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Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments What musicals have you seen live on stage? Were they absolutely amazing to see, or were they painful to sit through? Who was in the cast?

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I've seen:
-Les Miserables at the Ogunquit Playhouse. It was my first live musical, and it was so amazing. I cried through the entire 2nd act. The whole cast was amazing, but the two who really stuck out were Marius and Grantaire.

-Cats at Hanover. I did not like it. I'm a very plot-based person, and I could not find a plot beyond all the alley-cats being at a dance where one of them would be picked to live forever. That was it. Nothing else. The music also seemed really repetitive.

-The Fantasticks at Hanover. This was very good. My favorite song was Round and Round. The person playing El Gallo was very good, and so was Matt.

-Chicago at Hanover. This was awesome! The person playing Velma was a bit dry, but Roxie was fantastic. She completely stole the scenes from Velma. I loved the person playing Amos also. He was so sweet. The audience loved him!

That's it. It's a short list, but it will be growing soon. :)

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☺Caleb☻ Sanders (killerkittyklaws) | 52 comments I havent seen much and only by local colleges I have seen the jungle book, peter pan, the sound of music, and suessical the musical.... they were not very good and probably because people I know were in them, but suessical was actually alot better than I had expected....I wish I could see Les Miserables but I guess I'll have to live with buying the stage dvd....(sigh)

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments That stinks that you haven't been able to see many shows. I've never seen any of those. I wish that they would have a recorded stage DVD of a full performance with complete sets and all of the songs, like they have for Into the Woods, Sweeney Todd, Company, Elisabeth, Sunday in the Park with George...I'm sure there are others too.

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☺Caleb☻ Sanders (killerkittyklaws) | 52 comments yeah A little night music is actually a feature film but it looks like a stage recording which is silly have you heard the song send in the clowns???

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I've heard the song, but only that one song. I'd like to see more of it, after I finish watching Tanz der Vampire, Rebecca, and RENT. So many musicals...

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☺Caleb☻ Sanders (killerkittyklaws) | 52 comments send in the clowns used to scare me because I listen to music from musicals when I sleep and there was this cd my sister burned for me and she put that on and it would play before I fell asleep it was sung by glynis johns who basically made the song famous she was the mother in mary poppins..... I kinda liked rent well actually only some of the songs I liked ooooooooouuuuutt tonight and the one mimi sings with that guy when its snowing...oh and Idina Menzel was a lesbian ..... = [

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I am watching RENT right now...well, I'm alternating between Tanz der Vampire and RENT. I haven't gotten very far on either of them. :D

I don't believe I've gotten to either of those songs yet, and I have not met Mimi's character yet. Idina Menzel is in it? Who does she play?

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☺Caleb☻ Sanders (killerkittyklaws) | 52 comments she plays the girl that left the guy with glasses for the lady lawyer....

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I think that's Maureen...unless another girl left another guy with glasses for a lady lawyer :D

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☺Caleb☻ Sanders (killerkittyklaws) | 52 comments yeah its

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments To relate our conversation to the actual topic, the national tour of RENT is playing 40 minutes away from me, and I can't see it!

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☺Caleb☻ Sanders (killerkittyklaws) | 52 comments oh why???

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments My mom's not a big fan of the plot, and I'm not old enough to drive myself there.

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☺Caleb☻ Sanders (killerkittyklaws) | 52 comments oh how old are you???

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments 15...16 in less than a month. It'll be gone by the time I get my liscence. On the plus side, my mom is a big fan of West Side Story, and thinks that the flaming Rebecca stage will be very cool, so there are two possibilities of what I might be seeing. :D I hope I get to see them.

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☺Caleb☻ Sanders (killerkittyklaws) | 52 comments I'm 17 and I still dont have my liscense its be cause when I do I will have to pay full insurance... = [

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I'm sorry to hear that.

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☺Caleb☻ Sanders (killerkittyklaws) | 52 comments aw well thats the way of my parents or I guess my father and he pays part of my sisters insurance...

