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Lisarenee | 2046 comments

This topic is open for discussion of Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison. Be prepared for SPOILERS.

All the creatures of the night gather in "the Hollows" of Cincinnati, to hide, to prowl, to party ... and to feed.
Vampires rule the darkness in a predator-eat-predator world rife with dangers beyond imagining -- and it's Rachel Morgan's job to keep that world civilized.

A bounty hunter and witch with serious sex appeal and an attitude, she'll bring 'em back alive, dead ... or undead.

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Lisarenee | 2046 comments Reserved.

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Lisarenee | 2046 comments I'm looking for my book. What should we keep track of?

Sara | 860 comments Besides any general comments that pop into my head, I'll be looking for any references to vampires and their souls, the demon-elf war, and Rachel and Trent's families - particularly their final fates.

Sara | 860 comments Here we go...

Thoughts on Chapter 1 -

Warning, Spoilers Ahead...

"Everyone who could make it was at the West Coast for our yearly convention." - The first reference to the Coven that becomes more prevalent in later books.

"Bringing the mayor's son in for Wereing outside of a full moon probably hadn't been the best idea." - Rachel is always willing to pursue the "bad guys" - privileged or otherwise. It's also nice foreshadowing of Rachel's pursuit of Trent.

"And apparently pixies were the best they'd let me take out since the frog incident. I would have sworn fairies were too big to fit into a frog's mouth." - Rachel's misadventures make me giggle.

"He was a norm, a human. Even if they were accurate, the terms day-tripper, domestic, squish, off-the-rack, and my personal favorite, snack, were politically frowned upon."

"Before I found the leprechaun outlets, I had shopped in the "your first bra" aisle. - I love the fact that there are leprechaun outlets in this world.

"It must have been from tagging the Seeing Eye dog last week. How was I supposed to know it wasn't a werewolf? It matched the description I'd been given." - Another Rachel misadventure. Of course we find out there's a reason she's been having such horrible luck.

"Tobby. State-assigned hooker?" - We never get another reference to this in the series and I'm curious about it. Is prostitution legal in the entire country? Is it a union or a government program?

"The last lunker who laughed at her picture spent the night in the emergency room with a drink umbrella jammed up his nose." - Never laugh at a woman's ID picture.

"Everybody in appropriations knows about that." - We find out what I.S. department Jenks belongs to. Is "appropriations" the nice way of saying "spy/thief"?

"And trying to tag the Were with an itch spell and losing him in the john. ... And then Nairing an entire bus of people?" - The fourth Rachel misadventure mentioned in this chapter.

"It had been I who single-handedly tracked down and apprehended the circle of dark witches who were circumventing the Cincinnati Zoo's security spells to steal the monkeys, selling them to an underground biolab." ... "It had been I who realized that the loon digging up bodies in one of the churchyards was linked to the spate of deaths in the organ replacement wing in one of the human-run hospitals. Everyone assumed he was gathering materials to make illegal spells, not charming the organs into temporary health, then selling them on the black market." ... "And the ATM thefts that plagued the city last Christmas?" -- References to Rachel's more successful adventures - a nice counterpoint to the disasters that were mentioned earlier.

"...Ivy didn't have the any weaknesses - other than the tendency to plan the joy out of everything." - Anal-retentive, OCD for the win!

"He knows this guy who cleans Janice Joplin's pool." - Janice is either still alive in the Hollows verse or possibly a vampire.

"...some beanpole of backward feminine intuition..." - Not exactly a flattering description.

"Not many left the I.S., but there was precedence. Leon Bairn was a living legend before he went independent - then promptly got wasted by a misaligned spell." - First mention of Leon and the consequences of leaving the I.S.

"Rachel Morgan, private runner for hire. All rights earnestly upheld. All wrongs sincerely avenged." - It would make a very nice business card.

"I've escaped from kings, and sultans, and nasty little children with nets!" - This line makes me laugh every time I read the book. We all know the children were the most persistent of the threats too.

I love the first chapter. It doesn't have a lot of action but it establishes the atmosphere of the Hollows verse. I fell in love with Rachel and Jenks instantly but it took me a while to warm up to Ivy

Sara | 860 comments Thoughts on Chapters 2 - 3

Warning, Spoilers Ahead...

"Jenk's credible imitation of Billy Idol gyrating with the Hawaiian dancer stuck to the dash didn't help." - A mental image that always makes me laugh.

