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Name: Rose Tyler
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: Rose is a very resourceful girl. She is also brave, but at the same time, sweet and kind-hearted. She's able to adapt quickly to strange events and doesn't mind them. She's able to forgive even the wickedest of all. She's willing to point out when even the most important person is wrong. When is comes to the Doctor, Rose has a serious jealous streak.
Extra: N/A

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Martha Jones | 6 comments ^^ Erza gave me all her characters here.

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Julia Okay that's great :)

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Julia I'm a friend of Erza's by the way

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Martha Jones | 6 comments She told me all about you! Honestly. I was at lunch and she wouldn't shush. For like fifteen minutes strait. Julia this and Julia that. She must really really really really really like you. And if she likes you, you must be pretty cool. It's nice to meat you!

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Julia It's nice to meet you too! Great to have you here!!!

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Martha Jones | 6 comments :D Glad to be here.

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Julia :D

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