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Aiden used his foot to push open the door, his shoulder and back muscles tiring from holding up the demon. The nurse noticed him enter and sighed with exasperation when she saw the condition of her new patient.

"Aiden, what happened to him?" The nurse - Abigail - asked, as she helped Aiden lower the unconscious demon to an empty bed.
Aiden straightened up, rubbing his shoulder, "No idea, Abby," He lied, "just found him like this."
She pursed her lips, then opened a cupboard to take out some bandages and gauze, muttering something inaudible.

"There's another girl, too." Aiden rolled his shoulder, "I'll go grab her now."
The nurse scoffed, approaching the demon to start patching him up, "I swear, kids can't stay out of trouble. At least you've grown out of it."

The corner of Aiden's mouth quirked up and he left her to her work, leaving the room.

((Cont. at the Courtyard))

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KT (queenlykt) Aurora: Aiden lifted Shay into his arms, glad that she was much lighter than the demon. Her hair tickled his neck but he didn't have a free hand to brush it away so he ignored it.

He looked steadily into the girl's glaring eyes, "Kid, you need to relax - go take a bubble bath or something. Bloody hell." He shrugged her off, briefly wondering what kind of relationship the two girls had as he walked back to the nurse.

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KT (queenlykt) Shay curled up against him like a whipped puppy, flinching at every little sound she heard as they walked. She was completely tense the entire time he was carrying her, and it wasn't even his fault.

She looked up at him as they finally reached te office, "Sorry." she muttered to him quietly, chewing her bottom lip. She quickly cast her eyes down from his, seeming to shrink back into her own skin.

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Aiden heard a mumble at his chest, and it took a second or so to register the sound in his mind. "What for?", he replied, looking down at her.

Abigail saw Aiden and his delivery at the door and hurried over to open it for them. Her other hand glinted bright red with blood. The janitor gently set Shay on another bed, and the nurse surveyed the girl, "Oh dear, what's happened to you?"

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KT (queenlykt) Shay gave a tiny yip and flinched slightly at the pain the transfer caused her, but ignored the nurse for now. She only cared about Aiden and his opinion and attention right now. She had decided she liked him, and now she trusted him. "For causing you so much extra trouble..." she explained quietly.

She glanced at the nurse, then at the bed that held Adam. The sight gave her a small shudder of fear, but she quickly averted her gaze back to the nurse. "I, um, fell, and an old wound was ripped open." she explained briefly, lying smoothly.

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Abigail was finishing up the demon's bandages, so Aiden leaned in a bit closer to Shay so only she could hear, "You don't have to be sorry - but your friend and this guy here do." He jerked his head at the unconscious demon. "I'm getting you guys out of trouble so I'm gonna expect to be paid back."

He stepped away with a smile as the nurse looked up from the demon, bringing her kit to Shay's bed side.

((sorry for the late reply - I'm at school))

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KT (queenlykt) ((O.O I'm in bed.... XD))

Shay looked up at him anxiously, still basically ignoring the nurse. "Don't take it out on Rae. She's the tall, tattooed one who kept harassing you. She didn't do anything, really. She's my sister, and Adam-" she lowered her voice and leaned in closer to him. "Adam kept making jokes about goin after me. Rae's rather.... Touchy. It's not her fault." she looked up at him earnestly, then looked crestfallen at his words about payment.

"We don't have a lot. We can't pay you back." she said, then brightened slightly. "Maybe... Maybe I could go with you and help you with your job for a while?" she offered, then looked worried again. "Well, I-I mean, if you're ok with being with me..." the self-conscious girl immediately backtracked, looking down at her hands, stained red with her own blood.

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"Her touchiness is what got them into the fight - isn't it? Adam is at fault for teasing and Rae's at fault for going after him." Aiden replied sternly.

He hadn't thought of what kind of payment he was expecting, but when Shay suggested she help with his work, he gave it some thought. It'd be a good idea, he didn't need much money anyway - and an extra worker meant less work for him.

"Good idea." Aiden nodded, "You guys start tomorrow morning."

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KT (queenlykt) Shay frowned as she looked up at him. "Please don't blame her. We've been through a lot." she explained mildly, absentmindedly rubbing the silver and iron shackles on her wrists.

"I'll be there," she promised. "but I can't speak for Rae. But if I know her, she won't be." she shook her head slightly, easing back until she was laying down in the bed instead of sitting up.

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Aiden narrowed his eyes, "She better be - she has a debt to pay off. I can easily get her kicked out anyway - people getting beat up this badly for such a stupid reason isn't exactly something the Head lets slide."