"Dead. Dead, dead, dead." - The Were cabbie is funny too.

"I had dropped her with a sleep charm, then painted the word "idiot" on her fingernails in red nail polish before tying her in a chair and waking her up." - Maybe Kim will portray this incident in one of the prequel graphic novels? I think Ivy's reaction upon waking would be hilarious.

"I figure my life span will be marginally longer with only you two lunkers to watch out for." - Jenks was clearly unaware of what he was getting himself into with Rachel.

I think a virus contained within tomatoes is the most unique way I've read of supernatural races being revealed to the public.

We get a nice amount of background information in this chapter on the T4 virus and the Turn. One of the more interesting tidbits mentioned is how they "never made it to the moon". Does the astronaut occupation even exist in the Hollows verse?

I would love a prequel novel/series set during the Turn. It could feature Rachel & Trent's parents along with Takata, Lee's parents, the Withons, Rynn Cornel, Felix, and Piscary among others.

"And it all started when Rosalind Franklin noticed her pencil had been moved, and someone was where they ought not be." - Does this mean that Roslind discovered someone had sabotaged the T4 virus?

Were Rosalind, Watson, and Cricks among the bioengineers that were "legally murdered" in the after-plague trials?

"Well, duh...She's the last living blood-member of her house." - I wonder if Kim hadn't created Ivy's younger sister yet or if Ivy is considered the last member because Erica has her father's last name/claim to his bloodline.

Ghouls have a unique take in the Hollows verse. Instead of flesh-eaters they are a form of vampires.

Denon reveals he's behind all of Rachel's misadventures. I'm blanking on his motivation though - was it stated to be for any reason other than his dislike for her?

Francis is so annoying.

Denon is a real bastard to curse a person's paycheck.

Rachel has set her sights on Trent. A continuing theme for the series.

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Lisarenee | 2046 comments **** Spoilers for Chapters 1 - 2 ****

Sara said, "I think a virus contained within tomatoes is the most unique way I've read of supernatural races being revealed to the public."

The whole tomato incident reminded me of the movie attack of the killer tomatoes and I laughed so hard at the whole scenario even though the tomatoes didn't come to life. Plus, once upon a time tomatoes were feared to be poisonous. In the 18th century the tomato species was named Lycopersicon esculentum, which literally means, "edible wolf peach". I kind of liked that she picked the tomato to be the carrier of the virus.

Sara said, "Jenk's credible imitation of Billy Idol gyrating with the Hawaiian dancer stuck to the dash didn't help." - A mental image that always makes me laugh.

I loved this scene.

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Lisarenee | 2046 comments It said Ivy didn't make a wish but was saving it for a future wish. Is there ever any mention of her using the wish later? I can't recall.

Sara | 860 comments I didn't know that about tomatoes. That's awesome. I wonder if Kim Harrison knew that?

As for Ivy's wish - we find out in a short story about the wish. The consequences of the wish show up in a later book - I think it's White Witch, Black Curse.

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Sara | 860 comments Thoughts on Chapters 4 - 7

Warning, Spoilers Ahead...

Who names their dog Mr. Dinky? And to further the poor dog's humiliation, a bow is put on his head. Poor thing!

It didn't take the I.S. long to spread the news of Rachel's death threat.

The "nesting syndrome" is unique to the Hollows. I would have thought more humans would have stayed in the countryside considering vampires are perceived as urban creatures and witches gather in covens. Apparently, humans went with the "strength in numbers" mindset.

I like how the small differences between the Hollows neighborhood differs from a human one: "...the flowers are arranged in antiblack magic hexes and the basement windows are cemented over."

Keasley makes his first appearance. Did anyone suspect his true identity during the first book?

Rachel and Ivy both have wonderful fathers. I'd like to meet Ivy's mother at some point - she seems to be a very dominating woman.

We get more details on what a ghoul is in the Hollows verse - very different from the more typical "flesh-eater dwelling in cemeteries".

Ivy pulls the first of her multiple freak-outs that were common in the earlier part of the series. Rachel is braver than me - I would have said "bye-bye" and found a nice, non-threatening roommate.

