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Walking up to the small store, he opened the door with a little bell attached to it. It gave off a little ring as he came through, going up to the front desk in the store. “Hey Richie, I’m here for my shift.” He told the assistant manager who was on his shift before Chris. “Alright man, see you later.” Richie said and hopped over the counter before he left the store. Walking absently to the back of the store, he sat down at a piano and smiled to himself. He’d played piano since he was little, he just kept it a secret. It wasn’t exactly manly. So he started to play a beautiful slower song that his father had taught him as a child.

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Paris stumbled across this music store after figuring out that her favorite one had been moved. She looked around the store in awe, walking over to the CDs, searching for the 'Panic! At The Disco' ones. She heard someone playing the piano as she rummaged through the CDs.

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Chris had been too distracted by the piano to hear the bell ring when she came in, but he finished a bit later and heard someone going through the CD’s. Not thinking much of it, he got up and went over to see Paris going through them. Sighing, he ran a hand through his hair and turned away for a moment. This wouldn’t be good for her if she was caught being around him... He was involved a lot of bad things... Plus, she deserved better than him. So he tried to treat her like a normal customer. “Can I help you find something?” He asked as he walked up to her.

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Paris' eyes widened as she looked up to see Chris. "Woah, you work here? I um, need help finding any Panic! At The Disco CDs please." She asked, not really finding a single cd on her own quite yet. Paris gave up, fixing the mess that she had made to find the one that she was looking for. She wanted to ask him something else about Kitty, but thought, Better not.

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Chris nodded and thought for a moment about the CD’s, “Follow me.” He told her and lead her to the froth of the store where more CD’s were set up on racks. “Should be here... They’re in alphabetical order.” He said and lead her over to the P’s. “Here they are.” He said and gestured to them. Though when he looked up at her, he couldn’t help but admire her. She was so beautiful and perfect... He couldn’t help it. Even if he knew he was bad for her, he couldn’t just get rid of what he felt.

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Paris smiled, taking the CD's from the section. "Thanks. Are you too busy to talk right now?" She asked, gesturing to what happened in the English classroom. She wanted to know what had made him so angry. Had Kitty said something to offend him? Paris looked down at the album in her hands, trying to distract herself from being awkward...it wasn't working.

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Chris leaned up against the wall and sighed, running a hand through his black hair. “Honestly, I think there’s way too many customers in here for me to stop and talk right now. I might have to chat later.” He said, smirking a little as he made the joke. They were the only two people in the entire store at this point. But he was only trying to avoid the inevitable questions she’d ask him.

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Paris rolled her eyes, "Chris this is important to me because it involves my best friend. When you're ready to talk I guess you can look for me at school." She shot back and walked over to the check out, pulling out an twenty dollar bill to pay. She tried to hurry up and leave, but she really wanted to know, but if he wasn't going to be serious right now, might as well wait.

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Chris frowned and sighed, walking over to the counter as he leaned on it and looked up at her. “I was just trying to avoid the question... I’m sorry. Please, just ask me.” He said as he took the twenty dollar bill and gave her the change back. He gave her a look that he hoped would make her tell him what she needed to.

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Paris shifted on her feet, "What made you leave? Be honest." She asked. She placed the cd in her purse, along with the change, and placed her elbows on the counter. She wanted the truth, and only the truth.

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Chris shifted uncomfortably, but he had to tell her the truth. “Paris... I left because... Well... Kitty told me to stay away from you. That got me thinking that I wouldn’t be good for you, and you deserve to hang out with better people than me. But I left because I couldn’t stay away from you.” He sighed and for once felt a little shy. Nobody had ever made him feel like this. “I like you Paris.” He admitted as he looked back up into her eyes.

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Paris stood up straight, not believing his words. "What- how do you like me? You can't like me. I like you too, but I can't-" She said, her mouth slightly agape at the shocking news. How the hell did he like her, out of all the other girls in McKinley. She didn't think she was attractive, being called a fake plastic barbie before.

