His fowl breath. She just froze from the shock of it all apart from her shaking. Tears had trickled down her cheeks from being so overwhelemed she knew she would pass out. She could feel the panick rising and her heart beating out of her chest.

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Jake smirks as he kisses her face and tasts her tears, his hands run over her breasts groping them roughly, he is about to go for her lips, when a loud angry shout is heard. Leon had just come in when he saw Jake ontop of her and rage of anger swept over him especially when he heard the fear in fae's voice. he charges over and grabs Jake's neck ripping him off Fae he punches jake hard in the gut, causeing him to cough and bend over. " get out of here now or I kill you for touching her!" he says in a scary soft voice. Jake pales and takes his cd rushing out of the room. Leon quickly goes to Fae's side kneeling down so he is level with her. " Fae , I am so sorry I did not know. Damn I did not protect you! its my fault." he starts getting upset.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae felt the darkness closing in on her when he had touched her. Everything wean't blank though her body kept shaking and tears kept spilling down her cheeks. She could vaguly hear Leon as the man was lifted off her. But she couldn't stop shaking and crying. The feeling of his horrible hands touching her replayed in her mind. THe panic worse. Her breaths were like gasps. she was hyperventilating. It had all just been way too much she couldnt deal with that. Things like that had happened before but this was ten times worse. Everything was still dark as she panicked and cried.

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Leon wanted to go hunt jake down and beat the crap out of him, but he would not leave her side again, when she was in such a helpless state. Leon takes a thick blanket and gently wrap her in it, he then lifts her up and cradles her in his arms, he begins singing her a song in his native language he sung it in a low soothing voice as he held her close, it usually calmed his mom down when she was crying and in pain. He really hated himself for letting her down, she would never trust him again. he thinks and hugs her to his chest as he sings.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae stayed i nthe same condition. Hyperventilating, crying, shaking, blacked out. Vaguely she felt herself being picked up. But it was all too much. Memories of past beatings sprung in her mind vividly. She cried shaking hard.This wean't on for a while like it always had. Then she started hearing something that was bringing her back. Singing. She slowly tarted coming from the darkness. She started to see his face as she continued to cry.

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Leon gently wiped her tears away and continued to sing, he rocked her and rubbed her back. He felt awefull seeing her like this and really wished he had not asked her back to his dorm, he had ended up harming her in a way. Leon shed a few tears too, his heart ached greatly seeing someone he loved in such mental pain. his hand continues to rub her back and he sings a little louder.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae saw him singing to her and holding her. Her breathe started to regain it's normal pattern as well as her heart beat not seeing that boy around. Though she was still shaking and tears still spilled down her cheeks. Though not as fast. She looked up at him seeing him sing. she sniffled watching him even as she shook still and cried lightly. She looked up at him.

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Leon looked down and saw her looking at him, he stoped singing for a minute. " Fae I am so sorry." he says hugging her and laying his head against her for a minute. Feeling she was still shaking and seeing her tears, He in a more soothing and queit tone sung again his rich dark accent vibrating from his lips. he hoped it might wash over her and help calm her down or put her to sleep where she could be peaceful and rested.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae turned her head into his chest into the comfort of his arms. She realized that this was comforting, something she never felt. He relaxed her, she could alread tell that that blackout wasn't as long as it usually was, she usually blacked out for an hour. But he had sat by her, comforted her, and sung to her. She wanted to be closer to his comfort. His voice, arms, and gentleness made i easier to calm. Every so slowly her tears started trickling less and less.

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Leon watched her as she put her head on his chest more and her tears seemed to be stoping, encouraged he kept up the singing and continued to rock her in his arms. this is like with my baby sister, which makes me wonder do I love her as a woman or am I in love with her the way I loved my sister and mother he wonders to himself, this situation was all to familiar only this time he had acidently caused it himself.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae's tears stopped and though she was still shaking a little she was aware that he was holding her like a child and rocking her. She felt so embarressesd she did that in fron of him. She blushed deep red and started to move in his arms feeling awlful he had to see that. She hated that but could never control it.

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leon felt her begin to stir in his arms and he once more stops the song. " Fae please say something." he whisper pleads, his hand moves to her face and tenderly wipes the tears away with his thumb." do you hate me now? I promised to protect you and then I left you defenssless, I swear I had no Idea he would do something like that, especially in my own dorm." he says looking deeply ashamed.

