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message 1: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (keds723) Not necessarily a spoiler, but since this event happens on pg. 321, it might be prudent to warn those of you who haven't reached this point!

Don't click the link if you don't want a mild spoiler

I was wandering around the Internet today looking for an IJ playlist to listen to while reading, and I stumbled upon this:

I didn't know this, and thought it was exciting. I also thought it might be interesting to hear everyone's music selection for this book. I'm obsessed with Radiohead and Portishead...something about these two bands really clicks with this book for me.

message 2: by Meagan (new)

Meagan | 25 comments I'm only on p. 224, so didn't click the link, but I definitely agree that Portishead seems like a good choice for IJ.

message 3: by Meagan (new)

Meagan | 25 comments Just finished the 20 page footnote about #%?!* Canadian separatists only to go back to the main text and find more Canadian separatists. Pemulis is my hero for turning off the phone.

message 4: by Meagan (new)

Meagan | 25 comments I'm reserving judgment on Avril until I feel like I know more about her. I feel like Pemulis is the kind of bad-influence friend that parents and school administrators kind of have to hate, and Avril is both. ;)

message 5: by Paula (new)

Paula (paula-j) | 27 comments I can't remember where in the book it is, but Joelle's recollection of the dinner with the Incandenza family is priceless. And echoes my sentiments with regard to Avril.

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