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Ember Skye | 331 comments Mod
Here you can make your characters. Feel free to make as many as you'd like :)
Note: Characters will be subjected to a drawing done by the mods to see who gets eliminated from the Testing. Everyone can pick ONE character who will be safe from the drawing. Post that character in the "Safe" thread.
Also, after your character has been approved by a mod you need to make a house for that character in the colony you chose for it to be from.
They do not know yet that they have been selected for the Testing.

Characters must be approved by a mod before you rp them.

First name:

Last name:


Appearance (picture is optional):

-Hair color:
-Eye color:

Personality: (please use more than two sentences)







Strongest field of study:

Weakest field of study:

Opinion of the Testing:



Sexual orientation:

Gf/bf: (optional)

Crush: (optional)

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 132 comments Mod
First name: Kitty

Last name: Spikes

Age: 16

Appearance (picture is optional):

-Hair color: Light brown
-Eye color: Dark brown
-Height: 5ft 2in
-Weight: 105lbs
-Build: Skinny and smallish

Personality: She's a great friend because she is really trustworthy. Smart, hard worker, listens to no one, gives great advice yet is indecisive when it comes to her own problems. You dont want to get on her bad side, but she does try not to start trouble. Her curiosity, stubborness, and impulsiveness tends to lead her into unwanted trouble. If something has to get done, she gets it done, no matter how hard it is. She sticks up for the truth and enjoys going against the majority. She can get mad fairly quick and is good at getting what she wants from people.

History/Background: When Kitty was 10 her twin brother was murdered in cold blood. The case went cold after a few months and they never found the killer. Then the very next year her older sister was accepted into the Testing. Kitty watched her sister ride off into the unknown. Her parents were proud of her but her uncle was nervous. He didn't like the idea because his daughter had been selected for the Testing two years before and he hadn't heard from her since. He would tell Kitty and his son who was the same age as Kitty that the Testing was dangerous and mysterious. Kitty, naturally, then strived to one day be chosen for Testing so that she could discover it's secrets and find out what happened to her older sister and cousin, and maybe find out who killed her brother.

- Curious
- Good at reading body language
- Not a follower
- Logical thinker

- Curious
- Stubborn
- Short temper
- Caring

- Challenging the majority
- Being right
- Helping others
- Sharing her opinion
- Investigating

- Being restrained
- Lies
- Her fear

Fears: Spiders O.O

Strongest field of study: Science

Weakest field of study: Math

Opinion of the Testing: She is suspicious of it because after her older sister was chosen she never heard from her again. She wants to get chosen so that she can see for herself what's going on there.

Family: Mom, dad, older sister (secretly deceased), twin brother (deceased), uncle, female older cousin (secretly deceased), male cousin her age.

Colony: Five Lakes

Sexual orientation: Straight

Gf/bf: N/A

Crush: None

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Kristen | 2 comments First name: Summer

Last name: White

Age: 16


-Hair color: blonde
-Eye color: green
-Height: 5'6"
-Weight: 120 lbs
-Build: athletic

Personality: Summer is viewed by her colony as sweet and helpful. She's always around when help is needed and is a great volunteer. She is very competitive, especially when it comes to her studies. She isn't quick to trust others. She can be a big flirt but isn't usually serious about it. She works well under pressure, as her mother was a doctor and often let Summer contribute.


~quick learner





Strongest field of study:

Weakest field of study:

Opinion of the Testing: She respects the system.


Colony: Colorado Springs

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

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musiclover | 32 comments First name:Catherine

Last name:Martin



-Hair color:brown
-Eye color:jade green

Personality:Catherine is a smart but shy kind of girl. She stands up for other people who get hurt. She is always working alone to help her older brother and little sister ever since her parents passed away. She's both dependent and independent on other people around her wherever she goes.

History/Background:Catherine had an average but perfect life. Until one day, he parents left her and her siblings for what seemed like forever. Catherine got worried just like her siblings fearing that her parents wouldn't return home. Her parents were said to be killed by some mysterious mutated animal who hunts out of the colonial fence. Now Catherine and her siblings fear to go outside at night which is the only time of day the mysterious mutated animal hunts for food.


-anything cheerful

-Helping others

-bright colors

-losing her siblings
-seeing cats/dogs

Strongest field of study:All of them

Weakest field of study:none

Opinion of the Testing:

-Older brother~Michael
-Little sister~Sarina

Colony:Five Lakes

Sexual orientation:Hetero

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Ember Skye | 331 comments Mod
Hmmm, do you think you could change the history a bit? Basically, everyone is stuck in the United States for a long time. Maybe her parents could have been killed by a mutated animal outside of the colony fence?

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 132 comments Mod
Woo I finally finished! My history is crazy..

message 7: by Ember Skye, Your time is almost up (new)

Ember Skye | 331 comments Mod
YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! :D

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 132 comments Mod
Only took forever

message 9: by Ember Skye, Your time is almost up (new)

Ember Skye | 331 comments Mod
That's okay :)

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Jordan  Mornai  (Dhattwayy) | 2 comments First Name: Chelsie

Last Name: Primus

Age: 16


[image error]

-Hair color: Black
-Eye color: Light blue
-Height: 5"9
-Weight: 132
-Build: Athletic

Personality: Chelsie is very nice and funny. She loves to dance and is very agile and a very good fighter. She is capable of using anything as a weapon and is very intelligent. She is rallying and a very good leader. She loves to joke around and make witty comments during fights. She can climb about anything and loves to train. She can be found either reading or doing some activity outside. She sees herself as a future leader of 1 of the colonies and hopes it will happen one day. She is very determined and will give anything to become the best. She can be mean to those who are against her and her only problem is she can hold a grudge for a long time.