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Laura I've seen tons! I love musicals! :) I'll list the ones from major production companies.

- Anne of Green Gables. At the Charlottetown Festival Theatre a few years ago. Awesome! I also did a directorial internship with a childrens drama group in May that did this.

- The Lion King, at the Princess of Wales Theatre during one of its National Tours in 2003. Amazing.

- The Sound of Music at the Princess of Wales Theatre, with Mirvish Productions in June 2009. Fairly good, though there were definetly things I didn't like (such as the captain. ugh!)

- Spring Awakening, at the Canon Theatre, with the National Tour in April 2009. Fourth row from the front during the last evening performance. AMAZING. Loved it!

- Wonderfultown. During one of its National Tours a few years ago. I knew nothing about it at the time, but it's quite cute and entertaining.

- Music Man at the Avon Theatre in Stratford in June 2008. I knew one of the children in the cast, which made it extra fun. Quite a good production.

- Oklahoma at the Stratford Festival Theatre in November 2007. Very hard to choreograph on the thrust stage, but they coped quite well. Really enjoyed it.

Other than those, I've seen acres of community and local theatre productions. Tons of great musicals there too.

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments You're so lucky to have seen so many musicals. I haven't seen any of those live, although I've seen the movies of Lion King and Sound of Music.

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments I've seen....(plays and musicals-some with an * are high school productions)

-Rent three times. I saw it on Broadway in NYC once and twice with OBC members Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal (they played Mark and Roger respectively). My absolute favorite musical of all time. The movie ruined the musical (even if most of the OBC was in it, it's the only reason to watch it. The movie failed other than the casting.)

-Spring Awakening three times and once second favorite musical...I saw it with the First National Tour Cast (best cast in my opinion of SA)

-The Lion King..saw most of the OBC in first show ever! :)

-Wicked twice

-Sweeney Todd (don't kill me for this but I didn't like the stage version...I just liked the movie a lot...the play was extremely boring...only thing I will ever say that the movie is better. My parents and brother thought the same thing. It is my brother's favorite musical but he hates the live version.)


-A Christmas Carol both the play and musical

-Lost in Yonkers*

-Peter Pan*

-Rehearsal for Murder*


-Thoroughly Modern Millie (seen and been in)*


-The Producers

-The Pajama Game (seen and been in)

-42nd Street*

-You Can't Take It With You*


-Emma the Musical (yes based off the Jane Austen was actually really good)

Upcoming: Hairspray, In the Heights, hopefully Avenue Q and The Color Purple on tour...then hopefully when I go to NYC next year, I'll get to see Hair, Billy Elliott, and Next to Normal *crossing my fingers!*

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments sorry...I mentioned plays not just musicals. oops

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments For Sweeney Todd, did you see the version where they have the actors play the intruments too?

For my upcoming plays:
-Wizard of Oz in September
-Rebecca sometime this spring

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments Yes they played their own instruments which was part of the problem for all of us. It completely took away from their characters.

message 26: by Laura (new)

Laura Am diving in again! lol Going back for local productions.

- A Little Princess
- Alice in Wonderland
- Annie x2
- Beauty and the Beast
- Carousel
- Fiddler on the Roof x2
- Footloose
- Guys and Dolls
- Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
- Little Women
- Once Upon a Mattress
- Snoopy
- Sound of Music
- Wizard of Oz
- 42nd Street

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments Some of the local productions like that can be extremely good and fun! I've seen a bunch of local ones, high school ones, and a lot of professional ones. They are all very entertaining in their own ways! :)

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I almost saw Annie this May. I really wish I did. And I'm going to see Wizard of Oz in September.

If Fiddler on the Roof any good? My librarian recommended it to me, and I know it's pretty popular.

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments I've never seen Fiddler but I love the music. Do you know Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl" song...well it is based off a Fiddler song called "Rich Man." It's so weird to see how it's done and been changed. I love the music and want to see it so bad!