"It was said that enough black on one's soul made it easy for a demon to pull you involuntarily into the ever-after. Just as my dad had been. I knew with all my being that he had been a white witch to the end. He would have had to be able to find his way back into reality, even though he didn't last to see the next sunrise." -- We know Monty died in the hospital after ingesting an experimental treatment to prevent Piscary from being able to control him. Rachel's quote implies that she knows he visited the ever-after shortly before his death but she doesn't seem aware of the circumstances causing his death. I really want a prequel novel that details the circumstances of Monty's and Trent's parents' deaths - especially Trent's mother. We receive hints about Monty and Kalamack Sr.'s deaths but with Trent's mom all we know is that she died in circumstances that reeked of magic (Hollows Insider) and that Trent thinks she was with Monty shortly before she died (Ever-After).

The infamous dating guide makes its first appearance.

"Prove Trent runs Brimstone? They can't even prove if he's human or Interlander. His money makes him slipperier than frog spit on a rainstorm. Money can't buy innocence, but it can buy silence." -- Trent has to have mad verbal evasion skills to successfully deflect heritage questions for so long. In the Hollows verse you not only have the mundane methods of investigation but magical means too - truth charms, lie detection charms, etc. Or maybe Quen is just that good and any "truth/detection" charms haven't been allowed in Trent's vicinity.

"I didn't appreciate the finer arts of culinary expertise, either..." - Rachel sure likes to bake though.

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Lisarenee | 2046 comments Didn't get any reading done today, will pick up where I left off tomorrow.

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Sara | 860 comments Thoughts On Chapters 8 - 11

Warning, Spoilers Ahead...

"I was a harlot. I was a freaking vampire hussy." - Without even trying!

I don't think I'm brave enough to see what's on page 49.

"Maybe I should keep my mouth shut so I could sleep at night." - Sometimes that's the wisest course of action.

"Assassins always work in threes. No more. No less. Always." - Unless they're elves. Of course at this point in the series elves were believed to be extinct.

Francis is such a tool.

"Weres were superstitious and wouldn't violate the sanctuary of holy ground." - Another unique aspect to the Hollows verse. I can't recall any other urban fantasy series where weres avoid holy ground.

"Get real, Rachel. You can't stir anything that difficult." - Rachel seriously underestimates her abilities.

"My dad had died because he trusted someone to get his back. "Work alone, Rachel," he told me as I sat beside his hospital bed and gripped his shaking hand a his blood lost the ability to carry oxygen. "Always work alone."" - So did Monty say this because he didn't trust his partners (unlikely as Trent's father was supposed to be a good friend) or because he didn't want anyone discovering Rachel's secret?

Rachel really has to stop reading the dating guide on the bus.

"The intern thought he was an idiot."
"Francis is an idiot." - So true!

"Jenks was more help than I had thought to give him credit for." - Rachel begins to realize the true value of Jenks.

"Trent is the last of his family. His parents died under circumstances reeking of magic. Almost the entire house staff was under suspicion. It took three years before the FIB and I.S. gave up and decided to officially look the other way." ... "His parents refused to claim kinship to human or Interland as does Trent. And there wasn't enough left of them to do an autopsy." - More hints about the death of Trent's parents. We know Trent's father died as a result of an experimental cure taken in the aftermath of Piscary's attack. We don't know much on Trent's mother's death. Did Quen fake a fire and/or explosion to destroy the corpses in order to prevent an autopsy?

We also receive a hint that Trent might be connected to Leon Bairn's "death".

We receive more details about Trent's business dealing and on his parents: "Trent grew up as an only child, losing his mother when he was ten and his father when he was a freshmen at college. His parents had two other children that didn't survive infancy. The doctor wouldn't give up the records without being subpoenaed, and shortly after the request, the office had burnt to the ground. Tragically, the doctor had been working late and hadn't made it out." - I wonder if Trent's siblings were older or younger. Did they not survive infancy due to the genetic damage elves suffer from? In the latest book, Trent makes a comment that Jonathan is the one who prevented him from suffering the same fates as his siblings - that would seem to eliminate illness. If it was murder - who was behind it? The demons? Rival elf factions? Piscary? Also the authorities had to be suspicious that both Trent's mom and dad didn't leave enough remains to autopsy even though they died 8 years apart.

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Sara | 860 comments Thoughts on Chapters 12 - 14

Warning, Spoilers Ahead...

Kisten's first appearance. To be honest, I found him to be a bit creepy. Piscary, on the other hand, is extremely creepy.

"The day I can't elude a gardener is the day I become a baker." - In Jenk's defense, Quen isn't your normal variety gardener.

