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Do you believe that when you want something the whole universe tries to help you achieve it?

No, that's rubbish. It's a rather egotistical claim I'd say. The universe does not owe you anything, you are not significant enough for the whole frickin universe to lend a hand. It takes will, strength and the wits to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

I'm sure that the universe doesn't 'try' to do anything. But people know a great deal about how the universe works and consciously or sub-consciously line themselves up in such a way that they move towards what they want. Sometimes.

you are in the right place at the right time, go with the flow of life and don't hold onto things that are a struggle, they aren't meant for you.

Have an open mind and a willingness to embrace that there is a better place or life plan for you.

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No because universe is indifferent to us. However,it will make us think more positively. Unlike negative people who think that universe is against them.

I do believe this. If you truly want something, nothing can stop you. The universe is there for our viewing and it's your choice how you look at it.

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're probably right."

if you believe in law of attraction then yes.

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The fact is that from the moment you realise your place in the world, everything will go as it should go. One might have doubts sometimes, but I know God leads each one to the correct path. You just have to listen to your heart, which happens to be THE place where He speaks. Thus, your healthy desires will be fulfilled, while those who produce harm won't have "extra" help from above. Unfortunately, sometimes people succeed in producing harm, but that is just because He gave us free will.

Yes, You Attract what you think and believe, not by just thinking though!

You have to work it out toward your dream. All in all, it is about perseverence and never giving up on something you strongly want.

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There is no such thing, I beleive. Just a strenght that is more powerful than anything else, named "Free Will"

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Some of the comments that I have praised are well stated. I read The Alchemist at a time when I had left behind my career in search of a treasure I labelled fulfillment and happiness. I had traveled and searched and like the protagonist learning as I went along. Eventually, I learned that what I thought was going to bring me to a place where happiness lie was not so. Sometimes we think our treasure is this or that, but if we work within the universe or as I say within God's universe we may find that our treasure is something we had given no thought to. The universe does guide us, but most people are not humble and willing to acknowledge that. Most aim for material things ignoring that life's simple pleasures are the best. I suggest reading The Words by Said Nursi. In the book Just to Be Held by Elisabet Cairo the protagonist leaves behind everything, including God, to search for her place in the universe. She travels, meets people who confirm for her that God does not help anyone. As she searches and grows she feels that something—she likens the steps to her enlightenment to puzzle pieces—is missing. She learns about BEING in the universe, the why, where, purpose of existence.

I believe the universe supports what you set up for yourself to do/achieve/experience on this planet. When we stray from our own heart's code, the universe can only opt to help us find our way back ... before helping us go forward.
My favorite moment in life is when something comes together in an unexpected way and I have a flash moment when I see, like a row of dominos, all the steps and connections that led up to that result! And then I imagine the muses (universe) tapping their fingertips together - laughing tee-hee-hee, gleeful at how they helped the outcome in a way we could not see possible! Love those rare moments.

Have you ever experienced such a moment?

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No, certainly not. The 'universe' is not a conscious entity and it, therefore, does not align to a person's wishes. Having said that, it is possible for the said person to feel as if it has. The right sort of thinking and support can get someone where they need to go.

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The Universe will never let you down. If you are let down, you let yourself down. Don't place blame on anything outside of yourself! Everything in life happens from withing. That is a deep concept. If you are lazy, you will shoot that down. Be grateful for little things in life. Thank you for every little good and happy time you have. Ask the Universe for what you want, don't be shy, don't be negative. Go ahead and ask. Then vision yourself with what you want. I have. I believed and now I live with genuine happiness.

I dont think the universe helps you, I believe God helps me:) dont judge. However it all boils down to hard work, passion and drive. If you want something you go get. You cant just sit around and wait to see if the universe will help you or not...what if the universe keeps quiet??? what then???

I'm pretty sure it does. It really, really does.

I guess it all related to our mind. Sometimes we feel everyone/everything is being good (or bad, as someone said in one comment) to us.

