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Lucifer has been known to be fairly...well. It was only logical, to him, that he'd replicate the throne room in heaven with his own dash of style. Style that includes a chair for him and Lilith, and sometimes one for Aradia if she decides to show her face.

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Lucifer was not the one to call this meeting.

Sure, the chief commander of all the legions of Hell may have thought up a portion of it, but it was--as it always was--Lilith who pulled the whole thing together. Sent out messengers to call the others, and even moved Lucifer from one chair to the next. Or at least gave him the motivation to get off his ass. Luci had always known that his wife was the much better half, the half that actually did any work, and he would gladly admit that. He could certainly brag about how amazing his wife was.

Now, draped over the chair that he'd really thought would be more comfortable, he awaited the other kings and knights. They would be arriving shortly, and then they would get down to business. Maybe he'd get serious; after all, there was a lot of serious shit they had to go over. Like the White Lotus, and it's recent expansion.

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It was so unlike Jez to be early to a meeting. But the mortal boy she'd been playing with earlier had died far too quickly for her liking, and she'd had nothing to do. And of course there wasn't a single person in sight, other than him. Just her luck. She would have considered heading back to her flat for a time, but by this point Lucifer would have sensed her arrival. To leave now would be rude and she wasn't in the mood for being punished today (was anyone ever in the mood to be punished?). So she pressed onwards into the throne room, her heels clicking on the floor.

She was, of course, impeccably dressed as always. Not a hair out of place in her elegantly twisted bun, and not a single drop of blood on her dress. She looked like perfection incarnate, as usual (not that Lucifer would deign to notice, he insisted on drooling every time Lilith entered a room).

She wasn't even exactly certain why she was here. It'd been over a year since the last meeting of knights and kings, and she couldn't see what was the meaning behind this one. She hadn't noticed anything of note occurring lately, which was rather concerning. She liked to stay on top of things, and other than the ever present group of humans who were in far over their heads, she had no idea what this meeting might be for.

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katie (kaaaaaaaaatie)

There were many reasons for meetings, Carlota knew this, but she didn't know the reason for this particular one, and this small fact irked her. Meetings were, as a whole and as a rule, troublesome things that took up far too much of anyone's time, and Carlota knew that this would probably be no different - she had suffered through countless others and was yet to learn anything of great importance from them.

And another thing - another thing! - did those who called the meetings have any idea what those who were called to these pointless gatherings were doing before they had to abandon all and drag their asses down to Hell? Carlota could (even though she wasn't, when she thought about it) have been doing something to truly benefit the cause before she appeared here.

(Carlota had been buying coffee.)

As she clicked her way into the throne room, a scowl firmly fixed on her face, as was her makeup, she reflected on all the things she could be doing if she was anything else. There weren't a lot of them, but Carlota was still filled with the kind of righteous rage the wrong have when they are sure they are right.

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Alastor sauntered into the throne room. Upon his entry, the air was filled with the scent of medicine and metal, like the smell that would often accompany people's thoughts of hospitals. His hands were stuffed in his pocket as he leaned his frame against the wall by the door, hoping not to draw attention. He was in the middle of treating a patient for what seemed like hours and he wasn't in the best mood. He was literally itching to relieve his stress and find something to satisfy his "hobby" with. But, unfortunately, he was stuck in this sudden meeting and in desperate need of tequila.

As he moped silently, he fixed his attention to the other inhabitants in the room. As he observed the knights and kings in the room, he wondered what it would take for them to break down. What it would take for them to experience true agony (not Lucifer and Lilith of course-he knew that the thought alone would get him killed). His lips twitched slightly from the thought. Him experiencing agonizing pain, so much that he would be knocking on Death's door (again), was somewhat amusing to him. And that's when it came to him that he was really in desperate need of a drink.

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The throne room made Theo want to punch something. Or better yet, someone. If he could choose, it would probably be Lucifer━ although Theo had been around long enough to know that lazy shit never actually did anything (and he definitely didn't call this meeting, the last time Lucifer tried to do anything logistical, he ended up "accidentally" killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the process), he also knew that he would act as if he had done everything, from sending out the notifications to placing each individual demon in their respective spot in the room. He had superiority written all over his frame, practically lying across the throne as it was, tossing his ridiculously large scepter from one hand to the other.

Theo hated arrogant bastards. Especially this particular arrogant bastard. There was no real rational reason for it, except that Lilith loved Lucifer, and Theo had to hate everything that Lilith loved. Some things were easier to hate than others━ the pig on the chair being one of them.

