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The Sign of the Beaver
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Juvenile historical fiction: a boy whose family moves from the east to build a home in the wilderness [s]

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Kath Kash | 1 comments This book is often read by third or fourth graders and has as a central character a boy whose family moves from the east to build a home in the wilderness. The father and boy are alone at first building the home. The mother is pregnant and she and the other siblings are staying somewhere nearby. When the father leaves to go get the family a native American man comes by and eventually befriends the white boy. He wants his son to be taught either English or how to read. The friendship between the two boys starts out rocky, then grows strong. Eventually they must part ways.
It is very well written, but I am not sure of the publication date. At least it is before 2010, possibly before 1980. So sorry I have no more information.

Gabs  | 127 comments I agree with the two above.

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