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It is the year 3000 and the world as we know it is gone. Vampires are the rulers, not humans. To be honest, humans are just myths at this point. Many many years ago, vampires came over to this world and went on a feeding frenzy, leaving little humans alive. Most of the humans were either killed, turned, or enslaved.

There are two possible plot ideas for this scenario:

1. A human girl has spent her whole life hiding from the vampires with her family. She was one of the lucky few that had escaped and she was terrified of the vampires. But one day, when she was scavenging for food, she was caught. By two vampires. What do the vampires do to her? It's up to you...

2. A human girl is enslaved to two vampires, two brothers. They both like playing with her and drinking her blood. Both of them feel possessive over the girl and like having her at their beck and call. What drama enfolds? It's up to you...

Okay, so I'd like to be the human girl in this case.

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Okay so which scenario would you like to do?
#1 or #2?

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Sure :)
I was thinking that the human girl (my character) could be in her late teens and maybe the vampires slightly older?

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So like, 20s?

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Yes, early 20's would be perfect :)

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So, what should the character template look like?

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I was thinking either simple or semi-detailed.
Which would you prefer?

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I'm on mobile right now though but in like 10 minutes i can make my character!

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Sure, sounds perfect!
I'm on mobile now as well.
If you could post your character first, that would be perfect :)

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The vampires are both guys, or girls, or one girl one guy?

And...what are the two vampires' relationship together? Or do they just happen to capture the girl together?

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I think it would work out fun if they were both guys, but if you really want, 1 boy and 1 girl would be okay. Haha I just feel like boys would have more incentive to capture a human for a slave than girls, you know what I mean?

If they are both guys, they could be friends or brothers.

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This look god?



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Perfect :)

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Okay, I'll work on it!

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Great, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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[Name] Yann Whitfield

[Age] 23 (actually 300)

[Gender] male

[Appearance] very pale skin and black hair classic vampire grey eyes 6'2'' he wears pretty much normal clothes a t-shirt and jeans

[Personality] not very friendly age has made him evil not valuing life ,he envies humans as they don't have to live for eternity but he will see generations die and every mortal he knew grow old.

[History] he was born in 1714 and was turned in 1737 he became cold and attacked countless humans nearer 1780 and stayed that way he believes humans are lesser than vampires and that attacking a human is perfectly acceptable.

[Other} He has many vampire friends but has one best friend (the other vampire)

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[Name] Xavier
{Appears to be} 23
{Actual Age} 200 years old
[Gender] Male
Xavier has pale, white as a sheet skin, that's flawless of any pimples or anything that mortals get. He has neat, blonde hair, pale eyes(That seem red when he's feeding or hungry.)and is about 6'0" ish tall. He always wears his signature leather jacket.
[Personality] Xavier is rude, impatient, and cruel. He'll do anything to get what he wants, and gets annoyed easily by mortals. Xavier's secretive, mysterious, and loves using humans for feeding. He calls them weak minded, but secretly wishes that he could be non-immortal like them.
[History] Xaiver was born in the 1800s, in the Victorian Era. He was born in a high social class, and lived in England(You can still hear a bit of a British accent in his voice)but that's when the Scarlet Fever spread, and he was one of the people to catch it. His family, instead of trying to help, kicked him out, and left him to die, not wanting to catch it themselves. A vampire found him(Let's say it's Yann?)and took pity on Xavier, and turned him. And they've been best friends since.
[Other] Real name is not Xavier. He changed it to Xavier to leave his past behind; you could say.

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Yeh it could have been yann
Ps night

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[Name] Kayla Lynn
[Age] 17 currently but turning 18 in a month
[Gender] Female

[Height] 5ft 7
Kayla is extremely stubborn. She doesn't like to obey orders when adults tell her what to do. She isn't a person who will just blindly follow orders. Instead, she will ask multiple questions until she is satisfied. She is also very intelligent. She has learned to be very sneaky seeing as she is always hiding from the vampires. She seems to be tough on the outside, but she is actually a little weak on the inside. She is actually a bit afraid of vampires, even though she wouldn't show it.
Ever since she was little, she has always heard about the evil vampires and what they do to their human slaves. She promised herself that she would never get caught and become a slave. As of now, she has kept her promise. Her entire life has been a life of hiding. She stays with her small family that composes of her parents, her younger sister, and herself. Kayla does almost all of the scouting and food stealing.
She loves her family and would sacrifice herself to save them.

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Oh my gosh your characters look perfect :)

Do you guys want me to start? And should I start with her searching for some food?

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And sure, sounds good!:)

I might be slow to reply, because I am at a restaurant ^_^

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No worries haha. I wasn't on for a while either :P
Give me a moment.

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It was a friday night, just like all other friday nights. Kayla was scavenging for food near the garbage cans littering the streets. She tended to find lots of food that the vampires didn't eat, which worked out well for her. She kept looking left and right, left and right to make sure that there were no vampires around. She quickly grabbed some food from one, and then hurried over to the next. She did this for a while until she felt that she had enough. She then started walking carefully back to where her hiding spot was.

