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A roleplay is a place where each person plays a character (or several of them) and all the people playing the characters get together and write a story, except each person only plays their characters.

Here are some rules that will help it be easier to read:

1) If you are typing in the roleplay, but not typing part of the story, you type in double parentheses like this:

Tabitha skipped down the sparkling road towards the river. ((hi! today is my birthday!!))

2) When roleplaying, type in third person, unless you're in a special roleplay where you type in second person or first person. Third person is like this:

Mary sat down and thought about her day.

Second person is like this:

You sat down and thought about your day.

First person is like this:

I sat down and thought about my day.

3) When roleplaying, type in past tense unless you're in a special roleplay for present or future tense. Past tense is like this:

Marie stretched and licked her paws, watching the twolegs suspiciously.

Present tense is like this:

Marie stretches out and licks her paws, watching the twolegs suspiciously.

Future tense is like this: (I have never seen a roleplay in future tense)

Marie will stretch out and lick her paws, watching the twolegs suspiciously.

4) When roleplaying, try to use correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. It makes it easier to read.

5) You're not allowed to control other peoples' characters. You may not realize it, but that's what you're doing if you say something like:
(you are Max and someone else is Angel)

Max waved her hand. When Angel looked up, Max said, "Hi."

The person playing Angel might not have had her look up when Max waved her hand.

6) Your character can't be all-powerful or better than everyone else unless you're in a roleplay where that's allowed. (and there are roleplays where that is allowed)

7) When battling, I find that it works best to type small amounts such as:

Marie drew her sword and slashed at Daniel's arm.

and then you would let the other person say something like,

Daniel's sword seemed to leap into his hand, as he blocked Marie's before it had moved ten inches towards him.

That way the other person as the option to say whether or not you succeeded in hitting them or whatever ;)

8) I or one of the other mods will approve your character or ask you to change something before you roleplay.

9) (sp?) means you aren't sure about the spelling. Like you would say:

Chelsy walked through the forrest(sp?) of dragons.

10) You can't go somewhere suddenly, you have to go past anything in between the two places.

11) No god-modding, the weather can't suddenly change from snow to sunshine.

12) no cussing

13) no sex scenes, you will be deleted from the group


(I copied and pasted this from another group where I posted it)

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Maria Isabella Franco (isabella1918) | 20 comments Awesome... So we choose our characters now?

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You can make your own charactor

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Courtney Cool, I get it. But I'm still not sure about when we start and how we get on at the same time

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Sometimes your not on at the same time so you have to wait for them to respond. It's easier if you rp with someone who's online a lot. You can bacily(sp) do whatever you want.

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Courtney cool, thanks for the info

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no prob

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