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(( sorry It took so long we are building to the house and I have to help ))

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae shook her head " no im sorry. I c-can't help that reactions. Im s-sorry you had to s-see that" she murmured. She looked up at him. "I told you im not normal. " she told him shaking her head closing her eyes. he probably wante nothing to do with her because she was so weird. even though he was still so sweet she knew he wouldn;t care for her again

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Leon sighs and runs his hand tenderly down and up her back. " I am sorry too , it was my fault I should have made him come with me or taken you with me, I will e better at protecting you. Are you okay though, should we go to the doctors?" he asks concerned for her health. his eyes showed how much he cared about her, if she dared to look into them. He was feeling much more at ease hearing her voice.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae shook her head " no it happens a lot, that just triggered it" she said softly looking up " i dont blame you if you want me to go, that what happened happens a lot, you shouldn't have to see that" She told him looking up at him. She could see his gentleness in his eyes. She never seen such a gentle man. or one who could pull her out of that so fast

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Leon rolls his eyes and her words." I would never leave you because of something out of your control, now if you start having sex with people I might leave you out of jelousy." he says seriously. " I want to be with you fae." he says in a equally serious voice, he had never been so sure before on how much he wanted someone in his life.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae looked up at him with a soft expressions. She gulped when he talked about sex. That scared her beyond belief. She didn't think she could do it. Fae looked at him with a gentle expression " but i can't give you all the things you'll want" she said. she wouldnt be able to please him like he would want. How could he want that?

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Leon looks thoughtful considering her words, it was true he could tell that rough touch sent her into this attack of hers so then he would not be able to touch her intimately or at least not for a few years. " I know you can not give me the intimacy I want from you, but maybe in a few years things wont be so bad on you, I know your father must have done something to you or a older brother, because your attack is so bad, that it must have been going on a long time and who would turn in their own family. I want to help you Fae and one day maybe you will love me the way I already love you, I have seen you at your weakest and worst, but that only fired my love for you." he says in a sweet romantic and truthful way.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae looked upa t him starting to shake her head " n-no its not that" she said meaning about her father even though it was true. SHe had to keep denying it. She bit her bottom lip hard looking up at him. She hadn't heard that word in forever. Love. No. She couldn't believe he said that. " Leon" She whispered softly those were the sweetest words she;d heard " I need to learn Leon I dont know love, I want to but I dont know it"she said she wanted to know it and lean of it and all.

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Leon cradles her face inbetween his hands so she must look at him, " you need to just admit what has been happened to you, you cant keep it inside you, it will only keep you worse and you will never know to love because you wont let anything close enough to know the truth." he says and removes one of his hands and takes hers giving her a reassuring squeeze." I will teach you love if you will tell me your past."

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae closed her eyes a tear slipped down her cheek. SHe couldn't do this it would mean betraying her father, he would be so mad at her if anyone found out. Though he had told her her whole story. She was just so split. She looked up at him " I cant tell you that Leon" she told him

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Leon lets out a long exhale in annoyance."Fae, how can you heal? if you cant speak to me, will you go to a physiatrist?" He asks. He himself had been to one and it helped him immensely. Leon hugs her tightly." I am sorry I will stop trying to push you, I just want you to be healed and happy." he says softly and kisses her forehead lightly. He wanted her happy and to be free of such dark things in her mind, that would cause things like her black outs.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae shook her head " sorry I can't leon your just going to have to understand" she sold him somberly looking up at him with a soft expressions. She couldn;t talk to anyone she couldnt tell people that her faher beat her. She just needed Leon to let it go. She knew he had told her but she couldnt let her father get in touble

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Leon shakes his head but he did let it go for tonight. He really had the urge to kiss her , as he held her in his arms and she was giving him a soft look, instead her caressed his thumb over her lips feeling them for a moment. " well do you still want to watch a movie?" he asks looking over at his tv. " I have Netflix and cable plus some movies." he offers. personaly he did not really care what she chose, he was just hoping she would stay on his lap for the rest of there time together, she did not seem to mind being in his arms.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae nodded " y-yeah lets " she said lightly feeling his thumb over her lip. She had to pause it made shivers run down her spine and not the ones that made her sick to her stomach. She wanted to stay here with him. She was scared to move or leave his side. He just brought a comofrting quality that made her want to stick by him, be near him and ffeel safe. She was glad he was letting it go too she needed him to she just couldnt talk about that stuff