"Thank you, Jon."
"It's Jonathan." - The longest-running feud of the series begins.

I love Trent's aquarium.

I love how Rachel ditches the sneaky ninja routine in favor of the blatantly obvious as she searches Trent's desk.

Trent! Along with Rachel, my favorite character in the series.

"Though reading that book on the bus shows a certain lack of...judgement." - Yes, Rachel, you don't read the naughty books, especially the illustrated ones, when riding public transportation.

"You want your freedom." - one of Rachel's driving factors from childhood to the present day.

"And as much as I disliked the man, the raw attraction was there, heightened by his personal strength rather than a teasing manner and sexual innuendos." - An attractions she spends the rest of the series fighting.

"He had a single gold band on his ring finger." - Engagement ring, maybe?

"Jon, she isn't the fluff she pretends to be." - Trent has always had respect for Rachel's abilities.

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Lisarenee | 2046 comments ***Comments for Chapter 3 - 14***

I do not want to see page 49 of the dating guide either. *shudder*

I like the dating guide a lot. I kept laughing.

I loved when Rachel becomes a mink and realizes Jenks is a hottie and contemplates shrinking herself to pixie size if all pixies look so good or attempting to enlarge pixies.

Yes, wasn't really liking Kisten at this point. He was playing up on all the creepy vampire themes.

“And they lived happy in the ever-after.” I like the take on the Grimm fairy tales.

Interesting that Trent knew who Rachel was. Seemed like a lot of people did. Also interesting he wanted to offer her a job.

"All magic required a price paid by death in various shades of severity." Interesting the levels of this required.

I agree, Francis is horrible.

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Sara | 860 comments I'm not brave enough to look at the dating guide! The fact that Rachel keeps reading it in public is funny. It seems like the type of book you keep hidden so people don't know you own it.

Rachel and her thoughts on men are always funny. I think she's the only heroine in urban fantasy who has a running commentary on all the men she meets.

I was never a Kisten fan. He was creepy in his first appearances and then there was the boat incident later on in the series - nope, not a fan.

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Lisarenee | 2046 comments Sara wrote: "I'm not brave enough to look at the dating guide! The fact that Rachel keeps reading it in public is funny. It seems like the type of book you keep hidden so people don't know you own it."

I kind of thought perhaps she didn't really comprehend what was in it.

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Lisarenee | 2046 comments ****Thoughts on Chapter 14 - end******

Rachel got in trouble even in school...."my ex–best friend had hidden in my school locker pretending to be a werefox. The day had ended with us both being expelled." I wonder about that story and who her ex friend is.

“You made Jenks a partner,” he said as he ripped open a gauze pad and dabbed at me. “He has more at risk than a job, he has a garden. Tonight you made it his for as long as he wants. I’ve never heard of leasing property to a pixy, but I would wager it will hold up in a human or Inderland court if another clan challenged it. You guaranteed that all his children have a place to survive until adulthood, not just the few firstborn. I think that’s worth an afternoon of hide-and-seek in a room full of lunkers to him.”

Sounds like pixies are the lowest man on the totem poll in the supernatural hierarchy. We also know they don't get contracts via the IS.

“Vampiric Charms,” Nick said.

Edden chuckled. “Sounds like a dating service.”

I winced, but it was too late to change it now. “And I get paid for these occasional services?” I asked, chewing on my lower lip. This might work.

“Of course.” Now it was my turn to stare at the ceiling, my pulse racing at the chance that I’d found a way out of this. “I’m part of a team, Captain Edden,” I said, wondering if Ivy was having second thoughts about our partnership. “I can’t speak for them.”

“Ms. Tamwood has already agreed. I believe she said, ‘If the little witch says yes, I’ll go along with it.’ Mr. Jenks expressed a similar feeling, but his exact words were substantially more—colorful.”

The above goes with the statement by Kealsey(spelling of name wrong?) “Good. Listen anyway. Looks to me like you’ve become the leader here. Accept it. Know it comes with a price. People will be doing things for you. Don’t be selfish. Let them.” Plus, I giggled at the name.

“Mr. Sparagmos? Have we met before?”

“No. I don’t think so.” Nick’s words were a shade too fast, and I ran my gaze down his carefully casual stance. Nick had been here before, and I didn’t think it had been to pick up his tickets to the FIB’s yearly fund-raising dinner.
--Our first real inkling (besides his thievery and dappling into magic) that something isn't on the up and up with Nick.