He eyed the shackles on the girl's wrist with curiosity. He could guess what she meant by 'we've been through a lot' but said nothing about it - it wasn't something a school janitor is supposed to deal with. Neither were fights, to be honest, but Aiden had to be responsible for the students if he wanted to become a trainer.

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G0BL1N K1NG With a groan Adam opened his eyes and moved his sore body. His head felt like it was being ripped open while his body felt cold. Rolling over on to his side cause him great pain, in fact any movement caused him pain. "Where the hell am I?" Raising his hand he gripped the side of the bed and pulled him self up through pain and willpower.

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KT (queenlykt) Shay was about to respond, but then Adam moved. She paled even farther then she was already and shrank away from the direction that he was, moving instinctively toward Aiden with a small whimper. She eyed Adam fearfully, looking terrified.

She glanced up at Aiden, studying Him for a split second. And in that split second, she was just judging away. Would he actually help her again if needed? After a moment, Shay decided he would. If not because he liked her at all, then because he had an obligation since he worked here.

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Aiden glanced down at the girl, something almost like pity stirring. It seemed she was constantly on edge, as if everything in the world would harm her. He placed a comforting hand on her head, stroking her hair once as if she were a frightened rabbit. "Calm down," he said simply.

"Lie down please," The nurse said to the demon - Shay had said his name was Adam. The nurse gently pushed him back down, "I'm the school nurse - Abigail. You're in my office, lucky to still be alive I'd say."

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Asha walked in sighing at the carnage and walked to Abigail explaining the whole office/courtyard situation.

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G0BL1N K1NG He could really not fight back. And he was beginning to starve. Adam began to look around studying the room and all the exits. He coughed up a chunk of enflamed embers. "I am hard to kill."

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Eavesdropping came naturally to Aiden, and he was amused by what he was hearing from the conversation between Ms Lakes and Abigail. Not only did the kids fight pointlessly, but they fought in the office, and in plain sight of someone who gave a damn. It reminded him of his own early years at the school.

The janitor realised that, at this rate, Adam and Rae were probably gonna have some sort of harsh punishment - and his extra workers will be gone. Tomorrow, he had to clean the pool, and he really didn't feel like doing that, especially since he had to constantly tip out the pool scoop. Way too much squatting and standing for his liking.

"What do you have in mind for a punishment, Ms?" Aiden asked, hoping she hadn't thought about it too much yet.

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KT (queenlykt) ((Ok so I lost my iPod. Until I find it I won't be on as much. Just a head's up XD))

Shay moved herself up into a sitting position, wincing only slightly. She moved for one reason and one reason only: because Aiden made her feel less alone, less scared. She curled up, bringing her knees to her chest before she lightly rested her head against his hand.

She closed her eyes, though her breathing sped up a bit. If she was going to trust him, why not make her first trust move here, where there were other people in case something happened, even if it wasn't his fault? But her nervousness showed in her quickened breathing.

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G0BL1N K1NG "Who did I get here?"

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((Should we keep waiting for Natasha?))

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G0BL1N K1NG ((Yesh :P :D XD XP))

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Monger wrote: "((Yesh :P :D XD XP))"
(( soo sorry have been in france with no wifi and roaming ,back now though))

Asha ignored the sounds around the room and spoke quietly to Aiden " Im not sure yet but it will involve helping you most likely, if you have any good suggestions feel free to say."

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Aiden looked down as Shay curled up, her head against his hand. He absently stroked her hair with his thumb, not sure what to do with the mouse-like teenager.
He looked back up to Ms Lakes, nodding, "No, that sounds good. I can teach them a little discipline."

"You can teach them a little discipline?" Abigail laughed, "Do you even remember why you were made a janitor in the first place?"
Aiden scowled at her, "Shush Abi."

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KT (queenlykt) "I have no problems helping." Shay said, so quiet it was almost inaudible, looking terrified of speaking up in front of people, especially ones she didn't know. She bit her lip, seeming to grow even smaller with her fear. But she continued, "I'm a werewolf, so I'm super strong."

She paused to look up at Aiden. "I can help more than I look like I can." she said plaintively. She was perfectly aware of her petite size and frail looks, and she did everything she could to counteract that.

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G0BL1N K1NG Adam had slipped off the bed and began to crawl across the floor. Using his arm opened the wound in his neck. He made his way towards the exit.

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Aurora wrote: "Aiden looked down as Shay curled up, her head against his hand. He absently stroked her hair with his thumb, not sure what to do with the mouse-like teenager.
He looked back up to Ms Lakes, nodding..."

