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The Book Thief Internal and External Conflict

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Evan The Great What are some examples of internal and external conflict in "The Book Thief"? Also, how do they affect the story?

Please make any comments relevant and make sure they answer the question. And remember, if you post any spoilers, warn the readers.

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Evan The Great Let's get this started; one external conflict in "The Book Thief" is between Liesel an the rest of the school. Her lack on intellect in the beginning already caused problems, but's her reaction that made it worse. When she beat up one of the students, she became a class enemy.

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Evan The Great I guess I'll add another one. The overarching conflict in "The Book Thief" is the Nazi party versus the Jews and other races and religions. This is one of the conflicts that drives the plot more than anything else. Since the story takes place in Nazi Germany in World War II, it is obvious that this conflict would have a large impact on the story.

Please post what you think and get involved in the discussion.

Sara Evan, when is your assignment due?

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Evan The Great Why do you ask? It's due on 12/21/15.

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Evan The Great There are some small spoilers, so be warned.
Anyways, another conflict is Max and the outside world. He is constantly in hiding and can't interact with anybody else. Max is Jewish, and since it is World War II in Nazi Germany, he would get in a lot of trouble for his beliefs.

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Evan The Great One earlier conflict is between Liesel and her foster mom, or mama, as they refer to her in the book. It is a love hate relationship. Even though mama still loves Liesel on the inside, she doesn't seem to show it. She calls her bad names and bosses Liesel around, but she still likes to have the girl around.

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Evan The Great I am also now adding climaxes and resolutions to this discussion. Remember to post your thoughts if you haven't already. Thanks, Evan.

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Evan The Great One climax during a conflict is when Rudy threw a stone at his instructor. Since they already hated each other, the instructor wasn't hesitant to take action. First he got to Rudy and threw him down, only for Rudy to come back up. He tried it again, but had the same outcome. Then, out of his deep anger, he knocked Rudy down, only for him to not come back up.

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Evan The Great One conflict that was resolved was between Liesel and her classmates. Her acquaintances at her school teased her because she couldn't read, but now, even though she didn't display her reading ability, she knows how to read and does it frequently.

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Evan The Great One conflict at it's worst was between Viktor Chemmel and Liesel and Rudy. When they encountered on a bridge, Viktor taunted the pair. Then, he snatched "The Whistler", which was Liesel's new book, and tossed it into the freezing river.

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Jim Sara wrote: "Evan, when is your assignment due?"

HAHAHAHAHAHA! This was a truly beautiful answer! Hopefully Evan received a decent grade. :)

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