Coming in, he immediately felt the tension, palpable, hot, and sweaty, the infuriating sensation of not knowing, the eyes of enmity boring into his back. There goes the lone king, they whispered, and at this moment, Theo did seem something like a king━ celestially beautiful, he glided out of the shadows with a smirk that could cut diamonds, eyes ablaze with fresh fury, fists clenched for war.

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When she strode into Hell's throne room, Ver was still in the army gear she had donned to blend in -- camo dusted with sand, tan army boots, her hair in two dark braids and a bandanna wrapped around her head. She'd stayed until the last possible minute, maybe stupidly so, cutting it close to the meeting time. But what was Ver if not a challenge: just you say something, her borderline lateness whispered. She wasn't even entirely sure why she did it, but it seemed that Ver had a soft spot for rebels and revolutionaries.

No, not soft -- there was very little about Ver that could be characterized as soft. But an inclination, or maybe a frayed corner of her heart or mind or something, a small piece where present and past collided and tore at her.

Besides, there had been something fulfilling about teaching that all-female unit of Kurdish rebels how to create chaos. They had been so ready to fight, to lay down their lives. Maybe she saw a shadow of someone she used to be in them.

That same frayed corner of Ver's being tore a little more with the weight of memories.

It didn't hurt that Ver had struck quite a few deals with the people in the area. War-torn territory made for great sale rates.

Picking her way past her pretentious snobs of coworkers -- fucking demons, she thought, always so angry but so meticulously put together, a certain twisted glee tinging her thoughts at the knowledge that she was one of those demons. Pulling off the army-issued jacket, plain black tank top covering her torso but leaving her scarred arms bare, Ver stopped, dropped the jacket to the ground carelessly, and leaned back against a column, a picture of tightly-coiled nonchalance.

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[ everyone's hatred of Luci makes me slightly upset. XD ]
Lucifer wasn't going to pretend that he couldn't feel the unnecessary intensity of those that entered the room. He also had no delusions about which of the knights in the room hated him. Because let's be real: why wouldn't they? His laziness was a sight to behold, but they had yet to truly see the rest of what he could do. And that was all in part due to, again, his laziness. Lounging across the throne, his eyes roamed the room to see who all was in attendance. The ennui of his eternity was quite clear in the vacant set of his features and the absentminded tossing of his scepter. Which, he hadn't even remembered picking up, at all.

Sighing, he wondered where his wife could be. Maybe she was off gathering more information, or lost in another dictionary. Her love of knowledge was quite endearing, he had to say, but also inconvenient. Watching her get lost in words when she had important duties to perform usually left him to actually get off his ass and do things. Which, he didn't like doing. As far as Kings went, you could call him Louie XIV, minus having the other Kings and his knights wiping his ass when he took a shit or blowing his nose for him.

Staring up at the ceiling, he contemplated started the meeting himself. He knew the last time he'd actually been a crucial part of planning a meeting, he'd started a world war. In his defense, though, that had been quite well done. It had pitted the entirety of the human race against one another, and funded the creation of weapons of mass destruction. Weapons that were still considered for use in actual war these days. So, maybe he hadn't totally fucked that one up. Scoffing at the thought of his self-consolation, he kicked his legs up and swung himself into an upright position.

Luci was by no means about to get things started, but letting the others in the room think as much would at least get their heads out of their godforsaken asses.

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((According to V, Lucifer is far from lazy in the bedroom ;)))

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Jez leaned against the wall, surveying the room's other occupants with feigned boredom. Carlota was a complete bore and a waste of a king, however she was a beautiful, cruel and destructive waste of a king, which made her a rather dangerous enemy to have. Jez might have admired how she'd managed to stay in her position for so long if she wasn't a complete bitch and in a position of authority over her. As of yet, her and Lucifer were the only Kings to have deigned to show up, which wasn't much of a surprise. Velorum was probably off with his latest lover (she pitied his poor knights, even she hadn't stooped so low in her quest for knightdom that she'd agreed to that), and Kiera and Gadreel most likely felt they had to be late, to assert their control over the situation (though really, weren't they all just slaves to Lucifer's will, in the end?). Lillith was a surprise, however, and she expected she would eventually be expected to go find her, like the good servant girl she was. It wasn't as if Lucifer was capable of running the meeting on his own, and none of the other knights would lift a finger.

