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message 1: by Francesca (last edited Feb 26, 2016 02:37AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Francesca | 822 comments I'm listening to the audiobook version of this for my 'Autobiography/Memoir'. I started listening to it this morning on my bus journey to work and so far I'm really enjoying it. I'm a big fan of Amy's anyway and I think actually listening to her voice tell it is making the experience even better. Sometimes tone of voice helps to get humour across and I think that may be the case here.

Roshini | 29 comments I loved this book too. I think it's my favourite from the genre, followed closely by Bossypants. I have the kindle version and even just reading it I could almost hear her. I love that she's honest and doesn't make it only about trying to be funny. I feel like Mindy does that in her books. She doesn't dig deep the way Amy and Tina do.

Francesca | 822 comments Her honesty is something that has definitely already shown through. She's honest with who she is and I really respect that. The audiobook has guest readers for some parts as well which I'm really liking. So far Kathleen Turner has read a few parts and listening to her is always a treat too. I can definitely see myself loving this one.

Debra | 402 comments I listened to this on audio as a side read. As much as I love Amy Poehler, I really didn't care for this book. To me it was rambly and disjointed and not all that interesting. I was disappointed.

Jody (jodybell) | 3191 comments I'm the opposite - I wasn't a fan (not that I disliked her, but I'd never seen her in anything - or at least I didn't remember her) but really enjoyed this. I listened to it as well - my first audiobook - and found that helped. Strangely, my iPod decided that I would listen to it I alphabetical order, not chapter order, so I'm not sure how it was meant to flow, but it worked well enough alphabetically! :)

Francesca | 822 comments I finished this audiobook this morning and I loved it. I was already a fan, I love Parks and Recreation and I've always found her funny. I thought the book was very funny and honest and some of it was quite emotional (for me at least). Really enjoyed it!

Abigale (ladyabigale) I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I have the audiobook sitting at home because I've been told she reads it so that will make it a-whole-nother story!! But I loved reading about young Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, and everything they did to get where they are. I've always been a fan and even more so now.

Ellen | 219 comments My book club just picked this to read for February, so I am looking forward to it.

Manda (BookWenchManda) | 1881 comments I read this for my Mega Challenge, a book written by a celebrity. I didn't think I could adore Amy Poehler (or Leslie Knopp) anymore than I already did, but then I read this book. Okay, I actually listened to the audiobook because she narrates it. I loved all the "drop in" actors who also lent their voices and stories to the audio. The whole book was delightful; I finished it off in one day. It was inspiring to hear about Poehler's humble beginnings and even how she struggles with her ow insecurities, but how she doesn't let that stop her. Amy seems like an all around amazing woman who would be great to get to know.


Rachella | 2 comments I started the challenge for 2018 with this book, (category: top 10 on TBR, week 2). I've wanted to read this since 2014 and so far I'm loving it. Her honesty is refreshing and even though it's more memoir than personal development (which I had assumed it would be), I'm really enjoying it.

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