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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 527 comments Mod
Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang together made a few changes to the student arrangements.
Having a development for each classification.

Old Houses:
◘Hogwarts School Houses:
*Gryffindor - Lion - Red & Gold
*Hufflepuff - Badger - Yellow & Black
*Slytherin - Serpent - Green & Silver
*Ravenclaw - Eagle - Blue & Bronze

◘Beauxbatons Academy Houses:
*Rouerie - Peacock - Dark Blue & Green
*Sournois - Raven - Black & Red
*Cossu - White Cat - Sky Blue & White

◘Durmstrang Institute Houses:
*Åsbjørn - Bear - Black & Yellow
*Enikõ - Deer - White & Purple
*Fenrisúlfr - Wolf - Green & Brown
*Klokrev - Fox - Red & Grey

New Houses:
*1-4 Years
*Gryffindor - Lion - Red & Gold
*Hufflepuff - Badger - Yellow & Black
*Slytherin - Serpent - Green & Silver
*Ravenclaw - Eagle - Blue & Bronze

*5-7 Years
Dumbledore - Phoenix - Red & Silver
Vulchanova - Hippocampus - Black & Green
Maxime - Pegasus - Purple & White

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 527 comments Mod

First years
Once First years arrive at Hogwarts Academy a ceremony takes place during which Godric Gryffindor's sorting hat is placed upon their heads. The students are then individually placed into one of Hogwarts four original houses.

◘Slytherin - Traditionalism, Resourcefulness, Cunning, Ambition, Leadership qualities, Self-Preservation, Determination, Cleverness, Fraternity, & Power

◘Gryffindor - Bravery, Nerve, Chivalry, Courage, & Daring

◘Hufflepuff - Dedication, Hard Work, Fair play, Patience, Kindness, Tolerance, Unafraid of Toil

◘Ravenclaw - Intelligence, Wit, Wisdom, Creativity, Originality, Individuality, Acceptance

Now, after the ceremony of First years a second ceremony takes place for the Fifth years. A prick of the students finger and a drop of blood is dropped into a fountain of sorts. The fountain is made of white marble stone and at the basin's rim a wave design swirls into figures of hippocampi while on the top bowl four pegasi rear back and sprouting from it's center a phoenix perches overlooking those who present themselves forward. The top bowl instead of being physically apart of the basin of the fountain hovers over it and from the eyes of the phoenix drizzles down a steady stream of water.

Once the students blood has dripped into the fountain one of the figures will light up Purple, Green, or Red...The Basic rimk covered in Hippocampi, showing them suited for Vulchanova; The top bowl's Pegasi, ensuring that Maxime is the house for them; The crying Phoenix, proving Dumbledore is suited best for them.
Given that so many students persona's and goals change as they get older it seemed only fitting that they would be placed into new houses marking their time at Hogwarts soon coming to a close and they will be set forth into positions of which best suit them. The Sorting fountain does not give you a house to say which job you will have, so much as it merely sets you into a range of classes and development of which suits your persona most.
These houses take you form where you were and explore a deeper more intense level of the mind.

◘Maxime -Quiet, Loyal, Idealistic, Reliable, Revengeful, Physical, Stubborn, Unforgiving Just, Fiery-tempered, Modest, Competent, & Demands Respect. The house of Maxime holds those who are never outspoken and yet hold an air of dominance about them anyway. Highly intellectual and very competent in anything they set their mind to. Just and modest these hot-headed individuals have a fiery temper that can be said to challenge that of a manticore as they can be easily offended.
Maxime is by far the quieter out of the three houses. The typical student is dutiful, punctual, and courteous. A strong sense of honor has always been associated with this house. Maxime's have a strong sense of morals, tradition and heritage. Students of this house will typically follow the rules, some even to the letter. The house is marked by a strong sense of community and loyalty. While Maxime's aren't necessarily the most outgoing of people, they are very devoted once one becomes better acquainted. Students of his house have strong ideals and try hard to live up to what they perceive as right and honorable. They have little tolerance for people who violate their code of conduct, and can become somewhat hot tempered over such occurrences.
If there is one thing members of this house love, it is sports and physical activity. Spending time outside is always preferable over being cooped up inside the school building, no matter how cold and inhospitable it may be outside. The typical Maxime feels the need for lots of open space in which to pursue their noble ideals, both physically and figuratively. They believe that a fit mind can only be found within a fit body. Sports are of course the ideal means of achieving this, because not only is it fun, but it is also a team activity. One for all and all for one.
Despite their temper and physically active nature, most Maxime's are amiable and docile people. They aren't quick to anger, though if one is on the receiving end of their frustrations, it is usually justified. The quintessential flaw, but also sometimes strength, of this house is its stubbornness. Once a Maxime has made up their mind, he or she is determined and there is no dissuading them. Maxime's readily commit themselves to an idea and see it through to completion. Zealous and passionate the Maxime's deliver work on time and can always be counted on.

