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Theories (What was behind the Chelsea outbreak and the role of the Fetch)
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NOTE: this contains more than spoilers–I have some theories about what will happen next. If you want to go in without influence for the next one, do NOT read on!

Hey all, I wanted to ask if anyone wanted to discuss what I perceived to be a massive amount of foreshadowing about a) the Sunrise Corporation and b) Lockwood's fate.

considering that TSC is mentioned all the time, and frequently in unneeded detail (like about how they provided silver nets "in those days" in plastic containers) I suspect that TSC is behind the Chelsea outbreak. More ghosts, more need for silver! Maybe they could be behind the whole ghost thing in the first place, but I don't know if Stroud plans to address that mystery–probably not. And I don't remember if this was confirmed, but I bet that that blonde dude with the mustache and the cane-sword is like the son or something of whoever runs TSC.

As for Lockwood....I've got to be honest, as much as I want Lucy to get some relief for this massive oppressive crush she has, I think he's gonna die. There is this line in the first ten pages ("It's how i want to remember him, the way he was that night," on pg. 6 of the UK edition) And then we have that Fetch at the end. I don't think Lockwood will die in the way that the Fetch portrayed, but I feel like that line more than anything makes me suspect that the Fetch was not off target. Which sucks. Maybe Lucy needs to be free of Lockwood to really come into her own as a person, but I wish she could do that without what I suspect is his inevitable death.


I mostly agree that the Sunrise Corporation probably has important some role to play, and we'll probably learn more about in future books. And sad as it makes me to realize it, you're right that there is a lot of foreshadowing of Lockwood's death, so it's unlikely that he'll survive the end of the series (major spoiler for the Bartimaeus series (view spoiler)).

As far as the ghost outbreak in The Hollow Boy is concerned, however, I think the obvious culprit is (spoiler alert) Steve Rotwell. There's definitely something sinister about him - Lucy is pretty disturbed by how he kills the attacker on the float, for example. In the end Rotwell agents turn up in the underground room where the skeletons were found, and clear up everything before anyone else can investigate (except George, who manages to get there first), and no one is even sure who sent them. I think it's clear that Steve Rotwell was conducting some sort of experiments there on his own that went out of hand, or maybe deliberately setting ghosts loose in order to get more business for his agency. The attack in the parade was most likely an attempt to murder Penelope Fittes - since the Fittes agency is one of the two biggest agencies, the other being the Rotwell agency - Steve Rotwell probably wanted to get rid of his biggest rival. Lockwood & Co. foiled the assassination attempt, so Steve Rotwell had to kill the murderers (at least the one that he could get his hands on) so that they wouldn't be able to say who hired them.

i agree with Mitali, the Rotwell dude just seemed a bit sketchy. Firstly the carnival was his idea and at first it seemed to be just a clumsy and stupid plan for keeping people from panicking but then it could also be a real nice opportunity for eliminating Penelope Fittes. If you remember, one of the attackers seemed really bent on Fittes and there was no one focusing on Rotwell and when Lockwood and Lucy engaged the guy attacking Fittes, Rotwell just suddenly comes in and kills the guy. No efforts to just subdue him so he could be interrogated later and that's really suspicious cause wouldn't you want to know who was trying to do you in?.

Those ghost bombs could not have come from just those crazy ghost cults or some random anarchists. Whomever was responsible would have to have access to a massive resource of "sources" or at least capable of locating and extracting them (the underground ghost glass) since the government is pretty strict about disposal and a good number of cemeteries or much of the obvious possible sources have already been neutralized.

I don't know about the Sunrise Company but i'm really more curious about the Orpheus Society (The former could just be part of the latter). If the name is any clue to why there's a ghost infestation. The real orpheus tried to bring back his dead wife from the underworld and so far there's been 2 bone glasses which as we know is a sort of passageway that connects the spirit and the mortal world so...i'm guessing that the organization is connected to the original outbreak and it could've been just a more massive version of what happened in Hollow Boy or i could just be talking nonsense.

The fetch could've just been a scare tactic for all we know though its kinda hard to find optimism about the "page 6 line". I don't know maybe they'd get seriously estranged at the end so Lucy can no longer see Lockwood. (view spoiler)

Mitali Yes, you're right about the person behind the parade attacks having access to Sources. It's even pointed out in the book that the ghost 'bombs' were p ...more
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