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This room is where all the Purgo are briefed in their home, and life. They are to interact with one another, as well as Expurgets and Emundans that are free.

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One would think that perhaps it was a better idea to stay away from gatherings like the orientation within the White Lotus. It was no more than just a way to get to know those that could be seen as not long for the world, part of a suicide mission disguised as a cause. However, the dull procession of events was interrupted by a particular blonde as she strut into the room, a small creature tucked neatly in the hollow of her neck just above a silver cross. Said creature bobbed with each step the blonde took, a wide grin on her lips and a look of great expectation in her eyes as she surveyed the new recruits.

Chrys was perhaps among the few seasoned warriors that could still smile, or at least appear to with the intent to be friendly. Every fiber of her being was wired for some sort of celebration. A new life, perhaps, for those new to this age old organization. Or maybe it was like a sending off, a shipping out of troops. It was much the same in her mind, blurred by years of seeing this all happen again and again. Greeting several recruits, she slipped through the crowd until she'd procured a seat closest to the arrangement of finger food.

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Junia had made the decision not to lead orientation today. She had multiple Expurget who could do the job quite capably, and she really didn't want to stress out the new Purgos on their first day by having the head of the branch lead their orientation. And, well... A fair number of the group today were older than her, and that was just awkward for everyone.

She'd still decided to attend, however, even though she had a pile of paperwork as tall as her (no one had told her being a leader of a demon-fighting organization included so much paperwork), and she had a meeting in a few hours that she could not miss by any means. She told herself she just wanted to meet the recruits without all the fanfare, that she wanted to see how the chosen expurget did running the orientation, but really it was all nostalgia.

She didn't really remember her own orientation. It had happened ages ago, and had been rather rushed, informal and unnecessary considering she'd practically been raised within the walls of the White Lotus stronghold. She'd never had this. She'd never gotten to bond with the other Purgos in this room, gotten to meet the commanders for the first time. She was doing missions at fourteen, out in the field, already more capable than some Emundan she was working with.

Problems of a prodigy, she supposed. It wasn't like she was complaining about her dad, about the opportunities she'd gotten and the skills she possessed. But sometimes... Well, sometimes she wished she'd gotten more time to be ordinary, rather than the extraordinary person she'd always been pushed so hard to become.

She'd hung to the back of the proceedings as of yet, staying somewhat close to the door just in case she needed to duck out at a moment's notice. So she noticed when a certain blonde Expurget entered the room. She was late of course, but with Chrys Bernard it was practically a miracle that she'd even shown up.

She'd never known what to make of Chrys She was older than her of course (all the Expurget were), yet it seemed sometimes (most times) that Junia was ages older than the girl with the blonde hait who never stopped smiling. Chrys seemed to treat the war as a game, something that would end with a happy ending. Junia treated it as a game too, but of a different sort. A chess match. A duel. A side was going to lose, and that loss would bring devastating consequences.

And yet the girl who seemed to treat the war as a game plainly knew it wasn't one. She greeted recruits with a smile, but it was plain in her eyes she knew how many wouldn't survive a single mission. Chrys had made it to the role of Expurget, after all, and she was not one to be underestimated.

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Being an Expurget meant having to be thrust under a microscope for scrutiny by ranks above and below one's own. And being used to stares, Chrys had grown accustomed to picking out each one and matching them with an owner. One in particular caught her attention. Mainly because she hadn't expected to see a council member return to their humble roots without there being some dire sort of situation. But, lo and behold, this orientation was graced with the presence of a prodigy.

The blonde raised a hand and wiggled her fingers in greeting, knowing full well that Junia could see her. However, she wasn't in any mood to get up; not when her plate was loaded and the chair had adjusted to the shape of her rear to mold to her form in a comforting sort of tacky way. That, and Abbu had already unfurled himself from around her neck to pick at the fruits that Chrys had selected for him to eat. An endearing sight, what with him being so small the fruit being perhaps slightly larger than he.

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