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Xavier and Yann made their way down the streets silently, like cats. They made no sound, and were as stealthy as a graceful panther..stalking its prey. They had been keeping an eye on the girl for a while now, staying in the shadows, just observing. And of course, like all of their victims, the mortal couldn't sense them, hear, or see them. She was oblivious to the fact that they were there. Watching every move.

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Yann almost smiled seeing the mortal girl there digging through the bins looking for scraps left the vampires, he slunk down the ally looking at the girl sensing Xavier's joy in the hunting of this scum, she was young but unkempt ,she looked as if she lived on the streets almost.
(( I'm in England so am 2-4 hours ahead of you so I'll try to post when it's about 3-4 ish where you are))

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((Alright thank you :) ))

Kayla had no idea that any vampires were following her. She continued to walk with her hands full of food scraps to bring home to her family. She had gotten very lucky today, she had found a lot of food. The only problem about finding lots of food was that her hands were completely filled. This meant she had less wiggle room to move quickly if she had to start running. It also meant that she would be a little slower of a runner. Kayla was almost at her family's secret hiding spot. Just four more minutes of walking and she would be there. She was so close.

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Xavier nudged Yann slightly. Signaling him to make their move on the prey.

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Yann started quickening his pace after a gentle nudge and came right behind the girl leaving an area for Xavier to attack.

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Kayla continued walking. All of a sudden, she heard a slight noise and turned around. She saw a vampire right behind her and screamed. She dropped all of the food and started running, running as fast as she could. She started weaving in and out of streets, trying to lose the vampires. She wasn't going to let them find her family, so she didn't go in the direction of her hiding spot.

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Xavier darted out of the shadows swiftly, faster than any human could run. He stopped right in front of the mortal girl, so she had no choice but to stop unless she wanted to run into the vampire."Hello love."He drawled, taking in the scent of her blood.

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Yann stood behind the girl trapping her "hello," he said and smiled as she jumped not realising he was so close ,he gripped her shoulder and swiveled around to where Xavier was and smiled.

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Kayla kept running until another vampire stopped right in front of her. She screamed again and started to back away quickly. But when she took a step backwards, she felt someone else grip her shoulders which made her jump. She turned around and saw that it was the original vampire she had seen. And now she was trapped. Trapped between two male vampires. "Let me go. Please. I don't taste good. Please, just let me go!" She pleaded with them, knowing that it was useless, but hoping that they would let her go anyways.

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Yann laughed at her feeble attempts at escape and asked her "how old are you? You will want to answer the question it would be foolish not to," he waited impatiently for the answer.

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Xavier laughed,"You don't taste good? Well, we'll just have to see about that."

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Kayla's eyes widened as she listened to both of them talk. She was normally a very tough person, but her biggest fear was being taken by vampires. "I'm..I'm 17 but I turn 18 soon." She said quietly, her voice trembling. She shivered when she heard the one vampire say that they would see if she tasted good.

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"She'll last us Xavier, for a few years at least ," he smiled unreassuringly at the girl probably scaring her half to death.

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"She's perfect."Xavier grinned wickedly, flashing his deathly sharp fangs at the mortal girl.

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((Question for you guys: Do you want a posting order, or should we just post according to who is online and responds the quickest?))

Kayla's eyes opened wide after the one said that she would last them for a couple of years. She whimpered when they both smiled at her, baring their deadly fangs at her. She was scared, scared witless. This can't be happening. I need to get away. I am not being their blood bag!

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((Ummm, I guess a posting order would be more organized...but then it gets kind of boring when you have to wait for somebody to post.))

"Come on love. Nothing to be scared of."Xavier crooned, ready to head back to the house.

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"You won't have to worry about food anymore if you come with us ,you'll have nothing to worry about" he grinned manically at her baring his fangs

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((Okay, bye Mystic!))

"Exactly. Let's go."Xavier said, turning to the direction that they had to walk to their house.

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Yann grabbed the girl and glided on ignoring if she was stumbling or not "Can you not walk?" He hissed menacingly.

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Kayla whimpered when the one crooned at her and the other bared his fangs. She flinched when the one grabbed her and started dragging her. She righted herself and started walking submissively, not wanting them to kill her. She started thinking of ways to escape. She figured that if she acted submissive, they wouldn't think that she would be able to escape. So that was her plan. Act submissive now, escape later. She figured that they were taking her to their house. She was just thankful that they hadn't found her family, only her.

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((Natasha had a post here that somehow got deleted but pretty much said:
Yann harshly said, "Be quiet girl or do you want more death on your hands?" ))

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Kayla's eyes widened and she immediately shut up. She didn't want to be killed. Not now, not for a long time. She stayed silent and just walked as the vampire continued to drag her. She was very frightened about them taking her to their house, but couldn't do anything about it.

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Yann pushed her forward closer to the house and she tripped he let her fall then harshly yanked her up .

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Kayla continued trudging along until they reached a house. One of the vampires pushed her and she fell flat on her face with an 'oomph'. Luckily it didn't hurt too badly, and she wasn't bleeding anywhere. Thank goodness for that... A moment after she fell, she was yanked up harshly by the back of her shirt. She almost fell backwards after being yanked up, but was able to stabilize herself right before that happened.

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