She couldn't help but crinkle her nose as Alastor entered the room. As usual, he carried with him the scent of blood, though considering what she'd been doing for most of the day, it oughtn't have bothered her. Yet it never failed to. Alastor was the sort of person who never failed to get under your skin, to make you uncomfortable whenever he was around you. He was the type of person who could smile at you and you would just know that he was planning just how he could hurt you in the worst way possible. Even for a demon... He never failed to terrify her.

Repressing a shudder, she moved her gaze to the next person. Theo. Her fellow knight-in-arms to Queen Lillith. He never failed to intrigue her, just as she would always fail to intrigue him. Little seemed to intrigue Theo, he just was. As was her tradition, she flashed him a stunning smile and winked at him before continuing onwards.

The room was beginning to fill, though there were still far too many empty spaces. She hardly glanced at the girl she vaguely recognized as a Rook, and although she probably should have cared more that a Rook was at a meeting reserved for Kings and Knights, she really just couldn't work up the desire to. Her eyes continued to slide through the room, spending less and less time on each member, pausing for only a moment on Victorique, another of her fellow knights. Another complete bore of a girl, Jez had always wondered how she'd managed to rise so high. It certainly wasn't her winning personality, nor her demonesque-ness.

Her musings were cut swiftly short by Lucifer bothering to sit up. This ought to be amusing, if the King of Hell was actually going to attempt to run the meeting without the love of his life there to guide his every step. Perhaps this meeting wouldn't be such a waste of time after all.

((shitty filler post in which nothing of consequence occurs please enjoy jez's commentary on your characters)

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shinra | 41 comments Alastor was too preoccupied in his thoughts to acknowledge the tension in the room. His posture remained relaxed yet slightly on guard as he scratched at the inked skin of his wrist. His mind carried him off to other places. He pondered about the events of today leading up to this exact moments. A realization came to mind that during his tired state earlier, he had might have put holy water in the jar labeled "morphine" and vice versa. This was a possible mistake that he would soon find out about later after this somewhat awkward meeting came to an end.

Slowly he opened his eyes when he sensed a judging gaze on him. He was now focused on a certain female knight, taking a few moments to put a name to the face. Jez. That's what he believed she was called. With a smile on his lips, his cold blue eyes observed her stance, her apparel. He took note of the obvious elegance of her appearance. It was the complete opposite of his taste. He was more into jeans, dark t-shirts and a good pair of boots you could comfortably skulk around in when he is pursuing a poor, unfortunate soul who happened to peak his interest. Almost like it was automatic, his mind whirred with the possibilities of what it would take to make her fall prey. He was indifferent to people and was always plotting their demise. Maybe he should keep a journal for these ideas but then again that would be too much organizing and he liked that people didn't know exactly what he was thinking so he preferred to keep it stored where it was safest place than on paper - his mind.

Before his mind wandered into the deeper darker crevices that had formed over the centuries, he was interrupted by the sound of Lucifer shuffling in his throne. With a annoyed look on his face, he turned his attention to the King of Hell. He doubted Lucifer was going to going to actually run the show at the moment without his wife. But he wouldn't be complaining if he did. The quicker this meeting got going, the quicker Alastor could slip back into the shadows.

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Her eyes scanned the room once again, this time lingering on faces, picking out the ones she recognized. Most were quiet, glaring daggers across the room at one another -- nice and vicious, as always, nothing like putting a bunch of demons in a room together to up the tension, Ver though snidely to herself. Especially when they were all kings and knights. Ver, being a rook, could really appreciate that. She even noticed one give her the stink eye -- Jez? or something like that? -- from across the room, probably as a result of her status.

Ver just smirked right back, and continued to scan the crowd. Lucifer shifted in his throne, sitting straighter, but Ver dismissed it, eyes instead focusing on the back of a dirty-blonde head, fists clenched by his sides. Oh -- she knew that stance. She knew this king. Theo fucking Benisek, loner and king of anger management problems. He was fun to fuck with, Ver knew from experience.

Leaving her jacket on the floor, she sauntered forward, a smirk twisting her lips, until she reached his side. "Where's Lilith, pretty boy? Did momma let you run along without her? I'm kinda proud of you, you know." The condescension in her tone was thick, and maybe he was a good nine inches taller than her, and maybe that pissed her off just a bit, but she didn't let it show in her voice. She knew it would set him on edge, and no place like a room full of demons, Lucifer included, to pick a fight with a 6'2" man full of anger.

