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Share any and all of your fangirl/fanbot stories here! We'd love to hear them!

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I fangirled about The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices for like 3 months. Now even my friends that haven't read the series know every character. :D MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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:D Nice!

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So yeah Luna's heard this before but... The day before divergent came out I was in school fangirling really hard about how excited I was and my teacher walked back into class and she's about to ask what's going on but she just looks at me and goes "oh divergent" before rolling her eyes and walking away.

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Haha. That was me until I heard about how good the movie was. Then I watched it and I was like: O_O IT'S AMAZING.

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YES I went to watch with my friend. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I saw the premiere and I literally died it was so good

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Julia I called my friend after watching a few eps of doctor who. I told her I needed to get my feelings out and she told me to go ahead. I literally talked for about twenty minutes straight about everything fan girl related... Then I started to cry about books.

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Julia Nice ally!

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Thank you :) *mini bow* and my teacher is like 60 so it's even funnier

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Julia Wow lol XD

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NishaC | 33 comments I fangirled when I seen the trailer for Hetalia: Another Colour xD

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) I fanboy about everything @_@ My first fanboy attack was when... Holy Rome left Chibi Italy (Hetalia)

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My first fangirl was when I started to read Fruit baskets. Now i'm a fangirl forever!

Fruit basket: I was derping in the library when i saw it. When I finally learned how to read it I fell in love with them all. I still love it!

Maximum ride: I was looking for the next issue for Fruit baskets when I saw it. It was the second one in the manga series and I fell in love with the storyline and their charters.

Hetalia: Bascally my friend force me to watch 2 videos and I kept on watching it. Now I can play 2p!Canda, Canada, America, Prussia and a bit of Spain.

Sailor mon. I grew up with it!

Attack on Titan: My friend (again) Force me to watch it, now i`m on the 13 eps.

Black Butler: I'm a mini fan, I can only read the manga. I just was derping looking for another series when I found it.

Ouran High School Host club: Just found out of itr one day. Still watching it

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As a child my first fangirling subject was PJO.

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NishaC | 33 comments I fangirled (in a bad way) when Frank N Furter died ;_; (Rocky Horror Picture Show) like, what the hell is wrong with his assistant?! Sure, he did make people transvestites and hookers, but he wasn't a bad man!!!

((liek dis if yuo cri evrtimr ;( ))

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 50 comments I learned of Hetalia by a friend of mine whom, at the time, was in 6th grade (that's really bad for a 6th grader to watch these shows) and from then on, I had been watching Hetalia:Axis Powers. (I haven't for a while, though.) Yet, I still was interested in Hetalia and I watched people play RPG's and such (that's when I discovered HetaOni along with other RPG's like RomaHeta and such.) After that, I -sadly- found a CreepyPasta called 'Hetalia Axis Powers Episode 23.5'. At the end I was crying and felt like I was never going to be able to look at Hetalia without remembering that. Quickly after, though, I discovered of the second personalities, or 2p!'s, and I've stuck with them for a while. That takes me back to present day, where I've been able to roleplay in groups with Romano, 2p!Romano, 2p!Italy, Prussia, 2p!Prussia, China, 2p!America (probably America if I would ever roleplay him), and others. :3 I'm new on writing Fanfictions of the Hetalia characters, so that's a work-in-progress.

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Hannah (cielo_artdragon) | 16 comments I have been a Doctor Who and Sherlock fan for a while now, and was utterly convinced that I would not fall into the hole that is Superwholock. But after about a year of my friends (and netflix too actually) begging me to watch it, finding crossovers and art connected to Wholock, I fell and watched Supernatural. Lets just say I have been quite the fan ever since. And have gotten up to season 7 in less than a month

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juli (julisaysno) | 18 comments I read HP in third grade and the PJO in fourth grade and have fangirled like mad ever since. I read TMI and TID in sixth grade, along with some other stuff. I honestly do not remember when I read most of these series, but my main peeps are JKR, RR, and CC.

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You a rick riordan fan??

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juli (julisaysno) | 18 comments To the very end!

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Omg I love you!!! I met him once :) I almost passed out

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juli (julisaysno) | 18 comments OH MY GOODNESS REALLY?

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juli (julisaysno) | 18 comments That's so awesome!

At the release of MoA I was like not obsessive very much, but sort of, and I didn't have anyone to obsess with. :(

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That's sad :( my best friend was with me. And we got signed copies and shirts and we were inthe first 1 hundred so we were like in the same room with him while everyone else had to watch on screens outside

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juli (julisaysno) | 18 comments I'VE GOT TO GET MYSELF INTO A BoO RELEASE BOOK SIGNING

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I'm making my mom take me if there one anywhere within a 10 hour radius. I have two of his books signed also

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juli (julisaysno) | 18 comments That's got to be the coolest thing ever.

On a mostly unrelated note, did you know that he's not writing an epilogue in BoO? He says he "doesn't like them."

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Yeh I know. Depressing

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juli (julisaysno) | 18 comments You're a Potterhead, right?

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Erm... Not exactly

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juli (julisaysno) | 18 comments What do you mean?

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I don't exactly like Harry potter

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juli (julisaysno) | 18 comments Oh, okay.

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juli (julisaysno) | 18 comments Well, I was going to ask you how you felt about the "19 Years Later" segment because i've heard a lot of controversial opinions recently.

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Yeh sorry wouldn't know. Haven't read any Harry Potter since I was in like 2nd or 3rd grade

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juli (julisaysno) | 18 comments Why don't you like it?

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Just really not a fan. Maybe if like them if I read them now but I don't think so.

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Katie (readpanda) You're so lucky!!! The only book signing I've been to was when I was younger and Cressida Cowell came to our school. I loved How to Train Your Dragon at the time, but that was like six years ago.
I like HP. Not as much as PJO, but I still think it's awesome. The epilogue was unnecessary, even if it was sweet how Harry was all nice and stuff to his son. Naming him after the two consecutive headmasters was a little odd, and I think Rowling should have ended the book without the epilogue.

Sorry if you didn't want my opinion or if it doesn't match yours.

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juli (julisaysno) | 18 comments No! I always like to hear other's opinions on controversial matters. I, personally, love the HP epilogue to death, but I truly enjoy hearing both sides of the story.

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I'm opinionless in this matter

message 47: by Katie (new)

Katie (readpanda) *runs out of the room for a minute and comes back panting but smiling* Thanks, Anna! I understand your opinion, too, because I liked it the first time I read it, but after the third I thought that it had already been wrapped up in the last chapter. And thank you, Tris!

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Than you for what?

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Katie (readpanda) For being opinionless! *squeals delightedly*

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Welcome? I just haven't read any Harry potter since the first book when I didn't like it

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