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message 1: by ⚜️Trea, Operations Manager (new)

⚜️Trea (duskrider3740) | 4389 comments Mod
***I challenge myself to get current with/finish 15 series in 2016***

message 2: by ~Michelle~ (last edited Dec 10, 2015 05:22PM) (new)

message 3: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) January Picks

message 4: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) February Picks

message 5: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) March Picks

message 6: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) April Picks

message 7: by ~Michelle~ (last edited Dec 10, 2015 05:19PM) (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) May Picks

message 8: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) June Picks

message 9: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) July Picks

message 10: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) August Picks

message 11: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) September Picks

message 12: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) October Picks

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~Michelle~ (mlundy5) November Picks

message 14: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) December Picks

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~Michelle~ (mlundy5) .

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~Michelle~ (mlundy5) .

message 19: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) .

message 20: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) Series I'm Current On

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~Michelle~ (mlundy5) .

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~Michelle~ (mlundy5) .

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~Michelle~ (mlundy5) .

message 24: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) Completed Series

message 25: by ~Michelle~ (new)

~Michelle~ (mlundy5) .

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~Michelle~ (mlundy5) .

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