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Sara | 860 comments Thoughts on Chapters 15 - 20

Warning, Spoilers Ahead...

Cashews on pizza sounds rather funky.

"The man was dirt." - Rachel was rather harshly judgmental of Trent compared to the other people in her life. The "he kills people" doesn't work either because Jenks, Ivy, Kisten, Ceri, Pierce, and Al all have high body counts. Jenks & Ceri kill in self-defense but the others not so much. One can argue that in one night (Lee's boat) Kisten created a higher body count than Trent has in the entire series.

"People are motivated by love, revenge, and power."
"You forgot one. Family" - Substitute "race" for family and the ladies nailed it.

"What's a pizza without peppers?"
"Edible." - Ivy is correct.

This is the first time we see that Jenks is a very dangerous opponent.

"If I wanted you, little witch, you couldn't stop me." - Not exactly the way to build trust.

Matalina! One of my favorite supporting characters in the series.

"And they knew better. They saw the warnings. Their deaths were legitimate." - A nice example of how the pixies' delicate/cute appearance contrasts against their harsh culture.

"Jenks likes you. Calls you his friend. I'll give you the same title out of respect for him." - Love this quote.

"She was as direct as her husband, and just about as tactful." - I'd say Matalina is a bit more tactful than Jenks.

Ivy is quite put out with Rachel but she's given Rachel ample reason to be cautious of her.

"My Jenks sometimes reaches for more than a pixy ought to dream for." - One of Jenk's defining characteristics.

"I'll not have it said you were killed because of my failings. Keeping you alive is my responsibility..." - Love Matalina.

"Closed on the full moon for maintenance." - Or because Trent and company are on a hunt.

"If Ivy had her way, we would have a six-step plan posted over the john for what to do if it backed up." - Anal-retentive to the extreme.

I think Ivy's pleasure in her disguise is cute.

The great mink adventure is about to begin!

"It was more of a musky, metallic kind of - oh." - It took Jenks a while to identify the smell in the purse.

"Trent...had more music discs...: pop, classical, jazz, new age, even some head-banger stuff. No disco, though..." - Trent has a varied taste in music. I imagine him listening to the "head-banger stuff" as a way of driving Jonathan crazy.

"Oh, limit it to the three you think are best suited and one you don't." - Want to bet that Sara Jane was the candidate that Jonathan didn't like?

I love that Trent named one of his fish "Sophocles". Such a big name for a small fish.

"Trent sniffed again." - I can't remember - was it ever stated that elves have a better sense of smell than humans?

"You canicula!" - Because Trent and Jon are too high society to say "bitch".

"You brought your bug." - The Trent-Jenks relationship has come a long way too.
"I imagined that if someone misjudged her, she wasn't opposed to using it to her advantage." - Nice foreshadowing for Sara Jane's part in the next book.

"This is - Angel." "His sarcasm was subtle but loud in my ears." - Yep, I'm sure Trent was thinking Rachel was the exact opposite of an angel at this point.

"...until he noticed Jonathan watching with a prim, unspoken disapproval." - Trent talks big about "breaking" Jonathan and being in control but his actions indicate otherwise.

"Ms. Morgan isn't in the position to harm anyone. Stop it." - Trent's the "big bad" of the first book but this is a nice indication of his underlying decency.

"If you push him too far, he'll kill you. Let's hope you don't need to learn the same lesson he does." - A warning and a threat at the same time.

"...getting up and shifting one of his floor plants to hide my cage...I could see past its wide leaves and still stay hidden." - It's interesting that Trent hid Rachel from being seen by Francis but still allowed her to be able see everything in the room.

"The businessman aura fell from Trent. What was left was domination. Natural, unequivocal domination. ... Vamps used fear to command respect. Trent simply demanded it. And from what I could see, the thought never crossed his mind that it would be denied." - Nice description of Trent.

"Obviously she guessed Trent might be buying the farm her family was serfed upon." - A good indication of how the Hollows United States differs from our United States.

"...he didn't realized I was rating his backside: 9.5 out of 10. I took the .5 off for most of his physique being hidden behind a business suit..." - Rachel always did have an attraction for Trent. I suppose if you're bored in captivity you'd pass the time by rating your attractive captors.