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Leon grabbed is remote and turned on Netflix." so what do you want to watch? do you feel like watching a comedy, romance, action and adventure, horror,drama or a musical?" he asks naming off the genre. leon reaches over and grabs his wolf throw blanket and covers both of them up. His mind drifting over his lust for blood, he probably really could have beat the life out of jake for causing her to go into that fit, infact he still wanted to hurt him.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae bit her lip looking at the tv " I could go for an adventure" she told him. She didn't know if she could do a comedy at the moment or a horror. An adventure sounded good. Anyways she could never too horror. SHe was a big scardy cat.

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Leon almost did not catch what she had said, he had been day dreaming about what he had imagined his first love would be like and she was nothing like it, he could not even kiss Fae. love is so strange He thinks to himself, her words interrupting his thoughts." Oh uh okay, how about this." He goes to journey to the center of the earth an clicks on it, he found it a okay movie. " or just tell me a movie and I Vill play it" Leon looks down at her , he loved looking at her face she had such kind scared eyes almost like a Fawn. His arm that she was leaning on needed stretched so he gently manuvered her so she was more againsthis chest, then he stretched out his arm till it felt normal, the wraped it back around her resting his hand on her stomach.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments Fae nodded " that looks good" she told him. She felt him bring her into his chest. She tilted her head on his shoulder in the crook of his neck. She had never felt so comfortable with another person. She felt safe and protected by his large arms around her like he held her from all danger. Fae peeked at him. He was so rugged and attractive, he had this coldness about him but a gentleness at the same time, she could see his gentleness overpowered his ability to be cold.

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Leon inwardly smiles feeling her head against the crook of his neck. " it is okay, not to bad, personally I am more a super hero move guy especially the X-men movies." he says looking at the movie as the intro started." what type over movies do you like the best?" he asks curiously and traces little circle's against her shirt absent mindedly

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments " It depends, dramas are good and comedy." she said. Anything that could distract her from life. But usually movies couldn't distract her enough. She didn' twatch that many movies. But she didnt mind wathing one with him. " What movies do you like?" she asked softly . She was still surprised she hadn't moved herself off his lap but she ouldn't get herself to move, it was almost like she wanted to get even closer to him. Like this wasnt even enough

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Leon raises a eyebrow." are you listening to only half of what I say? before I asked what you like I said I was more into super hero movies and the Xmen series, though I also like a few anime shows like bleach, fairy tale, one piece and black butler." he replies and has to look away from her face, being this close and intimate was heightening his want of a kiss, so he drew his attention to the movie, rolling his eyes at the rock who was bouncing berries off his chest." show off" he murmurs . his hand was still absentmindedly doing patterens on her belly.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments (( sorry that was my fault I was spacey just ignore it))

Fae looked at the screen her head rested on his shoulder. She was still surprisd with herself but she needed to stay like this. she needed him. His caresses were soothing her touch by touch. Movement by movement she just loved it. SHe couldnt stop leaning into the touch. She watched the movie but her body was gettins goosbumbs without her even knowing it.

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(( dude you just flow with mistakes, she could have reacted to that... I put forth a effort to write that. lol are you a newbie on roleplaying ?))

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments (( no ive been roleplaying for a while. Ususally you can tell when someone slips up and just ignore that it even happened, it happens to everyone. But I dont want her character to be spacy it doesnt fit with it, it was just my forgetfulness))

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(( oh okay, I always just go with it. so should he make a move or just skip to the end of the movie this is kinda boring))

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments ((Yeah umm let see do you wanna might more this to like another group. Ive never asked of this before hahaha but I love their characters and maybe if we moved them to our individual topic we could create more drama and stuff. Like we can come up with new people to halt the relationship. Maybe her father comes into the picture. SOrry to ask of this but I feel like we could do a lot more with them))

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yes lets what group?

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.:Eva:.♥ | 85 comments (( here just join the group if your not part of it))

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its a secret group it wont let me

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