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I vaguely know that song. I found a movie of it on youtube, so I'll be able to watch it later. Another thing on my list :D.

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☺Caleb☻ Sanders (killerkittyklaws) | 52 comments FIDDLER ON THE ROOF is one of my favorites of all time and I mean the movie I have never seen it on stage I want to but I love the movie its about jews and much way much better than Barbra Streisands Yentl, Yent'l in my opinion was horrible and didnt have any memorable songs except I kind of liked the first one but I still dont remember it, still Fiddler on the Roof is something I would reccomend to anyone though alot of people would find it boring I watched it as a child many a time....... = ]

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments Thanks! It is definitely on my list now. :D

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☺Caleb☻ Sanders (killerkittyklaws) | 52 comments Good you HAVE to see it!!!!!

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments Laura, welcome to the Musicals Group! It's great to have a new member!

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Laura ^ Thanks! :) Glad to be here!

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments Kaitlynn wrote: "Yes they played their own instruments which was part of the problem for all of us. It completely took away from their characters. "

I've seen that staging one youtube. It's not the most interesting staging. The staging for the original Broadway production is much, much better. It also has the best Mrs. Lovett, in my opinion, which is Angela Lansbury.

For upcoming shows, my mom is taking me to Macbeth in August. Not, a musical, but oh well.

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments Yeah it was terrible live. Idk about the original one. I do like Angela Lansbury but am still iffy about it. I'm thinking about just sticking with the movie because I personally think Tim Burton did an amazing job as a director.

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments To each, his (or her) own. I'm not a big fan of the movie, but I thought that the original was brilliant! I one of the few people who didn't really like how HBC played Mrs. Lovett. I thought that Johnny Depp did a good job, better than Michael Cerevis, but not fantastic. My favorite Sweeney, from what I can tell from my OBC album and the very fuzzy OBC videos on youtube, is Len Cariou. He just seemed to put so much energy into the role.

Although, in the movie's favor, I thought that the movie Pirelli was the best I've ever seen! Alan Rickman is amazing in anything and everything he does, and Timothy Spall is very good at playing the Beadle sort of character. And the kid who played Toby could really sing! The second or third time we watched the movie, my brother threw a pillow at me for trying (and failing miserably) to sing along to "Not While I'm Around" because I was "messing with the awesome kid's voice." :D

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments I loved Johnny Depp and while I am not a huge fan of Helena Bonham Carter's voice, I thought she was good acting wise. She was the biggest disappointment in the movie but the only problem I had with her was her singing voice. It was so airy. I love Johnny in everything, no matter what it is and he has that creep, baggage factor that played well on screen as Sweeney. I do like Len's voice but I'm still not sure about the stage version. I'm one of those people that did not like Angela Lansbury at all in B&tB, esp. during her main song. That's really all I've ever heard her sing and I think she sounded terrible.

Sacha Baron Cohen was an amazing Pirelli. I was so surprised when I saw Borat as Pirelli. Rickman is one of my favorite actors of all time and like you said, Spall was good. Toby is one of my favorites and my brother sounds just like him it's insane! I also loved Anthony. His voice was incredible and I adore Jamie Campbell Bower! I'm so glad he got a role in "New Moon." I think it's finally going to be the big break he's deserved for awhile now!

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I don't believe I forgot Anthony! He's one of my favorite characters in the movie! He's in New Moon? Who is he playing?

I hadn't seen anything of Borat until after I saw the movie, so when my brother was showing me a clip, I started freaking out. "That's Pirelli! That's Pirelli!" I've never heard anyone get that high of a note other than him.

I don't mind Angela Lansbury in Beauty and the Beast, but I think that she's better suited to a role like Mrs. Lovett, or Mama Rose in Gypsy.

Johnny Depp was very good it. I haven't seen many things with him in it, though. I've mentally cast him in several imaginary movie versions of musicals in my head. :D Thénardier, Lucheni, Favell, I can't think of the others...