◘Vulchanova - Quick, Clever, Resourceful, Ambitious, Manipulative, Distrusting, Self-serving, & Deceitful.
Vulchanova students stand out by their intellectual capabilities and sharp wit. The typical member of this house will be alert, perceptive and quick to grasp any given situation. Members of this house will be analytical, rational and goal-oriented. Vulchanova's are efficient and self-confident, tackling any challenges thrown at them in an organized and sensible fashion. Driven by ambition, academic achievement is important to the Vulchanova's. It is imperative to be successful and the members of this house might be somewhat ruthless in the pursuit of their goals. This does not necessarily imply malicious intent, merely a certain self-serving attitude. Vulchanova's often prioritizes their own welfare over that of others. However, once satisfied with their own situation, they are not opposed to lending a helping hand to others; typically members of their own house.
Unlike members of the Maxime house, Vulchanova’s are usually social and communicative. Many of them are well versed in the art of flattery and manipulation and easily coax others into giving them what they want and need. It is not at all unusual for members of this house to have many acquaintances all of which owe them a favor of some sort or description. However, despite their somewhat outgoing nature, the Vulchanova’s rarely form lasting attachments. Anything that goes beyond an exchange of favors to mutual benefit needs to be carefully evaluated first. Despite their often large circles of acquaintances, Vulchanova students will call very few people friends. Cautious in nature the Vulchanova’s often suspect others of ulterior motives , and when dealing with members of their own house this suspicion may very well be warranted. Distrust can be a major issue.
Members of Vulchanova house are flexible in their routines and have a natural talent for improvisation. Students are often curious and easily fascinated with new ideas and concepts. Vulchanova’s are fond of experimentation, and have a certain thirst for excitement that can be hard to quell. Whenever there is a new book to read, new sport to play or new trend to follow Vulchanova’s will know about it long before anyone else.

◘Dumbledore -Patient, Benevolent and Wise. Filled with a sense of serenity and composure, rarely displaying intense emotions of anger or fear. Reasonable and kind, but always firm speaking in a clam tone. Their benign nature is never to be misleading. The house of Dumbledore is one with great knowledge of power and voice and knowledge of when to use one without or with the other. Sometimes regarded as very eccentric and even slightly effeminate they can get hit hard by a lot of rude names calling. Fortunately, for the house of Dumbledore words are more verbal expressions of others thoughts and therefore as voiced opinions should never be taken into account as offensive gestures nr acted upon as vulgar insults. The misjudged house of Dumbledore holds a notion for odd displays of whimsicality. They often used humour to make people feel comfortable in their presence. They have been known to be quite philosophical; often, very few people have the understanding (or patience) to comprehend their philosophies.
Apart from the inner persona's Dumbledores have shown an excellent talent for spell work. Dumbledores are said to be naturals at wand work and combined with a kind of cunning and subtlety of mind that allows them to comprehend human nature and turn the better aspects of humanity (trust, love, and friendship) to their enemies disadvantage in particular. Despite their talents and intellect Dumbledore's are never arrogant, self-important, or pompous.
Motivated by their belief in the power of the human spirit. They believe there to be good in everyone and strongly hold true to the faith of giving second chances.
However, in spite of the Dumbledore's many extraordinary qualities, they are also somewhat Machiavellian figures. They could be stoically pragmatic and prone to lies and secrecy, despite some of the people around them having proven themselves to be deserving of their trust. Dumbledore's are not deliberately cruel, but at times they are too far-sighted, making choices that they believe to be for the benefit of humanity even if it deeply hurts some of the people around them. Though their tendency towards this type of behaviour decreases with age, they ruthlessly and manipulatively take advantage of other's emotions.
They could also be a little arrogant, as they think of themselves as having "high brainpower" and being rather cleverer than most people. Their high confidence that they would win when they are about to fight someone is accurate but could be regarded as a bit arrogant.

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