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message 1: by Jennifer W, WT Moderator (new)

Jennifer W | 1289 comments Mod
I recently read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet A Novel about the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. The main character is a Chinese American who falls in love with a Japanese American. Although this is an adult book, the main character is 12 throughout much of the story. There is no cursing or sex, and very limited violence (a few fist fights). I would definitely consider this book appropriate for early teens, 14 or so. It was a little tame for me. Plus, Snow Falling on Cedars has ruined me from reading similar books.

message 2: by Misty (new)

Misty | 1505 comments Hmm, sounds interesting. I've always found the internment really interesting, because it mostly gets ignored, but it was really fairly ridiculous. I mean, tame in comparison to the Euro concentration camps, of course, but still. Scary that something like that can just happen, you know?

message 3: by Misty (new)

Misty | 1505 comments Writing that ^ made me remember one of my favorite lines from The Book Thief. Something about Jews being rounded up and put in camps to "concentrate." Sometimes, Death's take on things was just brilliant.

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