But I think it's more about how are mind perceive things, in a good mood we think all people are being good/bad even though they are just being "normal". Small things make us happy or sad.

I guess that's how the idea universe tries to help us lies.

I do believe in positive thoughts, positive attitudes.. Although I don't think the Universe has anything to do with anyone success... I find it somewhat poetic to say that It "conspires" to bring you where you want to be and to what you wish to have or realize...

Entirely in the no camp on this one. Never have believed in that fate type carry on. As Alan Moore put it in the Watchmen...

"Existence is random. Has no pattern save what we imagine after staring at it for too long. No meaning save what we choose to impose. This rudderless world is not shaped by vague metaphysical forces."

The universe is against you. I have been trying to become a millionaire for years and I figured the universe would help me. Instead, all I'm greeted with is an excess of bills. Lol.

But seriously, I believe that the universe helps those who truly need it or deserve it. If you're an undeserving prick then you probably won't get much help. Sometimes, it doesn't feel like that at all.

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It is not the universe that conspires in our favor, but the omnipotent God who created the universe. I think the writer uses the universe as a euphemism for God. Afterall the universe is naught but a dumb object.

It makes sense to me.

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I believe that with every fiber of my being, but besides it being something you "want", it has to be meant for you and the level of "want" has to be as deep as deep can be.

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no, because then there'd be chaos. the infinite ginormous universe cannot revolve around millions of little humans and all their desires. it has to revolve around One Power much greater ...

I don't really believe in it.And I don't either believe that it starts conspiring against you.Basically what matters is your hard work and than a little luck(of your own).

Sorry to be negative, but no. I do believe there are certain people, moments, events that if you recognize them when you encounter them that can be a catalyst for what you THINK you want. Which, of course, can much to your surprise sometimes change completely from what you originally thought your dream should be.

I don't believe the universe is a MONOLITH force that either 100% wants you to achieve your dreams or 100% wants to prevent you.
What I do believe is that positive energy, often, attracts positive energy. (I say often though because some people are for assorted reasons angry, petty, resentful, bitter, envious, etc... in their heart and people with these general dispositions will sometimes try to undercut your positive energy because they feel threatened, ashamed, guilty, mad at themselves, in contrast to you being positive). So, I don't think it's as simple as doing what you love and the whole universe or all people will just sense the beauty of your dream and assist you in fulfilling in accordingly.

The bottom line, I believe, is to a) take some time, reflection, and soul searching to find out what dream YOU BELIEVE in, and b) recognize moments, situations, people, etc... who seem supportive of your dreams and do your best to capitalize on those moments and situations and foster healthy, mutually supportive relationships with the people who support your dreams (perhaps/probably, by, in turn, helping them support their dreams.

Good question. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. It depends on what I want to achieve and how I have been taking care of myself emotionally, creatively and physically. When all parts are working, then yes, I feel the Universe has got my back to achieve anything.

i only feel so when successfully achieved it, hence it is result oriented ...

Universe has its own Rhythm and Pace. We should just get our self Tuned within. And then it works. And after all its not about seeing or hearing or proving. But its about feeling....

Not really, no. As The Rolling Stones sang "You can't always get what you want."

I don't want to sound pessimistic or cynical, but real life is no fairy tale with an inevitable happy ending. You can't always get whatever you want whenever you want no matter how powerful your status is. You can always try though, but the end result of your endeavor depends on so many factors, nothing is guaranteed and nothing is impossible.


Not unless one keeps their wishes within the realm of possibility and puts significant effort into achieving one's goals. Only then shall the universe be inclined to help. Positive thinking is always a plus, since it relaxes and helps with self- confidence. People tend to misinterpret this quote and expect miraculous outcomes from sending out positive messages. And no, the universe is not against you. "in the center of the universe, we are all alone"

The universe is on everyone's side. It helps you get what you want, while simultaneously helping the person who opposes what you want. I think this is something most people don't seem to comprehend.