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Unlike most of the demons in the room, who at least tried to give of a semblance of civility, Theo simply stared at the pillar opposite him with disdainful apathy. Why such hypocrisy? Why the batting eyelashes and blinding smiles? Every single demon was inhumanely beautiful━ arrogant pricks as they all were, so acting as if the throne room had somehow transformed itself into a fucking runway was not only pointless, but plain idiotic. Who the fuck are you trying to impress?

He heard the footsteps approaching, but didn't properly brace for the blow that came with it, the voice that came from below, literally, although he didn't attempt to meet the eyes. After over three hundred years, there weren't many he hadn't already clashed with━ Verocha something-or-the-other was no exception. Did momma let you run along without her? Never one for being subtle, Theo's jaw and fists visibly clenched, and the rage which had been flickering in the lowlight grew rapidly, dancing on his brow.

"Save your fucking pride, rook." He snarled, still not bothering to look down, practically ripping the tapestry to shreds with his unholy glare. "The queen"━ he said these words in a different manner, although it was unclear whether he meant them to mean that bitch or my lady━ "isn't fond of mongrel bitches trying to fuck their way to the top, so why don't you fuck off while I'm still playing nice." His eyes shifted towards Lucifer, who━ among other things━ was notorious for promises he couldn't keep in exchange for a little fun, knowing full well what his words implied.

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Of course he went straight for her status -- how utterly fucking predictable. It was kind of pathetic, actually (even if he wasn't exactly wrong). But Ver delighted in the obvious tightening of the muscles in his hands, the murderous thoughts she could practically hear, that's how glaringly conspicuous Theo was. If he got any angrier, he'd likely start spewing smoke from his ears, Blackbeard-style, and, oh, wouldn't that be a sight to see.

Ver just threw her head back and laughed meanly with his insinuation, although on the inside she was grinding her teeth together, furious. Oh, she didn't mind a good fuck, but she didn't need that to make it to the top.

"Do you know from experience that that's how you get to the top, king?" she bit back, teeth bared in something that wasn't quite a smile anymore.

"But -- oh! -- did momma not tell you?" Ver pulled a tone of cloying pity and surprise into her voice, something so clearly fake it did little to mask her spite. "She's the one who invited me here, not Lucifer." Making sure to keep her face carefully blank, Ver turned wide eyes upwards to face Theo (fucking six foot two monstrosity of long limbs and long torso and fuck tall people), glee and fury dancing hidden behind her dark eyes simultaneously. She watched him hawk-like, waiting for the tell-tale signs of increasing anger that he had such a hard time disguising.

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Theo Benisek may have a twisted set of morals, but he had some nonetheless, and while he had stooped down to the depths of hell countless times, it had never been a... literal matter. The words held bite, but Theo had been bitten in that area so many times, the impact had been completely lost over time.

Indeed, his jaw seemed to slacken a little, as his mouth widened in a savage, gleeful smirk. For the first time, his eyes flickered down, meeting hers with startling intensity, examining her with the same, lazy interest a spider would glance at a fly, already trapped helplessly in the web. Checkmate.

"Oh, I've never had to stoop so low." The smirk grew, a dimple flashing on his cheek. "Literally." Eyes locked (he actually had to tilt his chin down to meet her gaze, what was she, a fucking five year old?), there was no mistaking the venom on his misleadingly angelic countenance.

It didn't last for long. She's the one who invited me.. No, but━ surely she wouldn't━ that bitch (he wasn't sure who he was talking about at this point)━ was this Lilith telling him to get his shit together? When had they last talked about this? Thirty fucking minutes ago. Okay, but when had she first told him about this? Three weeks? Fuck, had it really been that long? It wasn't like Theo hadn't tried (he had countless split knuckles to show for it), and loyal as he was, he went so far as to demand that he work alone, but Lilith was no idiot. He knew, as well as she did, that this was no one man job. But her? Of all people?

At least she was expendable.

Rolling his eyes in perfect disgust, Theo suddenly looked every bit the nineteen year old he had once been, three hundred some years before. He assumed that if Lilith had invited the rook here, then she'd probably done the rest of his job for him, as well. She was never one to half-ass something, even if it meant recruiting an insufferable dumbass rook to weasel out the traitors from the inside. While the rage had not left his frame, the mood shifted, his back straightening, the formality clicking into place (or, well, more formality than he usually donned).

"I guess I━ we'll get started."

