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message 1: by Empress (new)

Empress (the_empress) Books combined.

No way to avoid, editions have to be combined manually as the system has no way of knowing of two editions are the same book or not.

You can either combine yourself, or post here. That is what the group is for.

message 2: by Empress (last edited Apr 25, 2014 10:22AM) (new)

Empress (the_empress) I'm not sure where is the combine on the author dashboard and if you have one so I am going to give you the options I know of.

You need to access the combine page.

You can do that from:
* Your author profile: where it says "Maria DeSouza's Books", just to the right of it there is "combine editions". If you can't see it search for it in your browser (ctrl+f)
* Or from the book itself. Under "all editions" you will see the following links:
all editions | add a new edition | combine

There you will see the books separately (not currently as they are combined), you need to select at least two editions and click combine. On the page itself there are guideline what to combine (under "General Guidelines").

Edit: I could separate those edition so that you give it a try.

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