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Marcy Calcagno | 28 comments I need a few Beta Readers to read of my novel. It's 82,00 words.

The title is: Lunacy, Secrets and A Side of Mom

Sample page:

Chapter 1

Whoever invented the alarm clock should be shot. Scratch that. Slapped around first, then stabbed with a hundred voodoo needles, (shot of course, in a non-life threating area) and then buried alive with an annoying alarm clock - whose magic batteries would never run out. Yes! My hand finally connects with its plastic form, sending it skittering across the floor. Hearing its dull thud against my closet door is slightly satisfying, I must say.

Jeez. After a crappy night’s sleep, my aching body seriously doesn’t want to get out of bed. Instead of arguing, I sink further into my mattress, pulled by the anvil in the pit of my stomach. Reluctantly my eyes and mind drift about my bedroom. Pink walls, purple comforter and flower curtains that frame my windows. A typical girly bedroom, right? Pfft. As if. It’s all a mirage. You know, smoke and mirrors. My life is anything but typical . . . not with my mother.

Yesterday, I came home from school to find her sitting on the roof with a bottle of bourbon. Sure, that’s where every kid expects to find their mother at half past two in the afternoon. It took me an hour to convince her to come inside, begging like a spineless gummy bear from the perch of my bedroom window.

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Marcy Calcagno | 28 comments If anyone is interested, I will e-mail you the first 50 pages.

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