"Good." She said in reply to Aiden. She moved over to Adam and lifted him with minimal effort back to the bed. " you have to try harder than that to leave here." She scowled at him wondering how many hours she would have worrying about the amount of damage this boy could do the schools residents and reputation. She grabbed a labelled needle and jabbed it into his arm injecting the clear sleeping serum hoping that it would work on the demon.

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G0BL1N K1NG He glared at the needle then at the woman. Within seconds he was out cold. His snoring brought forth wisp of helfire and smoke.

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Abigail sighed as Adam fell asleep on the bed. She shook her head quietly, moving over to her laptop, presumably to document the damage.

At the sound of Shay's quiet voice, Aiden looked down at her again, straining his ears to hear her. "Shay," he said, "Like I said, you're not the one that needs punishment. But if you want to help out - and if you could get your sister to help too - then that's fine by me."

The janitor was quite excited that he'd have a few servants to do his work for him - his day was made by that prospect. Especially since the Summer Ball was coming up, and he'd have to clean up all that rubbish after the night was done.

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KT (queenlykt) Shay smiled shyly up at him, glad she hadn't been shot down. She knew if that had happened she'd be second guessing herself every time she did something for a week! She was always way under-confident, but rejection just madr it worse.

Not dating rejection- she'd never had that problem because she'd never asked. Or been asked, for that matter. But she knew that if he said he didn't need her help, she'd immediately think he didn't like her. Feeling bold, she looked up at him. "One condition." she warned. "Not a big thing. But, just.... Talk to me. When we're doing whatever we'll be doing, talk to me like I'm an actual person." Right now, Rae was really the only one who communicated to Shay in a positive way. But Shay's tough-girl sister wasn't exactly chatty.

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Aiden quirked an eyebrow at Shay - her one condition was quite unusual. Talking to someone while they worked together is kind of a given, isn't it? By the way Shay said, 'talk to me like I'm an actual person' got Aiden curious again. Was she usually not talked to like that? But the again... he could imagine people tip-toeing around Shay because of her overprotective wildebeest of a sister.

"Sure thing." Aiden told her simply, shrugging dismissively. He looked down at her - bandages were wrapped around her stomach. "I doubt you'd be able to work any time soon with that wound," He said, nodding his head toward her wound, "so you have to work extra hard once you heal to make up for lost time, alright?" He grinned - he had to go find Rae to let her know of her new job as his underling.

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KT (queenlykt) Shay's smile grew as he accepted her proposal, relaxing slightly for the first time since she'd met Adam. "Not as long as you think." she chirped, surprisingly chipper. "Werewolven healing, remember? I'll heal much quicker then a human." she pointed out. She was right: she would heal fast. Not in-seconds-better like the vampires, but fairly fast.

"Thank you." she added, a bit more quietly. He didn't have to agree to her terms, but he seemed happy enough to. Which helped Shay's self-esteem a lot more than it would a normal person's. Maybe there was someone who liked having her around. Other than Rae, that is.

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Aiden nodded. He was unsure what she was thanking him for but he didn't pry, "It's fine. I'll see you again sometime soon then."

Abigail finished typing up her report, and came over to Shay's bedside, holding a glass of water and a bottle of some kind of syrup.
The nurse bumped her hip against Aiden's, "You get out of here now," She said, putting the glass down on the bedside table, "I know you're just stalling so you don't have to do any work."

Aiden smiled at her, "Abi - you're just jealous of my youth compared to your old-"
Abigail snapped at him, shoving him towards the door, "Get out already!"

The janitor laughed and stood at the door for a bit longer as Abigail scowled and returned to Shay to pour her a spoonful of the syrup.

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KT (queenlykt) Shay eyed the syrup warily. "I'll bet that tastes nasty." she said in a conversational tone as she stared at it. She took the syrup offered to her and before the nurse could tell her what to do, just got it over with. "Blech! I was right!" she groaned, making a face and shuddering as she reached for the cup. She took a drink of water, returning to normal.

Rae didn't even seem to notice Aiden as she pushed passed him in the doorway, heading right for her little sister. "Hey, Little One." she said gently, leaning over Shay's bed. Shay smiled up at her and Rae sunk down into a chair next to the bed, resting her elbows on said bed.

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((Sorry I have to go to sleep now - It's almost midnight here :) This'll be my last post for now))

Aiden was about to leave the office when Rae pushed passed him, her path set in a straight line to her sister. The janitor did really have some work to do, and wasn't bothered to deal with Rae's drama, so he simply called out, "Shay - can you tell your sister what punishment Ms Lakes has decided on for her? I have to get back to work."

Abigail smiled when Shay obediently took the medicine, then went to her other patient - Adam, to readjust his bandages which had loosened during his escape attempt.

