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This room is where all the Purgo are briefed in their home, and life. They are to interact with one another, as well as Expurgets and Emundans that are free.

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[ so my posts will be all types of shitty til I get used to rping Mari ]
Mari strolled into the room, stopping a little ways into the room. Her gaze rolled over the area for her orientation. It felt like high school, when they had a big assembly at the beginning of the year. But this was most definitely not high school. There was that lingering queasiness in her stomach, a roiling of anxiety. It didn't feel like high school, then, like what seemed like years ago.

She swallowed, moving towards one of the vacant tables in the room. She spared each corner another glance as people found their seats. She marveled at the clearly veteran soldiers, sporting all manners of expressions and attitudes. There were those that wore smiles, both malicious and friendly, and those who had nothing more than pity lining their features. Like they were already taking note of who would be dead within a week.

The thought of that alone made her go cold. Her usual positive inclination was a weak voice telling her all would be okay. That she could do this, that she could save people. That she could make a difference by being here. In a world where she was essentially no longer part of the world, a shadow moving on orders to save others. This was calming her down, she noted, and the voice grew stronger, ever so slightly.

She could do this. She could.

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Hanna followed the steady flow of bodies as they filtered into what she presumed to be the orientation room. It was odd, she noted, how a place so foreign, across the country to be exact, was so alike to the North American branch. The orientation rooms in both branches were similar, save for the faces. Every face was new, every feature, every malicious smile, every inquiring glance.

Nevertheless, there were few eyes trained on her, only fleeting looks which she refused to meet. Despite the previous years Hanna had spent training, everything felt strangely new. Much to her credit, it seemed that keeping her pace steady, unfaltering, and her face solemn drew little attention, unlike some of the others who looked as if they would like nothing more than to abandon the room in anxiety. Hanna had figured that training in a new branch would amount to a target plastered on her back, though no one had bothered her. Yet.

Hanna took a seat at a partly-vacant table, deliberately keeping her distance from those who sat in front of her. She watched slyly as people made their way into the orientation room, mentally taking note of those who seemed particularly troublesome and those who seemed a bit more docile. Hanna almost laughed at the ridiculousness of the thought: a docile member of the White Lotus seemed as foreign to her as the European branch.

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Mav was standing at the back of the crowded room, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. A few other expurgets were with him but he was really more looking over the new and old recruits than paying attention to the conversation.

There were plenty of new faces today, which made sense. It was, after all, orientation day, and he had just returned from a mission. Therefore it would be expected that there would be many faces he didn't recognize in the crowd. But it would make his job harder, as he'd lost a few purgos on recent missions and he needed more soldiers to fill the ranks of his squad. It'd be different getting purgos he'd never met before on his squad, but maybe it'd work out for the better. He had a few weeks off for training purposes anyway, so he ought to be able to whip the new members of his team into shape before their next mission.

He'd heard rumours some american Purgo had gotten permission to switch continents, which was interesting to say the least. Why the Purgo would want to switch continents was easy to see (Europe had a much better program, and who wouldn't want to live in Europe rather than smelly America?), but why the American branch had chosen to let her was a different matter. Either this Purgo was such a hopeless failure they wanted nothing to do with them or they were such a success they couldn't handle them, and Mav, for his part, rather suspected the former was the truth.

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Much to her credit, it took only moments for whatever lingering anxiety Hanna might have had to fade away. She easily struck up a whispered conversation with one of the females in front of her, who was an Emundan. The girl was evidently surprised at Hanna's accent, which stuck out like a blister amidst the European ones. Though she thought it silly, there was a part of her that loved the foreignness of everything around her.

Hanna still wasn't sure why the American branch had asked her to transfer; perhaps to get a better persepctive on her fighting ability, or rather she had seemed the best candidate for the opportunity. The darker part of Hanna hoped desperately that they hadn't transferred her because she was so awful they had to be rid of her. Whatever the reason, she knew her sole mission at the branch was to improve and impress. The thought of becoming an Emundan seemed to weigh on her heavily the past year: she wanted it, yearned for it.