Rachl goes on: "I'd gotten another yummy look at him last night when he took off his jacket after everyone went home. The man had a very strong back. Why he kept it hidden behind that jacket was both a mystery and a crime. His tight stomach was even better. He had to work out, though I don't know where he found the time. I would have given anything to see him in a bathing suit - or less. His legs had to be just as muscular, being the expert rider he was reputed to be. And if it sounded like I was a sex-starved nympho...Well, I didn't have anything to do but to watch him." - Sure, Rachel, you keep telling yourself that. wonder what Trent would have said if knew what Rachel's thoughts during captivity were.

"I gave him a sleepy thumbs-up and his frown deepened." - Rachel confounded Trent from the beginning.

"I hadn't slept this well since I quit the I.S. It was ironic that here, in a drug lord's office, I was safe from my I.S. death threat."

"If I didn't know better, I would have thought that Trent liked having someone to share his day with, someone he didn't have to pretend to be anything but what he was - whatever he was." - Trent's loneliness was established early.

"You can't be smart enough to competently stir a spell like that and be dumb enough to be caught. Doesn't make sense." - Clearly Faris has never met Rachel though his analysis is a good indication of Rachel's skill.

"Maybe she was impatient." - Trent to Rachel's defense.

"Is there a spell that will allow me to understand her? All she does is squeak." - Well, she is a mink.

"I felt betrayed, of all things." - Yes, he can keep you in a cage but putting you in the rat fights crosses the line.

"Trent looked at me. There was a bead of sweat at his hairline." - A nice clue that Trent isn't as comfortable with murder as he appears to be. One of the fun parts of this re-read is that even though Trent is the "big bad" of the first book we receive clues about his motivations and non-public side of his personality.

"He had his untasted shot of whiskey in his fingers. I wasn't sure but I thought they were trembling." - Yet another clue that Trent isn't a heartless murderer.

"I think I could persuade Quen to take you on. He laughed himself breathless watching you duct-tape Percy in his trunk, then almost murdered you after I told him you had broken into my front office." - I can see Quen finding Rachel's antics hilarious until he realized how close she came to Trent.

"Deciphering pre-Turn genetics can't be much harder than stirring a complex spell." - I don't think Rachel would have any interest in spending her life in the lab.

"Such a mix of skills you have, Ms. Morgan. It makes you curiously valuable." - Trent complements Rachel. He always did respect her skills.

"Even so, he never knew I was breaking him. Most don't." - Many point to Faris's murder or the rat fights as Trent being at his harshest but I think the whole "I will break you" speech is Trent at his scariest. I wonder if the speech is an over-reaction in the aftermath of the Faris murder. Did Trent worry that Rachel noticed the sweat and trembling hands so he gave the speech to put himself back into "intimidating bad guy" mode?

"What's wrong with your witch?" - The first time in the series that Rachel is claimed as belonging to Trent.

"I'm teaching Ms. Morgan her new place in life. She's in a cage; I can do anything I want to her. Hit-her-cage." - Yes, yes, Trent, you are the intimidating boss man.

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Sara | 860 comments Thoughts on Chapters 21 - End

Warning, Spoilers Ahead...

"Jonathan, though, showed no signs of leaving. He had been content to stay and harass me between forkfuls of pasta." - Jonathan really needs a life. You waste your lunch break/stay up past your bedtime to mess with a mink?

I wonder about the people in attendance of these rat races. It's a sadistic event and there were several high-profile citizens at the race. You would think they wouldn't want to take the chance of being seen by the press. Unless the rat fights are legal in the Hollow verse?

"I don't want you as a runner. You're more valuable to me killing rats than you could ever be killing my competition. The contacts I can make here are astounding." - Never let it be said that Trent doesn't know how to make the best of every opportunity.

"His voice held a controlled, soft frustration, and I felt a stir of victory. Jonathan wasn't going to have a very pleasant drive back." - I love that Rachel's first thought after being released from days of captivity is joy that she managed to get Jonathan in trouble.

"He bit you on the neck? Oh, then it's got to be love. She won't let me bite her on the neck." - Proof Ivy does have a sense of humor.

I never understood Rachel's interest in Nick. Granted I've been Team Trent from day one but still...he was in the rat races because he stole from a vampire! That tells you that's he's a thief with no common sense.

"Rachel wants to know what it was like having balls as big as your head that drag on the floor." - Remind me to never take a drunk Jenks anywhere.

The scar-comparing scene reminds me of Lethal Weapon.

Al makes his first appearance. Al is very scary in the first two books.