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Chris looked into her eyes, “Paris... You can’t like me back. I like you because you’re beautiful... You’re an amazing singer and you’re the most beautiful soul I’ve ever known... Plus, you’re the first person to ever notice me, really. But you can’t like me. I’m bad for you. Bad things have happened to you ever since you knew me.” He told her and backed away a bit, not wanting her to be drawn to him like he was to her.

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Paris walked around the counter, not caring whether or not she wasn't supposed to be back there. "I don't care, okay? Opposites attract, and honestly I do like you back. Bad things happened to me before I even met you, so don't cut yourself short." She said, setting down her stuff on the floor. She didn't think that Chris was a bad guy, not at all.

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Chris turned to face her, his eyes showing sadness. “Perrie... I’m a bad person. You don’t know what I’ve done to people before.” He said and looked at her, his eyes just pleading for her to go away, before she got hurt.

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Paris stood her ground, walking closer to him, and hugged him. "So? I'm not going to let Kitty control my love life, and besides we haven't even tried to work this out." She said, pouting slightly.

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Chris was a little surprised by her hug, slowly letting himself hug her back. “I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into. You deserve someone so much better.... At least let me take you out on a proper date after my shift is over?” He said softly and pulled back a little to look into her eyes.

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Paris looked up at him, a small smile spread across her face. "Sure, and I don't care about what I'm getting into. Besides, you deserve someone better." She said. She felt a little insecure about being with him because he was way out of her league. What if he decided that he liked someone else?

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Chris smiled softly at her, “You should car about what you get into, but I couldn’t have anyone better than you. You’re amazing....” He murmured softly, bringing her into a tighter hug as he leaned down and sniffed her hair a bit. He wasn’t trying to be strange, he just loved her hair. He liked everything about her really.

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Paris rested her head on his chest, inhaling his scent a bit. He smelled like cologne, and it smelt pretty good. "That's sweet. I guess I'll wait for your shift to end then. I don't want to distract you now." She said, pulling away and grabbed her things off of the floor. She winked at him and walked off to look at random records as she waited.

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Chris grinned at her and followed her almost like a lost puppy, hopping over the counter in the process. “Hey, I don’t have to stay behind the counter. My shift ends at 6.” He told her, checking his watch to see that it was about 4:30. He smiled and took her hand, leading her to the back where the pianos were. “Do you play any instruments?” He asked.

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Paris shook her head, "I can only sing, and I'm not very good at it." She said, sadly. When she was younger she had tried to learn a few instruments, but her parents could never afford it. "Do you only play the piano?" She asked.

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Chris shrugged a little, shoving his hands into his pockets. He liked to sing sometimes, but he never thought he was any good at it. Piano was more like something that still connected him to his parents, but singing and writing were his passions. “I guess I sing a little...” He said awkwardly, having a little bit of a hard time expressing himself.

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"Can I hear you sing...? You don't have to." Paris asked, peering over at the piano. She still wanted to learn, but knew she was too impatient to commit to that.

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Chris scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, “Um... I’ve never sang in front of anyone before... It’s not exactly manly..” He said, shifting uncomfortably as he looked over at her. “But you have a beautiful voice.” He complimented her, smiling in the slightest.

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Paris rested her hands on her hips, "What do you mean it's not 'manly'? There are a ton of male singers." She said. "I haven't sang in front of anyone either." She added.

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Chris frowned and looked down at her, pouting slightly. “Why? I’ll only do it if you sing with me.” He told her, giving her the same look she was giving him.

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Paris lowered her hands back down to her sides. "That depends on what song we'll be singing." She said, a smile forming on her face. She knew she'd screw it up, but she only agreed to hear him.

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Chris lead her over to the piano, “I’ll let you pick, since you’re the lady.” He said and smiled softly, sitting down on the piano bench. He made room for her to sit next to him, looking up at her invitingly.

