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message 1: by Celestine (new)

Celestine | 286 comments Do you dip your toes into the pools of other genres or romance sub-genres? If so, what attracts you to those genres and what brings you back to SFR?

message 2: by Celestine (new)

Celestine | 286 comments Since I seem completely capable of suspending my disbelief for science fiction romance, I often dabble in reading paranormal romance. And then I am frequently disappointed, particularly with the shape-shifter books. They seem to have so many more readers than SFR, yet I find that sub-genre far less imaginative. I don't understand why more PNR readers don't get into SFR.

message 3: by Jen (new)

Jen (jenniferl915) | 320 comments I agree, Celestine!

message 4: by new_user (new)

new_user | 755 comments That's because people treat the paranormal element as a gimmick and don't develop it. Otherwise, it could be as interesting. Maybe some authors feel limited because there are so many PNR out there too, so it's hard to emerge with something fresh.

message 5: by RNDK (last edited Dec 10, 2015 08:09AM) (new)

RNDK | 17 comments I read multiple genres - Historical, Fantasy, SF, Contemp. Paranormal and switch it up to keep things interesting. I love Science Fiction and also romantic elements in SF. I remember reading Jules Verne's '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea' and being hooked. (At that time it was my longest read to date). Another book of note is by Lee Correy Space Doctor and currently the Cordelia's Honor Vorkosigan Saga among others.
Why do I come back to SF?
Because a well written SF expands the human mind. It give you scenarios that can be possible. Fiction becoming Fact. A well written SF with romance adds a more emotional response.
For me many of the best SF were written by older authors, the classics for want of a better description because the ideas at the time were new and incredible. Verne's wrote about submarines, television and putting a man on the moon long before it was technologically possible. Correy dealt with medical scenarios and the challenges in space. I value the originality of the work, making one think outside of the box.
Sadly, good SF and SFR are hard to find. Many readers seem happy with 90% fluff, which misrepresents what for me true SF is. It's either seen as hard-core Science which requires a degree to read, or some kinda space war a la Star Wars or alien invasion/abduction.
Paranormal on the other hand is not based on Science (unless its Biology?) and there is no expectations of it becoming fact. What I do like is that it deals with more social issues and humans response to change. It can be terrifying or just plain magical. How do you survive? How do you adapt? There are just somethings we cannot explain. Define Good or Evil.
Being a reader of both genres PNR and SFR there are many common plot elements, just different settings.

I think that there may appear to be more PNR readers than SFR because the publishers and writers are releasing more of what will sell.

message 6: by Lee (new)

Lee | 84 comments Mod
I came from PNR to SFR, and I also read contemporary, fantasy, and historical. I've always been fascinated by what if? I'm staying with SFR as my mainstay because science fiction was my first romance!
PNR is a gateway to SFR because they both often explore concepts of otherness. However, SFR isn't commonly known to even be a genre! I only found out that there were more than ten books like that half a year ago, and I read a whole bunch! Maybe this is because I did the majority of my reading from libraries.
I think the 90% fluff rule applies to all genres.

Only semi-relatedly, I was reading Feel the Burn by Shelley Laurenston and kept thinking "if she wrote SFR I would give her all of my money all of it."

message 7: by RNDK (new)

RNDK | 17 comments I guess I got my early start from the local library too. They had one bookcase devoted only to pure Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Recently I finished reading Faring Soul by Tracy Cooper-Posey a SFR which had an interesting plot. I love Shelly's Dragon Kin series then took a break when she decided to re-pub and write under Aiken name. Strong snarky characters. Viola Grace has some interesting plots but the number of books she has published is intimidating and too short. Sherrilyn Kenyon's 'The League' series is good too and The Morcai Battalion is one that I've reread many times. I hope Kyle adds to the series.
Try Gini Koch and Barbara Donlon Bradley for SFR if you haven't before.

message 8: by Deborah (new)

Deborah (msdebms) | 11 comments I am a multi-genre reader as well. Although sci-fi was my first love, I also enjoy horror, contemporary romance, historical, young adult and erotica. Sometimes some of the things I read can get rather dark or emotionally draining. I relish a book that leaves me sobbing and telling my husband, "That was such a good story." He looks at me like I am crazy and maybe I am. But, I always come back to sci-fi like a homing pigeon comes home to roost. Sci-fi is my home.

message 9: by Celestine (new)

Celestine | 286 comments I pretty much want an adventure with my romance, which is why I like historical, historical westerns (I like my pioneers both in space and in the Wild West), post-apocalyptic and action/suspense with strong romantic elements. I get sucked into contemporary novels because they are SO hyped and a lot of my goodreads friends read/review them. I find they often liked the contemp book better than I did. :-(

message 10: by KJ (new)

KJ Van Houten | 237 comments Mod
I dont read much paranormal or shifters -- a few series I follow s d enjoy but I prefer SFR. I agree that as far as paranormal goes, there doesn't seem to be much new it that much variety. The one big exception I find is Karen Moning's Fever series! It's really more urban fantasy probably, and seems pretty different than anything else I've seen.

message 11: by Sela (new)

Sela (selacarsen) | 33 comments I read PNR and SFR because, like Celestine, I love a good adventure! That's often what I'm looking for, and SFR is the most likely to deliver. Sometimes, it gets a little over-angsty in PNR and I need some swashbuckling to clear the air. *gg*

message 12: by AnnaM (new)

AnnaM (annamc) | 1111 comments I'm a multi-genre reader too. But my first love has always been SF, now SFR due to the emotional element and that I find the characters are often more developed.

message 13: by new_user (new)

new_user | 755 comments I like imagination, seeing another world, and I think that's present in historical, fantasy, and scifi, so I read all of the above. I wonder if scifi will be the next big thing. It may seem impenetrable to some readers. But at one time, I'm sure no one thought historical romance would be one of the biggest romance genres.

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