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Darwin's Devices: What Evolving Robots Can Teach Us About the History of Life and the Future of Technology
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message 1: by LP (new) - added it

LP (lp27) | 806 comments Please split the listings for John Long.

One is a paleontologist who writes only about paleontology (for adults and children). He is also listed as John A. Long.

Another John Long writes predominantly about rock climbing.

There may be other John Longs as well.

message 2: by Koenraad (new)

Koenraad (koenraadkelemen) | 5329 comments Disambiguated:
John Long (Climber)
John Long (Cartoonist)
John Long (Biorobotics)
John A. Long (Paleontologist)
John O. Long (Software)
John S. Long

Not sure about the rest...

message 3: by LP (last edited Dec 10, 2015 01:35PM) (new) - added it

LP (lp27) | 806 comments Koenraad wrote: "Disambiguated:
John Long (Climber)
John Long (Cartoonist)
John Long (Biorobotics)
John A. Long (Paleontologist)
[author:John O. ..."

Awesome! Thanks so much for your help, Koenraad.

I didn't realize that the biorobotics guy (who wrote Darwin's Devices) is actually American biologist John H. Long Jr,

not the Australian John A. Long who specializes in paleontology.

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