HBC's voice was my biggest problem too. It made it seem like she wasn't putting much energy into the role. It also seemed like she was trying too hard to make her character nice. Mrs. Lovett is not a nice person, and I don't think that Helena accepted that.

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Jamie is playing Caius in "New Moon" and I cannot wait!! I'm so happy for him!

When I first saw Borat on the cast list for Pirelli, I was mad at the casting directors for casting him, but once the movie came out and I saw him, I was amazed and ultimately extremely happy with the choice. (It's how I felt about Zac Efron as Link and Brittany Snow as Amber but I felt better about both in "Hairspray" after seeing the movie and learning that Zac can act which is not what we see in HSM)

As far as Angela goes, I'm probably not extremely fair to her b/c I do base her off the one role I've really seen her in. I just cannot stand her singing voice as Mrs. Potts. I really, really liked her talking voice for the role and felt that aspect was played perfectly by her (which is why I said I did like her earlier in one of my posts b/c I did like that part of her) but couldn't stand her in B&tB so I kind of don't get her a chance. It's the same way I am about Daphne Rubin-Vega. I cannot stand her singing voice as Mimi so I don't listen to anything else she sings(like when she was in Les Miz...I was not happy about that). As for Mama Mama Rose is and always will be Patti LuPone. She's a genius and one of my favorite actresses on Broadway.

Johnny is an amazing actor! You should see his other movies. He is amazing! He can turn a bad storyline into a good movie because he is such an amazing actor! I recommend "Finding Neverland" with Kate Winslet and Freddie Highmore. I cried like a baby in that one. He plays the author of "Peter Pan" and it's all about how he got his inspiration. It's a beautiful movie!

I felt that HBC interpretted the role of Mrs. Lovett differently than you thought. I felt that she chose to hide Mrs. Lovett's wickedness in front of Sweeney in order to get his love. Since Sweeney's wife was this sweet, perfect, dream-like woman, Mrs. Lovett felt that would be the best way to earn Sweeney's love that she longed for and pretended to play that nice girl in front of him. Her wickedness is still shown in things like a "A Little Priest" and her hostility towards the Beggar Woman (esp. since she knows that the Beggar Woman is Sweeney's wife). I felt that Burton and HBC did a good job at showing both sides of her character, the longing of her love to be returned by Sweeney and her evilness.

On a side note, I absolutely LOVED the costumes and sets in the movie and the very dark feeling to the movie which was lifted perfectly in "By the Sea."

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I am now looking forward to see New Moon (my friends haven't caught on that I'm not a big Twilight fan). I think I will actually read that book now. I've only read the first, and was not all that impressed.

I've always thought that Angela's a brilliant actress. I'm not a big fan of Patti, although she was amazing in Gypsy. I completely agree with you about Daphne! I hate her voice. I first saw her in a clip of Les Mis, singing I Dreamed a Dream, and all I could think of was how: 1) she is worse than most high school kids I've seen in the role, who are usually not painful to listen to; and 2) she sounded like she was already dying of consumption.

I'll definately check that movie out. I love movies that make me cry :).

I've never thought of her interpretation that way. I still find it a bit annoying, but it makes more sense now. :D

I wasn't a big fan of the sets in the movie, or the costumes in By the Sea. I preferred the way the sets in the original stage version were generally lighter, especially compared to the subject. That's part of the reason I love the stage version of a Little Priest, with them running around laughing hysterically, as if cannibalism were just a really funny joke.

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments Yeah...Stephanie's not a great writer but I do love Alice, Jasper, and Emmett. :) They're the best characters! :) I'm very excited to Jamie in it.

I am so glad you agree with me on the Daphne thing. I always get people telling me I'm not a "real Renthead" because I didn't like her as Mimi but I'm sorry...she was terrible! She does sound like she's dying of consumption! You put it exactly right! While I'm not a fan of Rosario Dawson's Mimi that much either, I tolerate Rosario a lot more than Daphne. Lexi Lawson and Jamie Lee Kirchner will always be my favorite Mimis! :) I've seen them both live and loved them!

