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Werner Espionage is probably a profession that's as old as recorded history; and throughout that history, women have been known to make pretty successful spies. Literary portrayals of spies has been a male-dominated field for quite awhile, especially where the more action-oriented types are concerned; but that's starting to change, so I thought the fictional distaff side of the profession deserved to be highlighted with its own thread. (I haven't read about a lot of heroines of this sort, but other folks in the group can undoubtedly add posts about their own favorites!)

One of the newest spy heroines to burst into the genre with tommy guns blazing is OSS agent Mina Sakamoto, the protagonist of Clive Lee's first novel, Coral Hare Atomic Agent (A WW2 Spy Novel) Inspired by actual historical events by Clive Lee . She's a petite teen (14 at the time of Pearl Harbor, 17 at the war's end), but she's one kick-butt fighter, highly adept with all types of firearms and an array of other weapons.

On some of our other threads, I've mentioned my own favorite fictional female spy, British Intelligence agent Leah Bennett Hargraves, heroine of the How I Met Your Mother story cycle by our own Mark Cooper (who, sadly, hasn't been very active on Goodreads lately). I don't think any installments of this are still for sale as free-standing e-stories; but the whole cycle can be read in the Books section of the Forum at the Girls With Guns page ( ; Forum link at the top of the page). You need to be a member to comment, but not to browse and read.

message 2: by Werner (new)

Werner Another fictional spy who deserves a mention here is British intelligence agent Amanda Grayle in Martin Woodhouse's 1968 novel of Cold War espionage, Bush Baby. (I only read this one in a Reader's Digest condensed version, probably soon after it was first published; but still, I'm embarrassed that I didn't recall it sooner!) She's the lead female character there, and can (and does) handle herself fearlessly and well in a gunfight if she needs to.

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