It does not hurt to believe it. It is a powerful motivational thought. It cannot be disproved, nor proved. Is more like a principle you can reject or accept. Sometimes seem to be at work, when all things fall in place to achieve something, small or big.

GOD is the one who would help to achieve whatever u want if u truly believed in him,,not the universe.

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There is no purpose for the Universe. We are just animals trying to derive meaning in our lives. A few people are good at presenting the theory of determinism but a quick look at world events will show you that FREEWILL is the root of all our problems and solutions to our existential crisis.

When I read The Alchemist, I so hoped that this phrase is true... Now I encourage myself to believe in it. :)

yes but sometimes its not till you are there and you think back ,gentle nudges into places and people
just remember to keep following your dream and dont give up !!!

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I do not know if the sentence is true or not as I never tried it in my life, but I sure liked this novel

Usually, after midnight I crave chocolate. Real bad. With all my might I try to get that chocolate but, no, I always end up failing. So no, I don't believe in this universe conspiring thing :D

Everybody thinks that God is on their side, from Televangelists to terrorists and other modern day nuisances. The truth is that God is on the side of he who wants it the most. Sad but true.

I hope this is true, since I just made the leap of faith to self-publish my first major work...

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I must say it is about suggestion. When we really believe our self and put aside negative feeling, everything what we believe will come true because we going to reach it with our last effort...

It's always on your side and never against you. Accept everything and you'll be free...

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I posted my comments quite a few days ago, that each time I read through myself, I feeling like making amendments, but then I see the process might never end. So, I give my thoughts here to serve as an introduction. I say there is just one thing that you need to have to qualify for the support of the entire universe:

You need to be sure as to what it is exactly that you want, what is your objective, your goal, and your mission in life, or else, you are lost within the complexity and vastness of the very same universe that you would like to be on your side. [Edit: 10 May, 2014]

When a mind is round up to a purpose that it wholeheartedly wants to pursue, and when it holds onto the thought most passionately long enough, when it thinks about it all the time, dreams about it night and day, then eventually a transformation starts to take place in a person's life, then the entirety of that person's being starts to centre upon one thing most longed for and dreamt about, the goal and objective of that purpose, and the mind of that person then becomes the universe itself. I do believe it happens, and why should it not, when there no longer is anything else in the universe aside the thing most wanted and most longed for and dreamed about. This is when you might say, it is as if the whole universe is conspiring in my favour, to enable me to realise my dream.

To explain this point better, I invite you to look around, look at all things big and small. Look at the plants, animals, people, rivers, lakes and the sea. Look at the seashells that within their limited enclosures deep within the sea bear sparkling pears, and the molten rocks down below that churn our diamonds. The world is as if it is factory of things, as if it is the grand workshop of some artist incognito.

Then, in this world, why is everything what it is? Why is a diamond a diamond, and a pearl a pearl? Why are there sweet beautiful apples shinning upon the bough of on an apple tree whose roots are but lodged in the dark and damp soil of the earth below. This is all because all things are rounded up to be what they are, to do just what they are purposed to do and nothing else at all.

All the things you see are nothing but the universe itself. When you look at the an apple, or when you marvel at the brilliance of a diamond, or when the charms and loveliness of flowers gladdens your heart, you are seeing nothing less, experiencing nothing else, but the universe itself, manifest in your eyes in your heart as countless forms of small but wonderful things.

The human mind however is one thing aside all else, as it can be distracted from its purpose, and that to be what it is not, to be less than the universe it could be. It is when the mind loses its sense of purpose, its power of will, when it is narrowed down to fulfil selfish purposes of lust, fear and greed, then it begins to lack in real passion, only to becomes subjected to stronger alien purpose around, that either use or abused the mind for the good of their own ends. This might be when you are likely to say, the universe is as if it is conspiring against me!

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