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[ fuck that was long i'm sorry i'm sorry also it doesn't make much sense now but theo is a misunderstanding creature this little shit just deal with it and hang in there i promise it'll straighten out lol no it won't ]

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[ damn, girl, that was a quick answer lol. ahaha I may be a little confused, but even better to represent ver's confusion, amirite. mine probably won't be that long, btw ]

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Yeah, sure, bring her fucking height into it, something Ver couldn't even control, since height came from genes, and a person couldn't influence their own fucking genes. "Don't worry, stay right up there, I'd rather not be face to face with you." Ver twisted her face into a look of disgust, maybe a little pity, but the muscles in her jaw may have accidentally tightened without her express approval.

But then the malice in Theo's face dropped for a few seconds at her next words, and Ver stared, one eyebrow raised in disdainful bemusement at the expressions crossing his face. She wondered if he realized his eyebrows were doing that thing. Then he rolled his eyes and straightened, looking put-upon and, of course, angry as ever, and--

"We'll get started?" Ver's expression, usually so carefully chosen, was caught someplace between outraged, confused as fuck, and offended. What the fuck was he talking about? What sort of insinuation was this shit? Her voice flattened to a scathing lilt. "I don't know what the ever-loving fuck you're trying to say here, but you can take it and shove it up your ass. You know, if there's room around the stick that's already there."

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[ so I'm gonna need to be a slight dick and get this meeting started. who knows; luci might actually get shit done. ]

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There always came certain point when Lucifer's impatience was likely to get the better of him, and his impulsive behavior was nothing new. Now, however, he'd had the time to think over what it was that he wanted, though he'd known it all along. It was just the whole trouble of actually running a meeting that he had no real taste for. That, that he left for Lilith. Whom, he supposed was busy with something he may have overlooked some time ago. Closing his eyes for a moment, and maybe almost falling asleep in the short second they were closed, he sighed and finally got to his feet.

Electric blue eyes swept over the knights and kings present, drinking in the tangible hatred that radiated off of them all. Of course, they all had their reasons to hate him, and he couldn't give two shakes of rat's ass why they hated him. He knew that they all probably had other underlying issues that they thought they could keep from him. The kind that they sold their souls for, that had brought them here. But of course he knew; why wouldn't he? He was the source of all their sin, supposedly, so their every transgression was right there in the back of his mind. The power-hungry, the forlorn, the betrayed, and the angry. They had it all buried deep, or left it just below the surface, and thought he wouldn't know. The idea of that alone was laughable; the prince of hell having things hidden from him.

"Lilith's a little preoccupied," he began, taking a step down from his throne, "So, I'm gonna get this little shin-dig started. Now, does anyone have anything in particular they wanna report to me before we move on with the festivities that need to be addressed immediately?"

He wasn't sure what kind of stories had been circulating about him Hell were about, but at one point, Lucifer used to know his shit. He used to be the one doing all the talking, but these kids--in the face of all his years, that's exactly what they were to him--would probably have never had the pleasure to hear about his years above. He used to, as the oldest of the Heavenly Host, be quite the proactive general. It was a marvelous thing, one could say. Something he left behind for all his darkness.

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Velorum was late, but then again of course he was. Even with his knight Audrey hassling him and making him hurry, he was still late. He was lucky to have clothes on honestly, she seemed pretty determined to get him to whatever this meeting was for. As he sauntered in, all he could feel was a lot of pent up rage and annoyance and he grinned to himself at the thought that they had been waiting around this whole time for Lucifer to start. As someone who had warmed Lucifers bed more than once (and boy, was he unlazy for that; the sex was almost on the same level as Magda's) he knew how lazy Lucifer had become. It was part of the reason why he hadn't really bothered to rush to get here. Sauntering in, he made his way towards the front of the group so that he could wink playfully at Lucifer. Maybe if he was lucky and this meeting didn't last too long, he might get to have a with Lucifer.

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Aaron blurred into existence a few steps behind Lucifer's throne. It was a trick he'd perfected a few centuries back, and he was rather fond of it. Similar concept to teleportation, of course, but slower. You weren't suddenly in the room, you very slowly morphed into the room. Very handy and much less hard on the stomach than regular teleportation, he found. It was especially helpful when you were late to a meeting and didn't want anyone to notice.

Lucifer, of course, would notice. He always did. But the others, perhaps, wouldn't notice enough to care.

He surveyed the room silently from his position behind the throne, his favourite place to stand. It was just in the shadows enough to be unnoticeable, which was what he liked. Some said he was flamboyant and enjoyed attention, but this wasn't strictly true. What he liked what the element of surprise, the looks on their faces when he emerged triumphant from his position in the shadows. He loved the flamboyance, sure, but there was a time for flamboyance and there was a time for watching and waiting for the opportune moment.

