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message 1: by Frenchie (last edited Apr 26, 2014 12:04AM) (new)

Frenchie | 20 comments Mod
Welcome friends. If you love cooking, or just eating then this is the group for you. You'll find recipes by members, books and conversation.
You don't need to be a cordon bleu LOL... Personally, I burn more food than I care to admit...

I have started a few threads, so can either fill them or open new ones :-)


Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) | 53 comments Mod
Hellooo! Orinoco Womble here! If there's one thing Orinoco likes, it's good food...just before forty winks!

message 3: by Frenchie (new)

Frenchie | 20 comments Mod
You know Ori, I must go to the opticians. I read: ''...just before forty drinks! '' I had to do a double take, I am glad it was a misread LOL. Welcome, Ori!

message 4: by mrbooks (new)

mrbooks | 13 comments Hmmm food, or more importantly the preparation of food for others . Now that is something I can get into.

Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) | 53 comments Mod
Oh good! *whew* I'd hate to be in here alone!

message 6: by mrbooks (new)

mrbooks | 13 comments Alone I hardly doubt it. If it has food in it's title I am honor bound to try my hardest, but give me a few days as I am looking for the right recipe to put on. It is a family one I can't pass on to anyone else as they don't want to cook it they just want to eat it, LOL so no harm in passing it on. My mother can curse me later. But if you look at it in a different way we are ally a family of words. so it isn't wrong to pass it on.

message 7: by Frenchie (new)

Frenchie | 20 comments Mod
If you know people who might interested to join, just invite them.
It will take time but eventually, people will come. :)
In the meantime, let's just post some receipes lol...
Not that I am that great cook but... I get by.

Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) | 53 comments Mod
As May rolls in I hope to have a bit more time to post here, Frenchie.

Stick with me, kid, and we'll have you cooking up a storm!

message 9: by Frenchie (new)

Frenchie | 20 comments Mod
Thanks Ori. But just for you to know, I like it quick, simple and not fuss :-)
Not for me the pretty looks on the table. I know eating is as much a feast on the eyes than the actual tasting, but I am one pot wonder gal LOL....

Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) | 53 comments Mod
We often are, too. I am not like the folks on the Amazon Forum (Bear for one) with all the bells and whistles. He must have a huge kitchen. We have a tiny one and few gadgets. S. Spanish cooking is usually a one-pot thing.

message 11: by mrbooks (new)

mrbooks | 13 comments I love one pot meals, I have posted one already and I have a family recipe for Spanish rice, Where my mother got it I don't know but My family likes it.

message 12: by Geraldine (new)

Geraldine | 3 comments Mod
Hiya, I don't need 2 introduce myself, but i want 2 know why i've been made a moderator & Frenchie is gone from mod? i'm not very often on the computer L@L

message 13: by Geraldine (last edited Apr 29, 2014 10:57PM) (new)

Geraldine | 3 comments Mod
hello mrbooks, i;ve sent you a friend request & 2 you too Orinoco. please accept
I;m going for a while but i'll try to back 2 post afew of my specialities ie spaghetti bolognese.
see you later. i hope we get more members.

message 14: by Conni (new)

Conni Lefon | 5 comments Hello, all. I am a diehard lover of food - both the cooking and eating thereof. I like fancy and simple, it just has to be delicious!

message 15: by mrbooks (new)

mrbooks | 13 comments Conni have a gander around this thread see anything you like try it. Add your favorites as we all love to try new things as well.

Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) | 53 comments Mod
I am so glad to see you here, Conni! Welcome, welcome!! Simple is good--and it's surprising sometimes how delicious a simple recipe can be!

message 17: by Patriciaenola (new)

Patriciaenola | 8 comments oh DEAR !! my Bad - I had forgotten all about this lovely group just might as well forget to EAT as forget to discuss food
There is no love affair more sincere than that which you have with your dinner

Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) | 53 comments Mod
Oh patti do stick around, nobody's been on here for months! I have lots of lovely things to share but I get lonely.

message 19: by Patriciaenola (new)

Patriciaenola | 8 comments Right you are - mi cara Womblita - all I am doing right now - is reducing some vegetable - and Pork Bones from a roast - I want some stock - and turning out some stuff - mostly rubbish - I am wondering what makes us collect stuff sometimes - as if there were no tomorrow

Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) | 53 comments Mod
Nesting instinct. We like things round us that make us feel safe.

I am currently roasting veg and baking monkfish on top of it, and have some carp in vinegar and salt before putting it in adobo.

message 21: by Patriciaenola (new)

Patriciaenola | 8 comments Ah well - so it is - but this broth I made - boiled down to a good stock and with some left over pork and rice made a darned good soup - at present I am shepherding all the unwanted stuff - into the hallway and the Kitchen where there is JUST enough room to work - during this after noon most will be done - I want all my Gadgets in the Kitchen - labour saving items - I am much looking fwd to doing more in the Kitchen than any place else - I am struggling a bit for just THAT

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