Hanna sat back in her chair, a bit more relaxed than before, as she marveled at the people around her. There were evidently seasoned warriors, and there were those who looked as nervous as she had felt previously, some talked animatedly and some were quiet. Hanna's eyes scanned the back wall, evidently lined with Expurgets. Her eyes caught on one of them, much to her spite, a stunningly attractive man who seemed to be watching the people analytically, likely sizing them up. Hanna turned away quickly; if she was to ever become an Emundan, and perhaps an Expurget in the distant future, focus would have to be at the forefront of her mind, not some man, or any other person for that matter.

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Looking over the room, a number of people caught his eye. He of course made sure to glance at all the current members of his team (Purgos and Emundan alike), but there were a few others his gaze lingered on.

One was a girl (evidently a new Purgo) with brown hair, not that it mattered. What mattered were her eyes, at least to him. The way they looked over the room, the way she sat at an empty table rather than a full one. She was an interesting one, and one he would probably watch for the rest of orientation, even if he didn't end up choosing her for his team. She had caught his eye, and that was more than most did, but she would have to keep his attention if she wanted anything more than that.

The other was another young female Purgo, probably around 20 years old. He noted her nervousness and moved on. She was obviously a new recruit, and probably wouldn't be compatible with his team. But she drew his attention once more when he felt her gaze on him. He glanced back at her, and couldn't help but wink at her before she turned away. After a second look, he decided she wasn't terrible looking (or at least the back of her head wasn't). But despite what his friends might think, Mav hadn't exactly joined the First Order for the romance prospects. Sure a little fun now and then was deserved and much enjoyed by both parties, but he never let it interfere with his work. And he never got too emotionally attached. Not anymore. People tended to die in a war against demons, and he really didn't want any more lovers getting caught in the crossfire. In any case, she was a Purgo, and a new one at that. Not exactly great romantic prospects. His attention meandered away as he was roped back into the conversation with the other expurgents. Within two minutes, he'd almost completely forgotten about the girl.

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[ i really hope this isn't too late and i can still get in on some of the action... also, i have not rped in a very long time. please try to make sense of the gobbledygook ]

Barely having time to change out of ichor-coated gear, Chante headed into the orientation room unsurprised to see so many new faces -- and old. Her sharp gaze flitted over each Purgo and she mentally began to sort them out -- the ones that would last and the ones that would ultimately be doomed. The thought that a percentage of the youth before would be dead in a week should've made her heart splinter, but after spending years in the White Lotus, after having lost so much, that cold fact hardly even fazed her; that's what life was now: death and war, war and death. It was a vicious and never-ending cycle, but it was what it was. The Lotus was humanities only hope at surviving in a world ravaged by demons.

As Expurget, Chante did not waste this time merely speculating over who would and wouldn't die -- she was calculating. Who, out of all of these children (because, in her eyes, that's what they were) would survive the longest? Who would be the most valuable to her team? She had had vacancies for awhile now and she was in need of spots to fill. As harsh as that may sound, that's all Chante could afford to look at them as; mere placeholders. They were all doomed, that much was obvious. The question was simply how long each of them could last. Chante grouped herself in this, too. She knew for a fact that as long as demons roamed and as long people were recruited, the Lotus would go on fighting and members would keep on falling, just like she would one day.

Chante moved farther into the room, taking note of the Emundans that were present as well. So far, no-one really stood out. She had heard that an American had transferred and was watching for them specifically; she couldn't deny she was curious about how they would fare. The work the Lotus did was difficult, to say the least, and incredibly taxing mentally; she couldn't imagine transferring to a whole new continent. She finally came to a stop when she noticed a cluster of Expurgets chatting. Moving toward them, her eyes raked over a young Purgo, one that looked nervous. Then again, most of them did. She ignored the girl and leaned against one of the many tables, listening to the conversation around her and keeping her eyes and ears peeled for potential recruits. Chante might be hollow most days, but she still had a job to do.

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