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Brittany I want to know what everyone else opinion was on the ending. Between what Atwater said about Evie's destiny... To what Brennus says to Reed. Was that truly the end of the book?

Vikki Rundell It doesn't feel like the end, how can it end like that? Is Evie truly the frearie queen, destined to end up with Brennus? It's left me with too many questions.

Sophie I didn't understand the ending - there was no resolution with Xavier and who did Evie choose - Reed or Brennus? Because surely Brennys wouldn't just give up and let Evie be with Reed, and that story about the fairie queen? What was that...

Brittany Thank you!!! I absolutely agree!!!

Melissa Has Amy said anything about it being the last book in the series? The ending and last conversation between Reed and Brennus sure makes it sound like it is going to continue.

Sophie To be honest, those weren't my only issues. I absolutely loved the first books in the series and I did like the last one too but not as much. Why was Emil only introduced in the final book - the whole novel revolved around him and he came out of nowhere? Also, the characters didn't feel as developed as in previous books and I still don't think the ending makes sense. Amy said this would be the final book but it just seems like the ending was rushed and that the series will continue.

Mirou Sophia wrote: "To be honest, those weren't my only issues. I absolutely loved the first books in the series and I did like the last one too but not as much. Why was Emil only introduced in the final book - the wh..."

You have a point. I had the same thought about Emil too and this whole Faerie queen. I'm not sure either if this is really the end of the series, Yes, I agree she did choose Reed but Brennus is not yet out of the game. My guess is that Amy didn't know how to manage with all these boys in love with Evie, so she wrote an open-ending.

Citta H I thought that the whole series were about Brennus and Evie in the end. Evie was - the once upon a time - Faerie Queen who sacrificed herself to save her people and then rise again with Brennus as her - destined to be - Faerie King after her mission accomplished. All about her as a soul, Xavier's lover, Reed's champion, Emil's inescapable were just part of her real mission. And really I felt indifferent after I read the final book.

Feren Bevacqua There's so much foreshadowing with her being the Faerie queen with what Brennus said that it just begs for another book. The book could have ended after the final battle with everyone assumed dead. But now you're left wondering whats going to happen with the Brennus-Reed love triangle, Xavier is confirmed alive, and what about Molly?! I need another book!! I cant stop thinking about all the loose ends in this ending!!

❤️❤️ OMG! I am so glad there are other people out there feeling the same way I do. I kept thinking I was missing pages from my book or something. This doesn't feel like the last book. Perhaps its the start of a spin off?

She has mentioned that this is the final installment of the Premonition series, but maybe it transitions to the Faerie Queen series or something. I don't know.

I don't feel very fulfilled with how this book ended. The story was great, but now I'm sitting here feeling like I'm missing something.

Sophie I just feel like we waited so long - over three years for this novel and it wasn't even a proper conclusion. I'm a little disappointed. The conclusion of a series should be the best but I think this was my least favourite.

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Rhiannin Corlee She's replied to multiple comments on her Facebook page that Iniquity is the final book in the series :-(

Cassie C I'm really glad I'm not the only one who felt this way. I thought it was a great book, but not a great ending to the series. It didn't feel like a last book in any way to me, and I was let down by that. And honestly, I thought I was missing pages from my book lol.

I think I saw somewhere though that she was thinking of doing some novellas in the future, but I'm not sure anymore because that was a bit ago that I saw that (like last year).

Sophie Maybe (this is wishful thinking) she doesn't want to say for sure that she'll write another premonition book because it took her so long to write iniquity and she was constantly hounded by readers, but she will in the future and it will be a surprise?

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Aaron There were a few things about this book that bothered me.

First, the final battle, if it can even be called that. That's what we get, seriously? It lasted a page MAYBE two. What the hell. Then we have bad guys who are supposed to be this ultimate evil force and they go down like dominoes.

Second, Xavier. What the hell happened to him? Last we see of him he's dying on some alter. He was supposed to be the one Eve did all of this for to begin with and even though she chose Reed, what, we don't even get a final scene between them or any scene between them really. All we get is Reed coming back and say " hey, we fought, I won, the end" I'm paraphrasing but still...

Third, the whole Faerie Queen thing. Where the heck did that come from. I mean I know they were all calling her their queen but it was never mentioned or even hinted that they were talking about more than just position wise. That came out of left field at literally the last second.

Finally, the reunion. Was it just me or did the last chapter of a romance centered series lack I don't know... romance. They finally get to be with each other and neither of them seemed too enthused about it. It was sorta of like he says "Hey, I'm back" and then "ya, i missed you", then they do it, then she says "hey I know you just got back but I got to go to work now so... see you when I see you". Really...

Gidget I think the whole Faerie Queen story was mentioned to help explain her draw to Brenn. She loves him but doesn't understand why.

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Corrinne Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one confused by the ending. I didn't realize that this was the final book. I decided to do a search for if there was a release date for book 6 when the series popped in to my head, only to find out book 5 was the last one. I then assumed that I must not have finished book 5. I did.

Iniquity led me to believe that Bartol lost her passion for the series, which is why the book has unnecessary new plot devices, choppy time lines, and overall poor storytelling. However, she went with an opening ending to give herself a way dust off the characters and insert them into "a story for another day" if she ever finds the interest.

I think it's rather poor treatment to her fans, especially ones that waited years for the series conclusion. I didn't pick up the series until late 2015 so I only had to wait about a month for book 5. I would be less harsh if there was an announcement for a new series within the premonition world, but I haven't heard that was the case.

I doubt I will pick up another Bartol series up until its been published in its entirety with stellar reviews from start to end.

