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John Wayne: The Life and Legend

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Diana Just received this book after the winning it here on Goodreads. I just got it yesterday and can't wait to start it later today. Had to finish another book first. Love John Wayne, what a legend he is... saw really good reviews on this book. Will review it after I am finished reading it. :-)

Ochayes Basically a good read. The author while attempting to discuss the HUAC - seems to let some of his personal views seep in - IMO. Should have stuck to the facts - still overall a good book on the Duke.

Sheila York I enjoyed this book quite a bit, especially for the distinct portrait it paints of Hollywood movie-making life in the 1930s and 40s under the studio system. I have long thought Wayne was an under-appreciated actor.

Doubledf99.99 Yep, I thought the book a very good read. The eary to mid chapters were my favorites on his fellow actors and actresses, and his relationship with John Ford and Howard Hawkes, the movies of the 30's to the 60's. The movie making process the wheels and deals. Remarkable book.

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