Let me know what you think of that Johnny movie. It is a really amazing movie and features my favorite actress of all time which makes it 10 times better! :)

I see what you mean about her interpretation being kind of annoying but I'm glad it makes sense. I just always thought that was an interesting take on a rather depressing and messed-up character (don't get me wrong though...I love Mrs. Lovett as a written character). I also loved during "The Worst Pies in London" how she beat the rolling pin to the table on beat with the song. I don't know why but I found that so cool and a nice direction by Burton.

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I loved all of the characters in in, except for Bella and Edward. Edward was stuck-up and was incredibly rude to the other boys crushing on Bella, although I've never met anyone else who feels that way. Bella is a bit on the whiny, repetitive side, although my main problem with her is that there is nothing to like about her. I loved all of Edward's family, with their 3, maybe 4 chapters, and most of Bella's friends. I am actually looking forward to see the New Moon movie now, though. :D

Which version is Daphne in? And the other Mimi's you mentioned?

Good acting makes *almost* any movie/show enjoyable. :)

I know what you mean :) She's depressing and messed-up in a good way. She reminds me of Bellatrix in Harry Potter, and of Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca. They're all creepy, disturbed, but fascinating that watch/read. I did like that bit in "Worst Pies". There are always little bits of a performance that I like, even if I generally don't like it.

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments I agree with you about Edward and Bella as do my friends. They are my least favorite characters! I also don't care for Rosalie until the book Eclipse because she really isn't likeable until then. But the rest of Edward's family...Carlisle, Esme (who reminds me so much of my mother it's insane), EMMETT, JASPER, AND ALICE are the best! :) But they are in New Moon even less than Twilight. Good thing they are super present in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn even though Breaking Dawn was so terrible.

Daphne was in the original broadway cast and was nominated for a tony for playing Mimi. :( Lexi Lawson is in the tour that is currently going with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp. Jamie Lee Kirchner was on Broadway in 2006 when I saw her.

and lol...I don't know those two characters you mentioned. I don't read or watch HP and I haven't had time to watch those clips you put up from Rebecca but it is on my list!!! I can't wait to watch it so I'll understand what you mean then! :)I'm like the only person I know who doesn't read HP. :-/

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments oh and Jamie's name...I just looked it up is spelled Jaime not Jamie in case you want to look her up. Sorry I spelled it wrong.

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I just looked on IMDB. He's in the next Harry Potter movie!!! (I am an insane Harry Potter nerd!) He's playing Grindelwald. It's a small part, and he probably won't have a speaking part, if he has one at all, until the second seventh movie. I'm still waiting for them to cast the rest of the Sweeney Todd cast in the Harry Potter films. 4 (or 5, depending on if you count Mr. Lovett) people from Sweeney Todd are in Harry Potter: Mrs. Lovett, Beadle Bamford, Anthony, Turpin, and the guy in the Mr. Lovett picture was in the 1st movie for about 3 seconds.

That's Daphne? Wow. I'll see if I can find any videos of them on youtube. Don't worry about mispelling it. :) Also, I found the full video of the last Broadway performance on youtube. Who's Mimi in that?

Don't worry about Rebecca. I'm still working on subtitling more of the videos. You'll love Mrs. Danvers. She is beyond creepy, but still awesome. The woman who plays her has a fantastic voice.

Only four of my friends have read all of the Harry Potter books, and not many more see the movies.

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☺Caleb☻ Sanders (killerkittyklaws) | 52 comments thats surprising...

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments What's surprising?

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments I do not know the Mimi's name in the final performance of Rent but she is actually my least favorite Mimi even after Daphne. She has a decent singing voice but the facial expressions she makes are totally creepy and do not work for Mimi AT ALL. My 12 year old brother is a huge Renthead and we were watching it the day it came out on DVD and he had to leave the room because he found her to be such a creepy Mimi. He had to leave b/c he didn't want her to ruin the role for him as a Renthead.

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