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Paris sat down next to him, lifting up her hands to touch the keys. She had never done that before, and it was quite normal, but the keys seemed all the same. "Beneath You're Beautiful." She said the title of the song only since it was quite popular.

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Chris smiled and looked over at her, admiring her briefly before he started to play the song. Once it came time for him to sing, he slowly started and glanced over at her. Just having her next to him when he did this seemed to make things easier. If it had been someone else, he wouldn’t have agreed to it.

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Paris sang a bit quietly when it was her turn to sing. Usually, she would sing her heart out, but with him it's just different. She stopped a moment later, resting her hands in her lap, twiddling her thumbs nervously. "Sorry, I'm kind of shy around people that I like." Paris said. At least she had been honest.

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Chris frowned and looked down at her, smiling before he leaned down to kiss her cheek. “Don’t worry about it, love. I can leave if you want me to? I just really want to hear your voice...” He said softly, slowly letting his hand rest on her shoulder. It was almost like he was afraid to touch her, like she was so fragile that she’d shatter if he did.

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Paris pouted and blushed at the sudden contact. "No, you don't have to leave. I'll try again...from where you left off." She said, waiting for him to play the piano again.

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Chris nodded and took his hand away from her shoulder before he started to play the piano again from where he’d left off. He glanced over at her, admiring her all over again as he smirked to himself. How could he ever get so lucky as to have her like him back? He’d be the best man he could be for her, because she deserved the best.

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Paris sang the lyrics with pride, feeling more confident as the song related to her a lot. "...You've built your wall so high. That no one could climb it, but I'm gonna try..." She leaned her head on Chris' shoulder as she finished off her part.

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Chris smiled and kissed her cheek before he started singing,
"Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?
Would you let me see beneath your perfect?” He continued, getting lost in her eyes.

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Paris sang the next part with Chris, leaning back to wrap her arms around him, before placing her head back onto his shoulder. She liked singing with him, but didn't he have a shift to work for?

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Chris finished singing as he took his hands off the piano, wrapping his arms back around her and kissing the top of her head. “You’re an amazing singer.” He said softly before he got up and held out a hand to help her up with.

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Paris took his hand, standing up, and letting her hand fall back to her side afterwards. "I don't want to keep you busy, but I'll stay here. And thanks, but you sound way better than me." She said, leaning up to kiss his cheek.

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Chris rolled his eyes, “Not possible, you have the voice of an angel. But my shift is almost over anyways. Just twenty minutes.” He told her as he sat up on the counter, looking over at her with a smirk on his lips.

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Paris didn't try to further argue, and insult herself even more. She knew she wasn't like Rachel Berry good or anything. Paris went around the counter to retrieve her things, and returned to where she was standing before. "I suppose." She said, turning her frown upside down once she saw him smirking. "What?" She asked, lifting a brow.

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Chris grinned at her, “Nothing, I’m just thinking about the date I’m taking you on right after my shift is over.” He said as he looked down at his feet. Honestly, he didn’t know how he’s ever gotten so lucky as to have her like him.

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Paris detected his shyness, which frankly surprised her. "Where are you taking me anyways?" She asked. She hated surprises because she fancied being exactly dressed to the event. She didn't like being underdressed or overdressed.

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Chris smiled and looked back up at her, “You’ll see. Don’t worry, you look stunning, as always.” He told her with a playful wink.

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Paris shook her head, keeping her smile present. "I am nowhere near pretty, don't you understand that?" She said, dumbfounded that a boy actually thought that she was stunning.

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Chris walked up to the counter, “I think you need to go to the eye doctor, I’m worried about you.” He said, a smirk on his lips as he wrapped his arms around her.

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Paris pouted, "I'm pretty sure that my eyesight is accurate." She said, not even moving to hug him. How could she not feel insecure when Chris was so...opposite of her and perfect?

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