Al's attack on Rachel is pretty brutal.

"There hasn't been a demon attack since the Turn." - True or simply a matter of authorities keeping it under the radar?

Is Nick telling the truth when he says he studied Demonology as language development. Did he summon demons before this or did he start after this attack?

"Couldn't they finish their argument after they put me to bed?" - Yes, priorities, people!

"Rachel seems to think you moved in the same day she did. She might be interested to know all your magazines are addressed to the church." - Nice observation on Nick's part. Of course, Nick is a con man and a thief so strong observation skills are a necessary job requirement.

"I'd rather stitch up a vamp bite than a Were bite any day. Not only is it cleaner, but you don't have to deenzyme it." - Cleaner because of the vamp saliva or is a Were bite worse due to them being in animal form?

We get more hints of Keasley's true identity in this chapter.

"First? Like there was ever going to be a second." - Famous last words, Rachel. I wonder if Keasley had any previous encounters with demons?

"Mr. Sparagmos? Have me met before?" - If Rachel had been paying more attention, she would have gotten plenty of hints that Nick would end up being nothing but trouble.

"...an Interlander comes to us seeking help or with information they don't feel - prudent - taking to the I.S. To be honest, we don't know how to deal with them. My people are so suspicious that they can't gain any useful information. On the rare occasion when we do understand, we don't know how to capitalize on it." - I've always liked Edden - he's a reasonable man and reminds me of Dolph from the Anita Blake series.

I love how a badly beaten and exhausted Rachel captured Francis and defeated three witches. I also love Edden's "Put your hands behind your head and stop moving your mouth or I'll blow it the hell off!"

The fear that tomatoes inspire in this series always makes me giggle: "Sweet mother of God. They're tomatoes."

I think the explosion at the police station will prevent Trent and Edden from ever being friends. Edden lost an officer in that mess.

"He was actually surprised. I wondered who he had expected." - Another demon attack most likely.

"Demons killed your father. Shame to see the daughter go the same way." - I wonder if Kim Harrison changed her mind in later books on how Rachel's father died. All the implications in this book lead to demons and the ever-after but in later books we are told it was Piscary. Unless Trent is referring to their fathers trip into the ever-after.

"What thought percolated through that head of yours?" - The first time Trent makes a comment about being able to read Rachel's expressions.

"An unexpected pull went through me. I had bested him. He knew it and accepted it, and had the nobility to acknowledge it. How could you not be impressed by someone that sure of himself." - Not even murder, rat fights, and hunts can lessen Rachel's attraction to Trent.

"Ms. Morgan, Congratulations on your newfound independence. When you see it for the illusion it is, I'll show you true freedom." - A sign that Trent will be a prominent character in the books.

"The sack of slug salt. He got past me. He got past me! How the hell did he do that?" - I would love to see Trent's capture of the ring as a short story.

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Lisarenee | 2046 comments Sara pointed out, "...until he noticed Jonathan watching with a prim, unspoken disapproval." - Trent talks big about "breaking" Jonathan and being in control but his actions indicate otherwise.

"Ms. Morgan isn't in the position to harm anyone. Stop it." - Trent's the "big bad" of the first book but this is a nice indication of his underlying decency.

"If you push him too far, he'll kill you. Let's hope you don't need to learn the same lesson he does." - A warning and a threat at the same time.

It's interesting how first impressions can be off a little. Yes, Trent has power and knows how to use it, but I like how in the books to come we see the truth and lies in his statements. He pairs enough truths with his lies to make them seem just as true.

message 21: by Sara (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sara | 860 comments Yes - Trent was definitely the "onion" of the series - lots of layers.

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Karena (karenafagan) | 153 comments Lisarenee wrote: "It said Ivy didn't make a wish but was saving it for a future wish. Is there ever any mention of her using the wish later? I can't recall."

I believe they talk about it in White Witch, Black Curse. :)

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Lisarenee | 2046 comments Karena wrote: "Lisarenee wrote: "It said Ivy didn't make a wish but was saving it for a future wish. Is there ever any mention of her using the wish later? I can't recall."

I believe they talk about it in [book:..."

Thanks Karena

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LastBreath (last_breath) | 238 comments I just picked this book up, brand new, from our local Whitcoulls for an amazing steal of $4.50NZD!

Sure sign that I need to start this series

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Lisarenee | 2046 comments Most definitely. You can probably catch up to us.

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