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Banning Muslims

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message 1: by J.S. (new)

J.S. Fowler (jsfowler-goodreadscom) | 18 comments Mod
Do you agree with Donald Trump about banning muslims temporarily from entering the United States until we can investigate to see who's who?

message 2: by Carolise (new)

Carolise (winderland) I'm mixed feelings about this, but it does seem like Trump is treating Muslims like Nazis did with Jews. Just my opinion, feel free to oppose!

message 3: by J.S. (new)

J.S. Fowler (jsfowler-goodreadscom) | 18 comments Mod
There has been muslims been arriving in America with fake passports. That's one of the reasons why he said that. Honestly, I am voting for him. When the Democrats and the Republicans agree I shudder.

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