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Amanda Montoya Ditto ditto ditto. I feel like readers deserve a definitive picture of what happens next with all the characters. Even if we never got another book out of it, at least finish the current thought/plot process! It feels incomplete.

The end of Iniquity felt like your stereotypical infuriating cliffhanger or one if those novels in serial form where you're left waiting for another installment. The lovers are together sure, but the feeling is that they're together ... for now (again). Case in point: the
third--formerly evil--wheel is still very much in the picture and obviously highly invested in changing the status quo. There essentially is no HEA since the story ended with Brennus telling Reed there is more to the story ugh.
O-o-kaaay. What is it? And if we never get to know then what I do know is that it will be the last Bartol series I ever read. Sad.

Ivana I finished reading this series a few days ago and I've hunted everywhere for some indication of a follow up book, mostly because I absolutely love Brennus! But I've found it! On Amy's page the other day she has commented on a post about The Premonition series:

"Thank you for reading it. I'm coming out with a new series called SECONDBORN August, 1st. I have to write 2 more books in that series. Brennus keeps talking to me, though. He's not done."

So we can all relax and know that there is more to come!

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Alexandra Leith I'm re-reading the series now and I can honestly say throughout the books it feels like she has left clues about Evie being the Faerie Queen all along. Yes Brennus rose to be the Faerie King and he still believes Evie will chose him, but they're running things fine as King and Queen without actually being together. And It's Evie who gets to chose. I'd like to see another book where her memories of that time comes back to her. Russell saw a past life while being tortured where he had wings. Makes me wonder if he was with her there too, and that he followed her when she left to help the angels. As for Xavier or Reed. She really asked for this to be her last life and that she had the free will to chose who she wanted to be with and over all the men who were contending for her she always chose Reed. So it sucks to be Xavier, but her wish was to love whomever she chose.

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Toni Lombardo Loved the books kept me captivated through the whole series. Would love to see a spin off or another book to answer the questions of "fairy queen", another meeting with Xavier, Reed becoming her aspire again if that were to happen again, and that Tau is in Paradise with her mom?? Maybe a meeting in Paradise with her parents??. Could be so many more things added to a last book or a spin off.

Naarah Sandy-brown I just finished the final book of the premonition series. I too was disappointed by the ending. it made you feel that the book series will continue. I held off on reading it because I was so upset that she took so long to finish it. I even refused to read any other series she has written until it was finished. if this indeed is the last book, the ending was certainky unfair. I also wouldn't want this book drawn out either. Again, the ending was rushed and so unfair!

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Jordan I agree with all of you here, it seems like everyone has the same feeling about the ending of the last book. After bawling my eyes out after Reed ascended, I was hopeful to read the last couple chapters, hoping the loose ends would tie up. I read all five books in a matter of few days, really getting "sucked in" to this world. Only to read the last page (which was unknown to me), "swipe right" on my kindle to the screen saying "Rate This Book Now," thinking to myself, "Wait, what's going on here? Why did it take me to this screen?" Only to try and go back, thinking there was a mistake...maybe I had pushed a button on accident.... Then turning to yell out lout "What the heck??!! That was it?!? That WAS the last page?? The last sentence?? That is CRUEL."
I really hope there is a 6th book (even though Amy has said this is the last). The last few pages of Evie and Reed were barely romantic, and I felt Brennus was a completely different character. He was not at all the Brennus I had grown to love in the other books, he was unemotional, even when she was living with him and the fellas for a while, he showed not an ounce of attraction toward her the way he had in other the other books, or previous chapters (WHICH EVIE SECRETLY ENJOYED!) He had no passion at all! So unlike Brennus to just sit back and let someone else be with the one he loves most. I know Amy felt rushed to get this out to her readers, but if you're going to take your time anyway, why not really finish it out with a bang.

Ivana I follow Amy on Facebook and I did come across a comment several months ago where she stated that Brennus has been talking to her. So I don't think this series is fully finished, I do think there'll be a spinoff series with him and the faerie queen. I really hope so because I loved Brennus, the first bad guy that I ever root for!

Jasmine I just got done binge reading this series over the past week, and I feel cheated by the ending. I hope she writes an additional book to the series or does a spin off to give me more closure on these characters. I’m unlikely to read any more of her books in the future unless I know that she’s going to wrap up her character’s storylines.

Samantha Christine Morgan Love the series but the last book has me thinking to myself is reed going to be with evie even if she is the freairy queen? She can't be brennus queen and be Reeds eternal love can she? Well i hope the auther writes another one defiantly worth writing another one I think anyway :)

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Charline The ending truly baffled me a bit it didn't provide any real closure if anything it left me with more questions rather than answers, not mention it felt like that main character herself hasn't gotten any sort of closure for example despite Evie ending up with Reed in the end it truly doesn't feel final she clearly still cares deeply for Brennues and it's made clear that he hasn't given up on her especially with this whole mystery that is left there handing about this fairy queen, even with Xavier there is no true resolution last time we saw him dying on that alter painfully professing his undying love to Evie before binning called back to Paradise and than all we find out of that happen to him is that he is alive and has been reassigned whatever that means, hell it seems like Evie herself hasn't truly given up on him since she still carries Xavier's ring with her and after being asked by Reed if she plans to give it back to him someday she has no idea leaving the possibly open that Evie and Xavier's paths might cross again someday all in all I feel like there is no true closure between these two characters everything somehow is left open ended that makes one question of where the story could go from here.

Preciouschipepera I literally just reaf the series in a week and im so dissapointed with the ending

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