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George Moser | 3 comments The manuscript is finished at 122,000 words. I just cut out about 12,000 words and believe its near perfect--if thats ever possible. I am interested in sending out partials of the first 50 pages, but if you feel drawn into the story I will happily send out the entire story. I would also be happy to have several beta readers for my collection and future writing.

The audience is adult and YA.

I am looking for readers who like stories by: Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Ray Bradbury, Dan Brown, Dean Koontz, Stephanie Meyer, and JK Rowling. I don't necessarily want to compare my writing to Dan Brown, but this particular book has similarities. My writing is more similar to the others on the list. The story is a mixture of science fiction, thriller, action, and romance.

Set in Wyoming, the book tells the story of Charlie Burns, who receives a mysterious package from a man with the same name who was working for a national weapons manufacturer before his recent murder. At the time, Charlie has recently lost his home, business, and family and is on the verge of suicide, and upon opening the package, he finds a simple wand and is unaware of his power.

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Deli R | 1 comments Sounds intriguing.

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George Moser | 3 comments Thank you Deli

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