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Easy to Love You (Love, #2)
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Erika | 9482 comments Let's talk about easy to love?

Vega_girl | 6624 comments Where to begin.....I thought it started out great getting Hunters POV
Was awesome!! Then Kenzie woke up and it was over for me I felt like itwas very repetitive and dragged on forever!!!

Erika | 9482 comments Thank goodness I am not the only one who thought that. I was so annoyed with it. It's crazy what a small world it was, Lynn being Jason's girlfriend.

Delia (starsunraveling) | 37 comments I agree very repetitive.

Vega_girl | 6624 comments I know and I don't care how familiar you are with a nurse if she is crushing on your man you do NOT let her in your home!!!

Delia (starsunraveling) | 37 comments No joke if you are uncomfortable at all with anything she doing you get another nurse.

Erika | 9482 comments Yes, I would of never let Lynn in my house!

Vega_girl | 6624 comments I think what angered me the most was that Hunter didn't come clean on Thanksgiving when her dad did. I mean she was already mad and she was even expecting something from him.....come on....he could have saved us chapters of annoyance!!

Erika | 9482 comments Tell me about it. What did he think was going to change. Brittany suddenly wasn't going to be his sister and his Dad was going to be some great guy, NO!I really didn't understand why her dad being an FBI agent was such a big deal either.

Vega_girl | 6624 comments Agree^^^

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