Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2) Catching Fire question

What do you think about the cliffhanger ending?

I loved the ending but then again I love cliff hangers so..

It honestly was really good, because I could pick up the next book right away.

Cpjuri I did the same! I finished the 2nd book and started the 3rd right away!
Jun 22, 2014 05:17AM · flag

Having a cliff hanger like that is a brilliant idea. It makes me want to pick up Mockingjay right away. To bad I didn't check it out of the library at the same time no I need to wait until I have time to go back. Thank good I didn't read Catching Fire when it first came out.

I couldn't think of anything else BUT reading the next book. Thankfully I had Mockingjay right next to me when I finished Catching Fire :D

Arfa Saleem same here.. immediately read about 2 chaps of mockingjay!
Jun 08, 2014 06:39AM · flag

Jenna, since i had all three books at the same time i thought it was a pretty good ending. It made me drop the Catching fire and picked up the MockingJay.

I was miserably forced to read each book as it came out... oh the agony! You guys have no idea how lucky you are!

What Collins wanted the readers to appreciate is the revolutionary soul of the story and the 'love spark' between characters. But if you're after the love story of Peeta and Katniss, you would really feel that the story has not given justice to their love story after Peeta being tortured and Katniss, emotionally unstable. When it comes to war and violence, Collins did it well, because as a reader, I felt the agony and pain of losing the people you love. And also the content (although it's sad) in the aftermath of the war.

We really need to understand what are we expecting from stories like Collins trilogy. And if you now understood, reread the books again. :)

I borrowed Catching Fire and Mockinjay from the library at the same time. (I had finished reading The Hunger Games barely half an hour earlier, and I returned it on the same trip.) I kinda stupidly read the book jacket for Mockinjay when I wasn't finished with Catching Fire, so I knew what was going to happen. I finished up Catching Fire this evening, and I am incredibly frustrated with the cliffhanger ending -- I am desperate to start reading Mockinjay now, but I fear that if I do, I won't get to sleep tonight. >.< So I just have to wait until tomorrow!

It made me really want to read Mockingjay soon. However, when I first read Catching Fire, Mockingjay wouldn't be released for another few months. The wait was frustrating.

Cruel but keeps you reading. I'm just glad that I didn't read it before the last book was out ;)

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