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Do World War Two Thriller Still Have What It Takes?
David Lucero David Apr 25, 2014 07:29AM
Are readers still fascinated with WWII thrillers? I sometimes wonder considering we know the outcome of the war. But Higgins' books still manage to do the trick. I recently read To Catch A King because I wanted a short story before taking vacation. This one has all the suspense and characters leaving the reader to wonder how close we came to actually losing this war. How about you? Do you read these type novels?

Yes, nothing like a good WWII story, about a certain battle or campaign that I may not know as much about as I might think I do. And adding the personal element with, nostalgia for a time gone by, that we have a personal connection to, in my case my Grandfather, who was in the 101st Airborne, makes it come alive in a different light.
For me the time frame that is the hardest to connect to is the end of the Cold War, not long enough ago to produce nostalgia, too long ago to be contemporary.
By the way I really enjoy all of Jack Higgins's books

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