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message 1: by Cliff (new)

Cliff | 11 comments Just read Anne Rice will write a final Lestat book? I can't wait!

message 2: by Bishop (new)

Bishop (A_Bishop) Where did you see that? I think Rice left behind the vampires for good. Unless Lestat finds Jesus, I wouldn't hold my breath.

message 3: by Kathy (new)

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) | 380 comments I heard that Anne Rice had given up her Vampires for Jesus, too. I think she's on her 2nd book about the life of Jesus. I hope I'm wrong, Cliff! That would be great!

message 4: by Cliff (new)

Cliff | 11 comments It was a Time article. The link is below:


message 5: by Kathy (new)

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) | 380 comments Thats great, but what does she mean by the book will have a definitely "Christian framework"? That makes me a bit nervous. But I'll read it! Can't wait! Thanks, Cliff!

message 6: by Bishop (new)

Bishop (A_Bishop) When I wrote ...Lestat finds Jesus...I thought I was joking. I guess not.

My only hope is that "framework" refers only to structure (redemptive journey type of thing).

I'm not going to hold my breath for this one.

message 7: by Terri (new)

Terri (TerriLovesCrows) | 143 comments that what she says she intends. And that is the writer writing what she wants not letting the character be true to themself. I have no desire to read it.

message 8: by Terri (new)

Terri (TerriLovesCrows) | 143 comments I like it!

message 9: by Cliff (new)

Cliff | 11 comments I will wait and see what the review is like. I haven't read any of her Christ books and I don't intend to. I want (unreformed) vampires, witches or mummies!

message 10: by Desiree (new)

Desiree (JRZYGRL75) | 3 comments I agree with Cliff. I will have to wait for the reviews (which I normally don't read!)

It took me forever to finish memnoch the devil. It was just too out of step with the rest of the books.

I just don't want to get my hopes up for nothing.

message 11: by Jaded (new)

Jaded (JadedMage) | 37 comments New book sucks...dont waste your $

message 12: by Kristy (new)

Kristy (kristabela) | 186 comments Anne Rice has finished her next novel. It is titled PRINCE LESTAT. Pre-order for the book starts next Sunday, 3/16. The official release is 10/28.

She has said that she's already signed for another in the series and that basically all of the vampires are coming back.

I am beyond stoked over this!

message 13: by Shari-amor (new)

Shari-amor | 386 comments Whoop, Whoop! The Brat Prince is coming back. It's been what!? 10...11 years!?

message 14: by Justin (new)

Justin (JustinBienvenue) | 2501 comments Prince Lestat? Someone has certainly come a long way from the slum streets of New Orleans!

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