History: To be rp'd

-Skilled Hand-to-Hand combat
-Skilled Range combat
-Skilled ballet dancer
-All subjects
-Good leadership

-Can hold a grudge for a long time
-Sometimes too playful
-Sometimes too nice

-Non serious people

-Serious people

-Ending up like her parents

Strongest Field of Study: All of them

Weakest Field of Study: None

Opinion of the Testing: Kinda freaky of why and how they are doing this, but overall is a good idea to her. There is just one thing she doesn't understand why aren't the ones chosen ever seen again because her best friend was chosen and she hasn't heard from her in a year.

Family: Mom(Dead), Dad(Dead), Brother(Dead), Sister(Dead), Grandmother(Dead), Grandfather(Dead), Aunt(Dead)

Colony: Grand Lakes

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Gf/Bf: Open

Crush: None, yet

~Streamlily~For those determined to fly, having no wings is just a little detail~ (streamlily) | 51 comments First name: Avalyn(Ava)
Middle Name: Natalie
Last name: Swift

Age: 17

Appearance (picture is optional):

-Hair color: Brown
-Eye color: Gray
-Height: 5' 5"
-Weight: 115lb
-Build: Dainty

Ava is outgoing, she is adaptable to new situations and new people. She is a peacekeeper, she hates injustice and hates bullies even more, there's no doubt that she would stand up for the underdog. Ava is selfless and puts great care into taking care of her plants and even greater care into her relationships. She is very familiar with genetics, plants, and just science, period. Ava is a slow reader and this hinders her extremely in timed tests, she also has low comprehension for history specifically. Ava is fearful of sharp objects, this fear originates from her depression and her knowledge of others' self harm, she has compulsions to hurt herself, but she never wants to.

Her mother a seamstress and her father on the team of a genetic engineering team. Ava had always been a daddy's girl, she helped in the nursery he worked at and learned about bio-engineering from him. Her passion for plants was passed down to her by her father and her kind, just nature from her mother. Ava's sister Emily's passion resides in art, Ava would always find their shared room cluttered with projects made of cheap objects like twigs and twine. Even though this was annoying when Emily was younger, Ava now sees the potential in this passion. When Ava was only 16 her father was killed by a wolf-like creature outside the colony fence. Ava fell into a deep depression, she only found hope in thriving plants and her loved ones. Ava's friend Alex helped her through this hard time, they enjoy laughing together. Slowly she climbed away from the depression, even though some days swallowed her whole.

Green thumb

Terrible comprehension of history
Slow reader
High anxiety

Rainy days

Any injustice

Fears: Fire, sharp objects

Strongest field of study: Science/Math

Weakest field of study: Reading/History

Opinion of the Testing: Before the Testing she only thinks it is a harmless application to the University.

Christine Marie Swift(Mother)
Samuel Allen Swift(Father, Deceased)
Emily Heather Swift(Sister/Open/14)

Friends: Alexandra Mason(Ember Skye)

Colony: Dixon

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Crush: Open(Future Miles Aeron, maybe?)

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 132 comments Mod
I think she's approved, but I'm entirely sure is she's supposed to know she got chosen yet or not. I have to read up on the group's rules XD

~Streamlily~For those determined to fly, having no wings is just a little detail~ (streamlily) | 51 comments Okay, I suppose I put a bit too much future in her history XD I'll check too

message 14: by Ember Skye, Your time is almost up (new)

Ember Skye | 331 comments Mod
Yeah I think go ahead and remove the part about her knowing already, and then she'll be good :)

message 16: by Ember Skye, Your time is almost up (new)

Ember Skye | 331 comments Mod
Awesome! You can go ahead and make a house for her in her colony :)

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Ember Skye | 331 comments Mod
First name: Alexandra (Alex)

Last name: Mason

Age: 16


-Hair color: Blonde
-Eye color: Brown
-Height: 5'4
-Weight: 110 lbs
-Build: A runner's build

Personality: Alex is usually pretty shy. She's hasn't had more than one friend at a time for the past several years, and is uncomfortable hanging out with more than one person.
She loves doing things to help others. She spends most of her free time doing community services, making sure people get food and water, fixing broken generators and water purifiers.
Alex can became little too trusting, mostly because part of her wants to become more social and she wants people to include her.

History/Background: When Alex was 10, she got hurt by people she thought were her friends. They pressured her into sneaking outside of the colony fences one night, but then abandoned her and locked her outside until morning. She spent the whole night, cold, and scared that mutated animals would find her. They laughed at her when they found her in the morning, dirty and sobbing.
Ever since then, she's always been reserved, and is extremely hard to get to know. Her friend, Avalyn, is the only person outside of her family that she trusts.

- Courageous
- Dedicated
- Loyal

- Isn't quick to see the bad in people
- Gives people too many chances
- Can be very stubborn

- Laughing
- Bicycling
- Writing
- Ice cream

- Bullies
- Arrogance
- Potatoes
- Lying

- Disappointing her family
- Being alone
- Being in an un-revitalized part of the country

Strongest field of study: History

Weakest field of study: Science

Opinion of the Testing: She doesn't like that you don't have a choice to participate or not if you're selected, but other than that she thinks it's harmless, and she wants to be chosen.

Family: Father, Mother, Younger Brother

Colony: Dixon

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

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