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message 1: by Lara (last edited Apr 25, 2014 03:12PM) (new)

Lara Rouse | 7 comments Hi,
I just finished my fourth edit of this story, and I'd like some feedback. Mostly, I'd like comments on the characters, humor, your emotional involvement in the story, and other similar feelings.

My story is called Accidental Sleuths.
"A newlywed couple plan an idyllic life, only to find that evil follows you everywhere.

Can they solve Margaret Taylor's murder?

Will their new life ever be the same?"

We are following every day people as they react to and try to figure out what has happened. The story has a fairytale feeling.

This is my first time asking for a beta reader... I can send my story through email, as a file, or as a Google doc. There may be other ways I am unsure of as well.

message 2: by Lara (new)

Lara Rouse | 7 comments Thank you, Willow. :) What format would you like me to send it in?

message 3: by Starmelace (new)

Starmelace | 12 comments Hi Lara, was wondering if you're open to beta reading someone else's work in return for someone reading yours?

message 4: by Lara (new)

Lara Rouse | 7 comments Hi, I am interested in doing it, but I hadn't offered yet because I've never done it before. What would you be interested in having me read? :)

message 5: by Starmelace (new)

Starmelace | 12 comments I have a 50,000 word action/dram novel that I've been looking to get feedback on. You could email me a chapter at and I can send you a chapter and we can decide if we want to swap

message 6: by Lara (new)

Lara Rouse | 7 comments Sounds good. :) I sent mine to your email address.

message 7: by Lara (new)

Lara Rouse | 7 comments I sent it. :)

message 8: by Melanie (new)

Melanie Surani (melaniesurani) | 4 comments Hi! I would be interested in doing a swap. As a previous poster suggested, we can exchange first chapters to see if it's a good match?

word doc is good for me. awake

message 9: by Lara (new)

Lara Rouse | 7 comments Hi, I would be interested also. I have discovered that I love beta reading. :) I think I sent you the email.

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