How embarassing - he had even arrived after Velorum, and Velorum remained perpetually fashionably late. Or at least he called it fashionably late. The rest of them knew he'd just been whoring himself out and hadn't considered them to be important enough to stop. Aaron despised Velorum. He always had. He hadn't earned his position as King, and he did nothing to keep it. He was the literal embodiment of Lust, and that was all he did. Aaron couldn't recall the last time he'd ever done something useful. And now here he was, late as usual (unfortunately Aaron couldn't judge him as he himself was also late, although at least he had a reason), sauntering into Lucifer's throne room with his poor knight (what was her name? the poor girl) as if he owned the place, as if it belonged to him and not Lucifer... It left a vile taste in his mouth. Aaron would have ousted him from his position ages ago if he had had the want to. He liked his position and its proximity to Lucifer, and he didn't have much of a desire to be King. As it was, he had advocated to Lucifer of the possibility of putting someone a mite more qualified his position, but rather unfortunately Velorum had much more of Lucifer's heart than Aaron ever would. Aaron was just the dog, after all. Velorum was the toy, the fuckbuddy who got all the credit, all the glory. It was a bit of an understatement to say that Aaron was a tad bit jealous of the King.

He glanced over the rest of the room, finding no one of particular interest to him. The demon knights and kings were a motley crew, to say the least, and each had their own story. And he knew most, if not all of them. It was what he did. Extract secrets, weaknesses, ways to destroy each and every one of them if they ever became a threat.

What did surprise him was that Lillith was nowhere to be seen. And that Lucifer seemed to be running the meeting. A good thing, too. He'd never liked the amount of control Lillith had over Lucifer, and Lucifer himself had been idle for far too long. Talk had begun to circulate of his laziness, of how he was incompetent. None of which were true, of course, but Aaron well knew Lucifer needed to begin tightening the leash on certain demons, else he find himself in the midst of rebellion. And demon rebellion was not a pleasant thing.

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katie (kaaaaaaaaatie) ((can i post?? or))

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[ yes, go ahead! all knights + kings are to report here so feel free to post ]

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Theo had never been good at hiding his emotions (or, should he say, emotion, singular━ seeing how the only thing he knew to express these days was anger), and a perplexed brand of rage radiated from his pores the angrier the child girl became.

Was it something he had said? What the fuck had Lilith told her? Or, maybe the question he should be asking was what the fuck had Lilith not told her? Was she trying to make Theo independent? Theo would usually be all for having a say in the actions he made, but for fuck's sake, he didn't like having that choice made for him.

Fortunately enough, Lucifer's voice drowned out whatever Theo solution Theo had in mind (another jab at her height (or, in this case, lack of it) followed by some interrogation tactics that may or may not become physical following on how she answered) and as the attention in the room shifted, focusing on the arrogant ass on the throne, all Theo could do was to furiously glare at the pillar and mutter━ "oh, fuck off."

Fuck the rook. And fuck Lilith for that matter, as well.

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[ wow Theo where has your chill gone? ]

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[ he never had any to begin with ]

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also p sure you'll be fucking the rook soon enough theo ]

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Even as Lucifer began blathering on about god knows what (it was a wonder he was even functional without Lilith there), the tension stretched angrily between Ver and Theo, both of them steps away from practically exploding, it seemed. Only Lucifer's loud voice stopped Theo from saying whatever rude-ass thing he was about to say.

Leaning back against the pillar, arms crossed, mouth twisted into an ugly sneer, Ver just lifted an eyebrow, a little surprised that "fuck off" was the extent of his response. And then she paused, thought back over his words, thought back over her own reaction. The logic stopped logic-ing after she'd told Theo that Lilith had sent her -- which meant that he thought Ver was here for some specific reason. Her lie had thrust her right into the middle of some sort of mother-son spat, it seemed.

Mind spinning quickly, Ver weighed her options. Continue the charade, make Theo believe Lilith really had sent her -- he already believed her, she just needed to not give herself away -- and get into whatever it was he was doing that he needed another demon for. Or just drop it. Which was so much more boring.

"Look, bitch," Ver hissed under her breath, not letting the anger drop from her being as her curiosity heightened. "Lilith didn't tell me shit, and it's become a habit to assume the worst when people say things like we'll get started." She smiled scathingly upwards, to where he was pointedly glaring at the pillar. "So start talking, before I leave your sorry ass and let Lilith know that her baby boy can't get his fucking shit together."

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