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KT (queenlykt) ((Almost 9 in the morning here XD))

Rae's spine stiffened, a sure sign of a sh*tstorm about to happen, but Shay grabbed her sister's hand before the tall girl could do anything. Rae turned to face aiden, starting to rose, but Shay tugged her back down impatiently. "Jesus, Rae. Cool it." she shook her head slightly. "You just have to help with his work."

Before Rae could question 'work,' Shay carried on. "He's a janitor. You and Adam both have to help him for a week." she paused for a second, biting her lip slightly as she tried to remember for sure. "Or atleast, I think it's a week."

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G0BL1N K1NG At the sound of his name, Adam opened his left eye. Followed by his right. With a groan he spoke. "Time to go." Sitting upright Adam hopped off the bed. Like a drunk man he stumbled towards the exit.

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Aiden gave Shay a thumbs-up, then headed back to the courtyard to check on that girl who was scrubbing the blood.

When she saw the demon begin to stagger towards the exit, Abigail sighed and grabbed his shoulder, yanking him backwards, "Get back to your bed right now. You are not leaving this office until you are healed do you understand?"

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G0BL1N K1NG Adam bent over backwards and stared at the woman for a moment. "Get angry and I will be healed. Do you understand?" He gave the question in a mocking tone. His tail arched forward and aimed itself towards the woman's face.

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KT (queenlykt) Shay looked over at Aiden and shot him a shy smile. Glancing back at Rae, she was just in time to grab Rae's arm as he taller girl lunged toward Adam. Rae snarled violently, and Shay had to tighten her grip, tugging Rae back.

After a furious whisper argument, Rae resigned herself to wait for revenge until later, subsiding to angry muttering.

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Abigail clicked her tongue in annoyance. She didn't like demons - they tended to be her most irritating and uncooperative patients. She didn't flinch as the demon's tail came up to aim at her face.

"Threatening and mocking a teacher like this might extend your punishment." She said calmly, "I recommend you take a seat, I'll give you a jab to help you heal - we do have medical equipment for every student here -, and then when you are healed, feel free to terrorize the other students again. It's not my job to deal with that."

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G0BL1N K1NG Adam's gaze shifted from the woman to Shay and Rae. "So be it."

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Asha walked over to Adam and rapped him over the head with the back of her hand not hard but in a gentle almost but not quite affectionate way reserved for her pupils.

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Natasha wrote: "Asha walked over to Aiden and rapped him over the head with the back of her hand not hard but in a gentle almost but not quite affectionate way reserved for her pupils."

((Aiden's already back in the courtyard :) ))

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Aurora wrote: "Natasha wrote: "Asha walked over to Aiden and rapped him over the head with the back of her hand not hard but in a gentle almost but not quite affectionate way reserved for her pupils."


Wrong name))

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G0BL1N K1NG Adam looked Asha up and down. His tail jabbed at the air around her face. "Don't do that."

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Monger wrote: "Adam looked Asha up and down. His tail jabbed at the air around her face. "Don't do that.""

She batted his tail away and moved forward perching on the foot of the bed. "Very sorry, but it is your fault for ending up here in the first place."

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Abigail went over to the cabinet and took out another bottle, and a syringe. She glanced at the back of the bottle, skimming through the recommended dosage, before putting both down on the demon's bedside table. She then grabbed a cotton ball and a bit of sterilizing agent, and brought that over too.

"Come take a seat on the bed," she told the demon, "I'm going to give you an injection. "

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G0BL1N K1NG Adam sat up right on the bed. His tail wrapped around the bottle and brought it close to his face. "This going to put me to sleep hmm?" With a chuckle he began to read the contents of the bottle.

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"It will help you heal and reduce your hunger," Abigail said through her teeth, snatching the bottle back from the demon's tail. She uncapped the bottle and pulled some liquid into the sterilized syringe. "Falling asleep is a side effect, but it heals you faster if you succumb to it."

The nurse wiped the needle and pulled up the demon's sleeve, wiping his skin too. Without warning him, she stabbed the syringe into the demon's thick skin and emptied the cylinder, before pulling the needle back out.

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G0BL1N K1NG "Dam that hurts. I must really be hungry." The last word fell from his mouth lazily as he hunched forward and slipped off the bed. right into a deep sleep. Landing face first his horns held his face off the ground.

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Abigail sighed as the demon slumped onto the floor, presumably asleep - or dead, either was fine for her. She eyed him, clicking her tongue in annoyance, before stepping over him so she could return her equipment to their places.
She wasn't weak, but an almost-adult demon wasn't something she could lift easily. She'd have to leave him there.

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